Paper airplane: folding tutorial of plane that hovers

Looking for ideas to occupy your child or class with DIY craft activities? Folding a paper plane is a full-fledged art. It is a technique barely different from origami (Japanese art of paper folding) that is particularly appreciated in France and everywhere else! Find here tutorials for folding a paper plane, step by step in video.

Paper plane folding: an activity that gives wings

Paper planes are part of the timeless games appreciated by everyone. Knowing how to fold airplanes to perfection is also a challenge that the big ones are embaring on. Enthusiasts even try to break the world record of the plane that will hover the longest.

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This fascination that humans possess with birds and planes goes far. It is even said that paper planes inspired Leonardo da Vinci and the Wright brothers to develop their inventions.

Making your paper plane yourself: the simple folding tutorial

The famous paper airplanes are a game that costs nothing and has entertained all generations in France and elsewhere. You are given a step-by-step tutorial for simple and efficient folding.

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Paper Airplane Folding Tutorial

For your DIY paper plane, you need :

  • One sheet of paper (1 page) size A4
  • Your hands
  • A flat surface

The key to succeeding in making a real glider is to have clean and dry hands. Bend sharply, and… launch your plane well points in the air! Find here the basic tutorial of a paper plane :

To have your chances of flying your paper plane longer and further , here is a fold video that should help you:

Finally, for the most motivated, we give you here the tutorial of the plane that won the record for the longest flight ! Children, try to take up the challenge in France:

Little tips for making a paper plane that flies well

In origami, there are different models of paper planes . Attention: the most beautiful and advanced will not necessarily be those who fly best without breaking the wings and tip of the nose.

The gliding of an aircraft model, to be “successful”, must be fluid, light, long and without hitch. Did you know that the world record for best paper airplane flight has been held since 2012. It reached a distance of 69.14 meters, not in France but in California. The aircraft was manufactured from a single, uncut A4 page. Know that the quality of the fold will make a difference . The perfect fold is neat and clean. Notice to lovers of crease and origami in France…

To find ideas for folding origami, stay on the page: it is possible to download tutorials from models online. There are even communities for creative hobbies and origami in France, to exchange ideas for models in photo or to present an infallible model of a folding plane.