Tax : choose right

Today, it is possible to access a tax reduction by choosing to make a real estate investment in tax tax. By complying with the law and the many benefits offered by the Government in terms of tax tax, you simply access the property while benefiting from a reduction on your taxes. In the new or in the old one, you are told how to make the most of a tax system with a profitable and legal rental investment.

Your real estate investment in tax

You have the intention to acquire real estate and then take advantage of a tax tax system? Your real estate investment must be well thought out upstream to ensure long-term profitability. How to choose your tax tax system and your real estate investment?

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How to choose your tax exemption device?

Are you embarked on a real estate project linked to tax exemption? You have heard, like many investors, about tax relief schemes such as the Pinel law, the Malraux law, the works in the Historic Monuments Act, the Denormandy scheme, the Pinel Overseas, the LMNP Censi-Bouvard system or the former Cosse law (and many others). You probably faced the choice of the property tax tax system.

Any investor chooses its tax tax based on the following criteria

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  • The percentage of tax reduction related to the tax relief scheme;
  • The personal or strategic choice betweennew andold real estate ;
  • The proposed rental term , for an exclusively rental investment of Pinel type;
  • The area concerned by the tax system or law (high demand for rental real estate, for example with Pinel zoning);
  • Your initial investment, depending on your loan, contribution or financial capacity
  • The number of acquisitions possible in 1 year (1 real estate investment in tax tax or several);
  • Your level of taxation : a heavily taxable taxpayer may prefer the Historic Monuments Act, for example.
  • The question of choice geographical and practical, etc.

Other criteria of choice take into account but rely more on personal feelings and preferences. The reason you make your real estate investment is an engine of choice.

Make a real estate investment in tax

For a retirement, to build a wealthand think about the future (transmission of wealth to children), to secure the home by offering an additional income or simply to be able to have a real estate project in rental for an ascendant or a descendant (Pinel law) &# 8230; Depending on what motivates your real estate project (your desires and needs), your choice of tax tax will not be the same.

We advise you, to choose the right ones, to ask yourself one by one the right questions. The criteria listed above you will help to find out which device or tax tax law it is better to turn.

Choosing your tax tax: a long-term project

It should be noted that any tax benefit can represent a significant tax reduction, depending on the tax scheme chosen and depending on the sums committed on the real estate investment project. That said, before thinking “tax exemption”, one must first of all think of “sustainable real estate investment project”. Because, who says solid real estate project says tax reduction to the key, without the risk of seeing the project fall to the water due to a lack of anticipation .

It may be wise to be advised on the Pinel law (rental investment in the new), the Malraux law (old real estate), the LMNP and the Censi-Bouvard (rental in student residence, tourism or EHPAD), or also the Pinel Overseas and the Law Historic Monuments, for taxpayers having to pay very high taxes .

Whatever your choice, a tax tax system awaits you: get advice on your real estate investment!