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    Essential points in SEO

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is content optimization for search engines. And SEO is a scalable science that essentially adapts to the way the Google search engine manages the SEO of websites. We explain what are the essential points of SEO and SEO.

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    • The constantly evolving SEO
      • Unoverloaded HTML pages Page
      • load speed
      • HTTP errors and 404 pages
      • Optimize
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    How to get your phone screen fixed?

    Do you have a smartphone or iPhone and your screen is broken? Repair of a phone screen is usually possible. This may depend on the extent of damage to the screen of your smartphone. Here we explain how to repair your smartphone screen.

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    • My smartphone screen is broken: what to do?
    • Repair of a phone screen (smartphone or
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    How to find a PUK code?

    You’ve set up a PIN code on your smartphone and here it’s blocked because of three unsuccessful unlocking tests? If you are asked for your PUK code and you have no idea where you can find it, you are in the right place. We explain what a PUK code is and how to find it.

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    • What is PUK
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    How to unlock a SIM card?

    You blocked your phone by mistake and you don’t know how to get out of this impasse? Several manipulations lead to the blocking of a SIM card. We explain how to unlock a SIM card but also how to avoid blocking it.

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    • Why is my SIM card blocked?
    • PIN or PUK code?
    • Unlock your SIM card with a
  • You have subscribed to a subscription offer at Free and would like to have Netflix? It’s easy to watch movies with your Netflix account. We explain in our article how to access your Netflix account from a Freebox.

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    • Your Netflix movies and shows with Free Netflix
    • and Freebox One, Delta, Mini 4K or Revolution?
    • Netflix with Freebox Mini
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    Dropshipping: how does it work ?

    Thanks to Drop Shipping , you now have the opportunity to start your activity on the internet at a lower cost. Indeed, this type of trade grows a little more every year, with a turnover estimated at only 80 billion euros in France. It must be said that behind this amazing growth lies innovative techniques and methods, which will allow …

  • Would you like to know who reads and subscribed to your WordPress blog? An important part of creating a site is understanding how your users interact with content. In this article, we will show you how to find out who is subscribed and reads your blog.

    Why do you need to know your audience?

    Understanding your audience is critical to …

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    Instagram : zoom sur les Ghost followers

    Being followed by thousands of people on social networks is rather interesting. Especially on Instagram, having a lot of followers has an even more special effect. But when a good portion of these followers are Ghost followers, it can compromise you. Indeed, Ghost followers lower your engagement level on Instagram and challenge the effectiveness of your account. What is it …

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    How do I choose my wifi speaker ?

    Choosing your wifi speaker is done according to the use you intend to make it, as well as according to your tastes. The wifi speaker is a device that exists in different forms and with various features. Such a speaker is used to listen to music, no matter where you decide to relax and enjoy. Here are some criteria that …

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    Improve online visibility

    Do you have a business and you want to have better online visibility? Here we give you tips and tricks to improve your online presence, thanks to essential tips on the web.

    Being present online: the visibility of your business

    It is not said enough, today, with the business models that have evolved, it is more than important to be …

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    How much does it cost to create a website ?

    There is no doubt that a great website can fuel the growth of your business. It can help you improve customer loyalty and boost more sales by making incredible first impressions.

    We all know that websites are one of the most powerful marketing channels for any business. So the question is no longer whether you need a website, but what …

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