Recourse to an auto agent: how much does it cost ?

Buying a new car is not a small business. What you most often look for when you are a customer is a low price, for a quality car. This is still difficult to obtain when you do your research alone. Fortunately, auto agents exist and their roles, if you did not know, is to accompany you in the process of negotiating and buying your vehicles at the best rates. How much does a car agent cost?

The car agent, who exactly is he?

Before talking about the prices of an automobile agent, you need to know clearly what an automobile agent represents, and the attributes of that agent. As a result, it can be agreed that the automotive agent acts as an intermediary between the individual wishing to buy a vehicle, and actors who have vehicles for sale, such as manufacturers, dealers or distributors.

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In the name of the individual, the auto agent seeks a car that corresponds to the criteria sought and proceeds directly to the negotiation of the price of that car. The latter often resort to imports in order to obtain the lowest prices . The motor vehicle agent extends its research to countries which are members of the European Community, since the selling prices charged by car manufacturers are adapted to the local standard of living in its countries.

Thus, thanks to the import, the agent can make you realize an economic margin of less than 30%on the purchase of your vehicle. In the majority of cases, these are even more often unsold stocks. And if you are currently looking for an excellent auto agent , will satisfy you fully.

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How much does a car agent cost?

In concrete terms, the automobile agent buys the car from the dealer/distributor and then sells it to the individual. This is what distinguishes him from the car broker , who only connects the seller and the buyer.

Thus, the agent takes an average commission of about 10 percent, of the purchase price of the vehicle. It is true that this percentage is not very small. But it can be extremely advantageous to you, if your attorney manages to find you a vehicle at a fairly advantageous price.

What is the formal contract that binds you to the automotive agent?

Before any transactions, the individual and the agent agree on awritten contract. Indeed, through this contract, the latter undertakes to search and find for you a vehicle that matches your search criteria. He must also complete the administrative formalities such as customs… and finally, take the car to his garage, or have it transported to your home.

Generally speaking, it is a contract that consists of two key parts, which are carried out in two stages. First of all, there is the search stage, where theagent searches for the car and notifies the customer of the results of his search. Next, there is the stage of the purchase of the vehicle during which the representative makes a written proposal containing all the information relating to the vehicle , such as the tax power, fuel… This document must also contain the cost of acquiring detailed way. We talk about VAT, the price of the car, and then the commission of the auto mandatary.