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    Loi Pinel Bordeaux

    Do you intend to make a rental real estate investment in Pinel law in Bordeaux? Discover the advantages and conditions of this advantageous property tax system.

    What is Pinel law?

    The Pinel law is a win-win device, both for the taxpayer and for the state. Its principle: you are going on a rental real estate investment (new housing) that you …

  • The structure of a building is determined by different factors, all of which are juxtaposed and put together by architects and interior designers. Architecture is the art of designing physical buildings and structures. These designs can be made with different purposes in mind, such as a utilitarian design or an aesthetic one, a minimalistic one, or a luxurious one. The …

  • For several years, Bordeaux has been experiencing growing success with investors and families in other cities. Indeed, it has many advantages and benefits from its geographical location. The inhabitants of Bordeaux can enjoya pleasant environment between the sea and the vineyards with a sunny climate. In addition, the city has a very rich and internationally recognized historical

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    Property tax and monthly

    In France, the property tax is part of the local taxes that concern housing and more particularly the owners of a property located on the territory. Which properties are affected and how is the calculation of the property tax done? Some response elements.

    Property tax: who is liable?

    The property tax applies to any owner of a real estate in

  • Are you planning to rent a commercial space to a business? How to rent a commercial space? Is the procedure complex? We come back for you on all the tricks you need to know before embarking on renting a commercial premises to a company.

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    • Commercial leasing: the commercial lease
      • Commercial premises: a complex procedure
    • Lessor and lessee of
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    Tax tax with real estate

    How to tax tax with real estate in 2020 in France? Many solutions are at your disposal to benefit from tax cuts on your income. Between the Pinel law, the tax SCPI, the Cosse law, the Denormandy law, the Malraux law or the land deficit system, the choice is wide for your investment. Return on the best known rental investment …

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    Rent to tax

    Have you ever thought about renting to tax? How to do this and which tax tax solution to choose during your rental property investment? A look back on the various ways to tax tax by renting housing following a real estate investment.

    Article plan Rental

    • real estate investment: the tip tax tax Investing
    • in new real estate and renting with
  • A separation within the couple is often a sign of moving when the couple lived in the same dwelling. Are you a tenant and you are wondering how to do your common lease after your breakdown? We explain everything step by step.

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    • How is it going for my rental lease?
      • Lease for two: cohabiting within a dwelling
      • Rent
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    Pinel Nantes Law

    All the reasons to invest in Nantes are green, especially with the recognized dynamic of an attractive city with a strong rental demand. It is time to make a real estate investment supported by the Pinel law, in a charming city that ensures a profitability on your rental property purchase.

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    • Pinel law: your real estate investment in Nantes
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    Reducing Income Taxes

    In France, taxes are never really welcome and many taxpayers are wondering how to reduce their income taxes. Today, there are several ways to benefit from income tax cuts, including investment in the real estate sector. A look back on the various ways to reduce your taxes.

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    Tax relief

    • laws: real estate investment in strength
    • Tax reduction and
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    Real estate investment to tax

    Starting in a real estate investment opens up rights to tax reduction, including tax incentives. Which tax relief devices are available to you in 2020? We take stock of the laws related to real estate investment and tax tax.

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    • Real estate investment to tax tax Tax
      • in Pinel law
      • The Censi-Bouvard device
        • The conditions of the Censi-Bouvard system:
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    Electrical renovation: standards

    Are you doing an electrical renovation on a dwelling? In France, the standards in terms of electrical installation are strict and apply to any housing, new or in construction. We give you the details of the standards to be met to properly carry out your electrical renovation.

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    • Renovating your electrical network: what you need to know
      • The NFC
  • A plumbing problem? Who pays: tenant or landlord, as part of an apartment or house rental? If the housing has a water leak, to whom is the load of plumbing repairs? Who has to call the plumber and settle it and are there special cases? We tell you everything.

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    • Water leak: tenant or landlord?
      • Rental repairs at the
  • Did you notice an error in your housing tax? How to challenge and make a claim, and are there deadlines for challenging a tax error? You will be told how to do if you notice a housing tax error, whether it concerns the amount or the person to whom the tax is being addressed.

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    • Dispute housing tax
      • due
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    APL first job: know everything

    If you are under 25 years of age, you can claim housing assistance (APL). These social aid is intended not only for students, but also for young people in general, including earners in a first job. We guide you on LPAs and other housing aids, if you have just gotten your first job or an alternation.

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    • CAF,
  • When you buy a house or apartment, you can quickly have the plan to open the space by doing expansion work. The walls of a house are its basis, and, you know, breaking a bearing wall carries some risks to know. Return to all precautions to take before knocking down the bearing wall of a house.

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    • Carrier wall:
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    Tax : choose right

    Today, it is possible to access a tax reduction by choosing to make a real estate investment in tax tax. By complying with the law and the many benefits offered by the Government in terms of tax tax, you simply access the property while benefiting from a reduction on your taxes. In the new or in the old one, you …

  • Are you planning to change home insurance? To proceed with the termination of your home insurance with ease, conditions are to be met, so that the transaction will win for you. We explain how to terminate your home insurance in a few simple steps.

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    • Hamon law and home insurance
    • When to terminate your home insurance
    • How to act
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    Tax tax with Pinel law

    How can we tax tax with the Pinel law, this highly incentive for rental real estate investment? We explain all the ins and outs of the Pinel law, to reduce your taxes and take advantage of a significant tax advantage.

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    • Pinel law: your tax advantage
    • When to invest and make a Pinel tax tax transaction?
    • The conditions of
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    Rental Real Estate Investment

    We’ve all heard about rental real estate investment. In particular, it makes it possible to tax in a completely legal way while becoming the owner of a real estate. We explain here the ins of rental real estate investment.

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    • Become an owner and invest in rental
    • Why make a real estate investment for rental?
      • Paying less taxes with
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    Tax tax with Pinel law

    The Pinel law is an effective and legal device allowing you to buy a new property and then rent it. This law encourages rental investment and remains the most popular investor. A look back on the functioning of this well-functioning system, which entitles itself to an advantageous tax reduction.

    Article plan


    • tax in Pinel law: how does it work?
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    Home insurance: what area to declare ?

    With the rise in land prices, the development of the lost penthouse is a relevant solution to optimize its living space and bring added value to its property. However, before undertaking the work, it is necessary to carry out certain administrative procedures. Failing to follow them exposes to legal and tax risks, but also to financial risks in the event

  • If you need more living space, but you can’t buy a new home, you can expand your home. A house extension project is also useful when you don’t want to move, but want to have a few more square meters. This is, all the more, less expensive. But should we resort to an architect for a house extension?

    The services

  • In 2019, there was not a single state in the United States where a minimum wage worker working 40 hours a week could afford to rent a two-bedroom apartment, according to a report from the National Low Income Housing Coalition. The lack of affordable housing has become a national problem, extending beyond cities known for their high cost of living, …

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    How to become a real estate agent

    The profession of real estate agent is one of the many professions found in the stone trades. The real estate agent is an intermediary in real estate transactions. Unlike the real estate hunter who helps his client buy or rent a property, this professional can offer property for sale and purchase. He is a real connoisseur of heritage and remains …

  • If you want to invest in real estate, opting for new land or building operations can generate enough revenue to grow your business. This article will help you discover the benefits of this type of investment. So you can easily convince those who are reluctant to invest in new real estate.

    1- A reassuring investment

    Whatever product you want to …