Streaming: How to access the best movies and the best online series ?

During containment, we all became accustomed to streaming movies and series to occupy our days. Indeed, we have adopted this new activity and we are not prepared to turn away from it. That’s why, in this article we will explain how to stream your favorite movies and series.

The rise of streaming

Streaming has become a real hobby for the French. Indeed, instant playback of movies and series is nothing new, but containment measures have pushed many of us to turn to this entertainment. The streaming operation is simple, when a video starts, it will download to a server and then it will be stored on the RAM of the platform used, not on your device’s hard drive.

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Thereafter, when the cache is sufficient, the video will launch and the rest of the footage will download while you are watching. In other words, the advantage of streaming is that you don’t have to wait until the video is fully downloaded before you can watch it. Visit here to learn more about streaming as well as the best sites to watch videos today.

Being able to watch all the videos you want is good and besides many sites offer you almost unlimited catalogs of films and series. But the problem is that these on-demand video platforms are paying off. Indeed, these sites allow you to choose between several formulas at different prices depending on the quality of the offer desired.

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For example, the most popular paid streaming platform at the moment, Netflix, offers you a wide selection of movies and series in UHD (ultra-high definition) quality. However, to take advantage of this offer, you will have to subscribe to a subscription of 15.99 euros per month.

Free options

For those who don’t want to pay for streaming videos, there are of course free platforms. Although access to these sites is free, it is important to know that their use is illegal because the people who broadcast the content do not have rights to the videos. However, sanctions against illegal streaming are rather rare and minimal. So you can stream videos for free without really risking much.