Provisional Certificate of Registration: what is it and how to get it?

In France, the provisional certificate of registration (or CPI) is a temporary grey card for your vehicle. Some modalities have changed since the introduction of the new SIV (Vehicle Registration System) system. How do I get a provisional certificate of registration when you just bought a new vehicle? All explanations about the ICC , which concerns the plates of all new or used vehicles: car, motorcycle, moped, truck, van, etc.

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  • Provisional Grey Card or ICC
  • How to obtain a Provisional Certificate of Registration (ICC)
  • Information on the Provisional Certificate of Registration
    • What is the information contained in this paper?
  • New: EI or Acknowledgement of Registration (SIV system)
    • What is the Acknowledgement (AE) ?
  • CPI or CPI-WW?
    • In what cases apply for a CPI-WW?
  • Is it possible to sell a vehicle with the CPI?
  • You will also need a
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The temporary grey card or CPI

When a vehicle has just been purchased, the vehicle must be registered in order to operate. So you have to apply for a grey card. This request and the official document can take up to one month to arrive at your home in your mailbox. Indeed, if before the grey card was given directly to the holder of the vehicle, today and since 2009 (Vehicle Registration System or SIV), the grey card is sent by registered mail to the holder of the vehicle.

Instead of the grey card, a provisional paper is given to you : the Provisional Certificate of Registration. This one you allows you to travel in France (and not abroad), waiting to receive your definitive grey card.

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Note: the CPI allows to travel in France for 1 month , from the date of registration. Its duration is exceptionally extended if the vehicles are classified as short-term rental vehicles (valid for 8 months) or as diplomatic vehicles (validity of 3 months).

How to obtain a provisional certificate of registration (CPI)

Nothing simpler to get your CPI and above all, no longer waiting hours in the prefecture (it is no longer the prefecture’s responsibility to manage registrations):

  • If you apply for a grey card online, the teleservice provides you with the Provisional Certificate of Registration, which you can download and print. This document will have a legal validity of 1 month.

You can find all the steps to take on the website of the Agence nationale des titres seccu (ANTS). You must first create an online account on this official government website.

  • If you call on a professional able to issue this paper (this professional must be empowered ), then he will give it to you directly in hand, in paper version. It has the same legal duration of one month, in France.

Information of the Provisional Certificate of Registration

What information is contained in this paper?

The ICC contains exactly the same information as the future grey card (or definitive registration certificate):

  • the new registration number
  • the name of the new owner of the new vehicle or
  • used all technical characteristics: tax horses, CO2 emissions, etc.
  • date of first entry into circulation
  • the total amount of taxes paid to the Treasury

To learn more about all the information on the grey card, please consult our page: “How do I read a grey card?” Indeed, each code on these papers corresponds to an essential piece of information about your car, motorcycle, etc.

New: EI or Acknowledgement of Registration (SIV system)

If the vehicle is already registered for some reason in the new SIV system, then we will talk about Registration Acknowledgement.

What is the Acknowledgement of Registration (EI)?

This paper certifies that the change of ownership has been made. If the change of holder is made, the declaration of transfer of the vehicle is validated at the same time.

Attention: the AE does not allow the vehicle (car, scooter, motorcycle, etc.) to travel. To be able to circulate, use the detachable coupon from the original grey card to be able to roll legally.


Have you heard of the WW Interim Certificate of Registration? What does this term mean? CPI-WW is not a special code: CPI-WW plates are to be requested in certain specific cases.

In what cases apply for a CPI-WW?

  • new or used vehicle from abroad
  • new vehicle bought in France for export
  • new vehicle in chassis cab bought in France for camber

Make your CPI-WW application file with ANTS , using the line. The validity time of a Provisional Certificate of Registration – WW will depend on the vehicle.

Reminder: New vehicles cannot operate without their plates and SIV registration number, as well as all documents relating to their registration and identification.

Is it possible to sell a vehicle with the CPI?

Did you know that? If you change your mind, it is quite possible to give or sell your car along with its Provisional Certificate of Registration and the Certificate of Assignment. However, you will not be able to re-register the vehicle with this Provisional Certificate of Registration.

You will have to wait until the former owner receives his own grey card and send it to you to make all the steps on your own behalf, to obtain an ICC and then documents (final certificate).

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