Pinel Nantes Law

All the reasons to invest in Nantes are green, especially with the recognized dynamic of an attractive city with a strong rental demand. It is time to make a real estate investment supported by the Pinel law, in a charming city that ensures a profitability on your rental property purchase.

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  • Pinel law: your real estate investment in Nantes
  • Loi Pinel: functioning
    • Pinel eligibility
  • The reasons for a real estate investment in Nantes
    • Nantes, a metropolis full of resources
  • Why invest in new housing
  • Pinel law is clearly interesting for your investments

Loi Pinel: your real estate investment in Nantes

Starting on a rental real estate investment on new apartments in Nantes, you are building a project viable. The Pinel law is there to relieve congestion of the city of Nantes and other areas eligible for the scheme.

By responding to an existing rental demand on the real estate market in and around the city of Nantes, the Pinel law also revives the construction sector of new apartments and housing.

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Want to make a rental investment in Nantes? Did you know that the Pinel law is a device that allows access to a tax reduction. This tax advantage is made in return for a commitment to renting your new property.

Pinel law: operation

This scheme is both successful for the investor taxpayer and for the state. By investing in new housing in the city of Nantes and around, you have the opportunity (but also the duty, in Pinel law) to put your accommodation on availability at the rental.

Your rental commitment must be made over 6 years, 9 years or 12 years , which is a major advance compared to the Duflot device, replaced by the Pinel law.

Pinel Eligibility

As a taxpayer, you are eligible for the Pinel Act if you comply with the following conditions:

  • The purchased housing is new, regardless of the number of rooms;
  • The accommodation is located in a Pinel zone (ZoneA, zone A Bis, zone B1);
  • The accommodation complies with the standards in force;
  • The accommodation is rented for a minimum period of 6 years;
  • You make a maximum of 2 acquisitions per year, within the limit of 300,000 euros per property and 5,500 euros per square meter of living space;
  • Tenant rent and resource ceilings must be respected.

Reasons for a real estate investment in Nantes

Invest in a new housing offers many advantages. Nantes being a dynamic student city, the rental demand is at the rendezvous . Nantes radiates both economically and culturally, and develops year by year.

With proof of unparalleled dynamics at the tourist level, Nantes nevertheless has tense real estate areas. For this reason, the construction of new housing has been revived with the introduction of a powerful incentive for real estate investment.

Nantes, a metropolis full of resources

Nantes now enjoys several factors that make it a pleasant city to live , but also a city where it is good to invest:

  • A marked increase in demographics;
  • Many students, upward trend;
  • Increasing business creation;
  • Creation jobs in good shape;
  • Highly dynamic competitiveness clusters;
  • Beautiful infrastructure projects underway, etc.

Why invest in new housing

Whether it is to build your wealth, to prepare for your retirement and anticipate your finances, or simply to ensure a stable addition of income to the home, a new real estate purchase means a reliable investment .

Investing in stone is now one of the French’s favourite investments, and for good reason. With the assurance of rental profitability , investors in Pinel can be quiet. Indeed, your new home will have every chance to be rented, thanks to the imposed rent ceiling but also thanks to the quality of the accommodation.

To benefit from the Pinel device, your real estate purchase must be finalized before the 31st December.

Pinel law is clearly interesting for your investments

Whether in Nantes or in another city in France, you won’t be able to miss out on all the advantages. Among the latter, there are of course the tax reductions that can reach almost 21% depending on the duration of the rental. If you have any shortcomings or are looking for information, you will need this site since it is specialized in this universe.

  • You can even perform a simulation to make sure that your profile fits perfectly with this tax tax method.
  • You will be able to quickly set the best amount for rent while of course relying on areas and ceilings for resources.
  • In parallel, this allows you to design a quality property and even to prepare your retreat.
  • You earn additional income every month that you can use wisely for your future.

If you have any doubts, this professional will be able to help you with all the steps and save you time, but also money. The Pinel law is undoubtedly the most appreciated device.