Property tax and monthly

In France, the property tax is part of the local taxes that concern housing and more particularly the owners of a property located on the territory. Which properties are affected and how is the calculation of the property tax done? Some response elements.

Property tax: who is liable?

The property tax applies to any owner of a real estate in France . It is a compulsory tax that applies to an individual, business or legal person, as part of a commercial or real estate company.

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Properties eligible for property tax are as follows:

  • Built-up properties : all constructions that have or may have use of residential or professional use;
  • Unbuilt properties : mines, ponds, rural land or salt marshes.

How is the calculation of the property tax done?

When the property tax is claimed, it was first made on a framed calculation. The property tax must be paid annually by the taxpayers owning a dwelling on January 1 of the taxation year of a built or unbuilt property. The tax authority shall calculate its calculation as follows:

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  • Cadastral rental value of the property : this is the theoretical rent which can be applied if the property is intended for rental purposes. An upgraded package each year determines the calculation of this value, in order to take into account the evolution of rents.
  • Revaluation coefficient : this coefficient is voted annually by the French Government at the time of the vote of the Finance Act;
  • Tax rate voted by local authorities : each year each municipality and public institution for inter-municipal cooperation votes on the applicable rate for the payment of the property tax.

This tax rate is voted by the municipality of the place where the property is located.

Property tax: what tax base and what amount?

The calculation of the amount of property tax is as follows:

Tax base xtax rate voted by

The tax base of the property tax for built properties is equal to 50% of the rental valuemunicipality of the property. For built and unbuilt properties, the upgrading rate is then applied.

The local government rate then applies on the tax base, which gives you the amount of property tax to be paid.

Paying your property tax

The payment of the property tax is not the most anticipated moment of the French! Every year, at the end of the summer, a notice of taxation of property tax is sent to any owner-liable owner. The deadline for payment of property tax is indicated on your property tax tax notice and varies by year.

Any notice of taxation of property tax shall be issued in the name of the owner who happens to be the sole liable for the tax land.

It is possible to pay your property tax by dematerialized means : you then have 5 more days.

Property tax and monthly

It is possible to adhere to the system of monthly payment of property tax. A deadline for membership must be met, so that the change is taken into account for the following year.

The monthly payment takes effect and is organized on a payment divided into 10 deadlines, from January to October. The amount of each monthly payment is 1/10 of the tax due .

Good to know : in addition to the cheque, TIP and debit, since 2020, it is now possibleto pay taxes with your buralist . Find out if you can do this simple operation with a buralist in your municipality.

Tax Exemption

land A property tax exemption may now apply under certain conditions:

  • Aspa or Asi holders in principal residence;
  • AAH holders or persons over 75 years of age on January 1 of the taxation year

should check with the local tax department you depend on to find out if you are eligible for a property tax exemption. Limits apply You depending on the reference tax income, number of shares and the family quota.

Rental of your property

If you decide to rent your property, you are liable for your property tax. The property tax is different from the housing tax, which will be due by the tenant of yourproperty.