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Have you ever thought about renting to tax? How to do this and which tax tax solution to choose during your rental property investment? A look back on the various ways to tax tax by renting housing following a real estate investment.

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rent Rental real estate investment: the tax tax trick

When you decide to buy a dwelling to rent it to a tenant, you make a lasting choice. Building a heritage, preparing for a retirement, thinking about a transfer of wealth, securing your home and family… The income supplements generated by renting a property are very advantageous in the long term.

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As you may have heard of this, the tax tax laws put in place by the Government are there to encourage the rebound of the real estate market. Malraux Law, LMNP, Pinel Law … Which tax tax laws are applicable to rental real estate and which promise you a better tax reduction? We guide you on your rental real estate investment in tax.

Investing in new real estate and renting with Pinel law

The Pinel law replaces the Duflot law since September 1, 2014. this tax law well known to investors concerns new real estate destined for the rental market. Pinel provides access to an income tax reduction more interesting than with the Duflot device .

The principle of the Pinel law? You deduct from your tax part of the amount of new housing you acquired directly from your income taxes. The terms of the Pinel Act are as follows:

  • For a 6-year rental, the tax reduction is 12% ;
  • For a 9-year rental, the tax reduction is 18% ;
  • For a rental of 12 years, the tax reduction is 21%.

Rent new housing in tax

Paying taxes is not the favorite activity of the French, and the state knows it well. By providing the French with incentives on both rental investment and tax tax, a win-win system is set up. The investor in rental real estate is embarking on a business that ensures a lasting profitability.

The fact that the housing is new (Pinel law) has several advantages :

  • The construction of any new housing is encouraged;
  • The tenant is reassured about the quality of his future habitat;
  • Rental demand is less chilly with new housing;
  • The landlord invests in housing “ready to live” and compliant with standards.

Renting to tax tax ensures that a return on investment will be made via your income tax sheet (subject to renting new housing).

Tax tax, LMNP, Censi-Bouvard…

New service residences are also an excellent way to build a supplementary income while at the same time tax tax. You have the status of Furnished Rental No Professional (LMNP).

The principle : you invest in a new service residence (student, EHPAD, tourism) to make rental. Then, you deduct the expenses from your rental income and deduct part of the price of the accommodation from the rents.

The Censi-Bouvard device is an alternative to LMNP status. This allows you to access a tax reduction of 11% over 9 years but will not be applicable to new tourism accommodation. In addition, you are entitled to an advanced VAT recovery on the purchase of the home. Perfect for initiating tax tax.

Investing in old real estate to rent

If you are ready to carry out works, you have the opportunity with the Malraux law to make your investment in old housing (heritage). You carry out the works and benefit from a tax reduction of up to 30% of the price of the works.

Investment in historical monument is also possible. Depending on your IMT (marginal tax bracket), you have a significant tax benefit, especially if you are heavily taxed.

Finally, the old Pose also allows access to an interesting tax exemption. You are committed to endorsing the Affordable Rent system, to help homes in need. The allowance can range from 15% to 85% depending on the situation (social, very social, etc.).

Limits on rent and income/resources are to be respected for the tenant, as with many property tax schemes. You must rent for a minimum period of 6 years. The minimum duration is 9 years in case of very social housing.