Tax tax with Pinel law

The Pinel law is an effective and legal device allowing you to buy a new property and then rent it. This law encourages rental investment and remains the most popular investor. A look back on the functioning of this well-functioning system, which entitles itself to an advantageous tax reduction.

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  • tax in Pinel law: how does it work?
  • The conditions of the law of tax tax Pinel
  • Calculation of the tax reduction in Pinel
  • Why invest and tax tax with the Pinel law
  • An indispensable simulator for the Pinel law

Tax tax in Pinel law: how does it work?

The Pinel law allows taxpayers who wish to invest, to purchase a new property and then rent the housing in order to benefit in return fora reduction tax spanning 6, 9 or 12 years , depending on the rental period chosen.

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The Pinel system has been in place for a few years already and, based on its success, has been renewed until 2021, in order to continue to rebalance the real estate market by responding to a demand in the tense area rental sector. This law succeeds many others (Scellier, Borloo, Duflot, etc.) and is timely for any taxpayer wishing to invest in a listed area.

The conditions of the Pinel Tax Tax Law

In order to benefit from the tax advantages and the tax reduction proposed by the Pinel law, conditions must be met:

  • The housing to be acquired must be new and to the latest standards;
  • The real estate project must be oriented towards the rental;
  • The rental period must be 6 years, 9 years or 12 years, for established tax reduction percentages;
  • The tenant’s revenue/resources are capped;
  • Possibility of renting as a family to an ascendant or descendant;
  • The accommodation must comply with zoning: zone A, zone A Bis and zone B1;
  • The ceiling on tax niches must be respected (€10,000 per year);
  • The Pinel device can be used within the limit of two dwellings per year and 300 000 euros.

If these conditions — as well as many other clauses — are not met, the main risk is not having a viable real estate project . You are liable to the Tax Office if you claim Pinel eligibility but the conditions for granting are not in place.

Calculation of the tax reduction in Pinel

The tax rate on your investment depends directly on the purchase price of your property


  • Rental real estate investment over 6 years: you recover 12% tax reduction ;
  • Rental real estate investment over 9 years: you recover 18% tax reduction ;
  • Rental real estate investment over 12 years: you recover 21% tax reduction ;

The tax reduction percentages are distributed fairly over the term of the rental lease. Each year, generally speaking, the Tax Office reimburses you 2% of the price of the property in which you placed your investment.

Your tax benefit is calculated on the price of your property. This system is win-win, both for the taxpayer and for the state.

Why invest and tax tax with Pinel law

Making your real estate investment with Pinel law requires a good knowledge of the market real estate. The advantages of Pinel law and your real estate investment are numerous:

  • You can prepare for a retreat:
  • You can anticipate your wealth;
  • You have a fixed income supplement insured.

The Pinel scheme is a commitment on the part of the investor, both vis-à-vis the state but also to the tenant. It should be noted that resources/income ceilings and rent ceilings are controlled under Pinel eligibility. Be sure to respect the prerequisites of the Pinel device, in order to be serene.

Good to know : Any taxpayer can become a landlord with little or no contribution through incentives. Your loan is quickly repaid by the financial contributions of the rental. Be advised for your financial transaction in Pinel : choosing well the area, you make sure yourself a profitable investment and therefore your tax reduction to the key.

An indispensable simulator for the Pinel law

Contrary to some preconceived ideas, you may not necessarily embark on the control of this tax exemption device without minimal knowledge. It is then possible to turn to professionals who will put at your disposal a real know-how and especially they save you time. In addition, do your calculations on this site to decide to take advantage of the Pinel law, it prevents you from making harmful mistakes in the long term.

  • The simulator is easy to use since it is based on your goals that will be clearly different from your neighbors.
  • You will then have a personalized study concerning this tax tax, you can then benefit from 6000 euros per.
  • Pinel law can be subscribed for tax reasons or to build at a lower cost a real estate that you can transfer more easily.
  • The Pinel law is therefore a safe value only if it is 100% controlled.

Now you know that the simulator is your best friend in order to set up a real paid strategy for your future investments. Do not hesitate to get closer to such a firm, it will have the necessary expertise and the most delightful.