Radar alarm: application and detector

In France, the law is clear: radar or anti-radar detectors are strictly prohibited. However, there are alternatives in the form of a device or application, to warn drivers. Whether it’s to warn about speed or radar presence, a driving assistant or radar warning device can direct you. Update on these valuable and useful tools on a daily basis.

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The alternative to radar detector

Today it is so easy to lose points on his license due to speeding. Whatever the reason — excess confidence, lack of concentration, lack of attention, etc., excesses are now under constant control . Radars are present and placed on the road to remind us to be vigilant.

With the shift from the limit to 80 km/h, people’s habits did not necessarily take the step. And it is essential to take precautions: prevention is better than cure! But sometimes, being attentive is no longer enough and you need a serious reminder to the traffic regulations. Driving assistance assistants (or AAFC) can help us. But what is an AAFC?

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Did you know that in France, nearly 5 million drivers use a driver assistance assistant or radar warning device, such as Coyote, Wikango or Inforad? Once the hazardous areas are identified, drivers lift their foot and thus avoid many pitfalls of fine type for excess… These radar alarms are for the moment totally legal. But these devices, however, are not everyone’s liking and could become illegal.

Radar alarm, detectors or driving assistant?

Those still known as “radar warning” yesterday can also be called “driving assistant”. These devices are not radar detectors in the sense that they do not detect existing devices. The practical operation of these applications comes from communication between users via the interface of the device.

Radar warning devices are not anti-radar . A very present community is behind this technology and allows this user service to continue to exist.

AAFs are also not radar detectors . It’s today the common and recent name of the former radar alarms.

This means that applications and devices that warn you of the presence of radar on the road are completely legal .

The best AAFC on the road

Coyote Oyo

Coyote, a well-known AAFC, remains in the top position of the so-called radar alarms. The Coyote Oyo GPS is a device that will use GPS navigation technology (Global Positioning System) and satellite systems to warn you of any danger . It is convenient by its size, price and all its features.

Its peculiarity? If you don’t know the usefulness of Coyote, you’ll be blown away… The Coyote Radar Warning has a very responsive and extensive community that allows each user to effectively keep other drivers informed of potential hazardous areas or any danger present on the road.

The responsiveness of the user community makes it an unbeatable tool in terms of AAFC quality. You can be almost sure to get real-time information thanks to the quality of the Coyote Oyo community.

Inforad and Wikango

Inforad and Wikango are also radar alarms equipped with a GPS receiver. Their overall operation is the same as for Coyote Oyo. Some devices can track up to 12 satellites simultaneously. Various versions are available for these driving aid tools, and are adaptable to motorcycle driving.

Coyote, Inforad, Wikango, Waze: Security applications

The novelty since the appearance of Android and Apple mobile applications for smartphone comes from the fact that many devices have been adapted to today’s needs. Driving assistance assistants the best known have their dedicated and downloadable application.

For road safety at the wheel of your car, the Waze app also has a hazard warning warning that launches alerts. You follow your journey and you are warned of approaching an area where you will need to be more vigilant about your speed on the road.

Radar warning apps on iPad

Some apps are also downloadable for Apple iPad, if your car or vehicle is equipped with a device suitable for Apple iPad or tablet. The plus: you have a wider screen. Mobile and tablet users are filled with the app of their favorite radar alarm, the GPS car ride (Waze) and an efficiency that allows us to respect the legal speed at the right time and in the right place.

Today, the warning devices of radar like Coyote are available on the web for a few tens of euros, at affordable prices.

Which AAFC to choose?

Choose between these radar alarms and applications. The most important thing remains to be within the legal framework. A radar detector is an illegal device and should not be used under any circumstances. Anti-radar has the ability to capture electromagnetic waves emitted by radar. It will sound and/or light alerts and then blur radar waves.

For road safety, be aware of car control areas, be vigilant with official warnings and stay pro on the road!

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