Rental Real Estate Investment

We’ve all heard about rental real estate investment. In particular, it makes it possible to tax in a completely legal way while becoming the owner of a real estate. We explain here the ins of rental real estate investment.

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  • Become an owner and invest in rental
  • Why make a real estate investment for rental?
    • Paying less taxes with rental real estate investment Successful rental
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Become an owner and invest in rental

Rental real estate investment consists in acquiring real estate in order to make it available for rent. As an owner, you receive additional income from renting: a good way to build up a wealth, prepare for a retirement, secure the home or even think about the transfer of your real estate later.

Any rental real estate investment can now be optimized and “boosted” thanks to tax relief devices . These tax advantages known to investors are all advantages to rental investment.

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Why make a real estate investment for rental?

Rental investment in real estate is now a safe investment. It is even the only investment that allows a future owner to build up assets financed on credit and therefore 3/4 are paid by the tenant. The balance is then settled by an income tax saving (reduction and deduction). Your saving effort is thus considerably reduced and home ownership facilitated.

Pay less taxes with rental real estate investment

You will understand: the goal is to pay less taxes. Today, the French government authorizes the establishment of facilitating devices for future owners. The commitment to a rental real estate investment is always the same: commit to renting a recently acquired property , and, in return, benefit from a tax reduction . Rental investment is therefore a powerful tax tax solution for any taxpayer paying taxes.

In the real estate sector, many tax tax solutions exist based on rental real estate investment. Among them, the best known are:

  • The law Malraux
  • The Pinel Law
  • The Censi-Bouvard device

Increase your wealth by opting for the profitability of a rental investment. By making the right management and tax tax choices, in particular, it is possible to benefit from a significant supplement of income and an interesting tax reduction, once the real estate purchase has been amortized.

Successful rental real estate investment

To put every chance on his side and succeed in a rental investment in complete serenity, some tips:

  • Study the market and choose a supporting geographic area for the rental;
  • The price of housing needs to be thought out and studied in the light of the possibilities of return on investment;
  • Anticipate and think about the bank loan you will make. A rental investment encouraged by the government opens rights to loans at reduced or zero rates;
  • Think already about rents: ceilings exist and vary depending on the tax tax solutions chosen;
  • For better rental profitability, consider the 3 rules: “Location, location and location”!
  • Think “tax and investment for profitability” and do not involve an affect;
  • Be reasonable on your rental real estate investment project;
  • Diversify your investments so as not to draw on your monthly effort;
  • Do not hesitate to put your rental investment in rental property management, for more comfort on a daily basis;
  • Take out a rental guarantee for your property.

Any rental investment is an important stage in life. Make the right choices, between real estate investment rental in the new or rental real estate investment in the old .

Tax tax is divided into various legal incentives set up by the government for specific reasons. Are you a French taxpayer and you want to pay less income taxes? Call on tax professionals and get effectively advised on your rental real estate project, for a peaceful future.