Paint tile and floor: which one to choose ?

Renovation and decoration are subjects that require a certain motivation. Are you on bathroom, kitchen and tiled floor renovation? You may have thought of opting for tile and floor painting, to avoid redoing everything? Price, quality, suitability… Here is how to choose a tile and floor paint.

Paint its tile or floor: what you need to know

Do you want to do some small work and give a second youth to your home or to a dwelling intended for rental? It There are special paints tiles and floors. But between resined floor, tiled floor, damaged or new tiles but too old to your liking, it is important to choose your tile paint correctly .

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Tile and floor paint makes it possible to relook a bathroom or kitchen avoiding heavy work . As for the walls, special features are to be respected to avoid the disagreements of renovation, especially in terms of the adequacy of the paintings to your floor.

Tile paint is not at all the same as the one that will be commonly used for walls. Floor renovation requires special paints for tile and floor. Everything is possible today with the progress in formulas of floor paints.

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Tile paint: ideal in certain conditions

A paint tile and floor is Guarantee about 5 years if it is not abused every day by stiletto heels, snags or children’s games. Just imagine that you are dealing with a nice wooden floor and make your choice knowingly.

It is imperative to ask yourself the right questions before buying paint tile. Here are the conditions to be met in order for your tile and floor paint renovation to be successful:

  • The tiles and the floor to be painted are in uncrowded rooms : kitchen, bathroom, toilet, office, master bedroom, library, etc.
  • Your tile is neither smooth nor glossy. A tiled and glazed tile will be less porous. The more porous a tile, the longer the tile paint will hold over time thanks to excellent adhesion .
  • If your tile is smooth, you can always try abrasive sanding . This operation can have a very good look when you know it, but can also turn into a nightmare: a pity, on a beautiful solid tile.

The rendering of a tile and floor paint

By embarking on a renovation, you have to expect everything. If painting tiles and floor makes it possible to make a renovation at a lower cost , it is still necessary to know that this choice must be made wisely.

The rendering of your paint renovation will not be up to the height of laying a new tile. The tile paint covers all the joints and will come to lodging in the hollows to marry the reliefs.

Tip : seize this renovation opportunityto play your creativity : colors, patterns, customization and customization. Bring life to your floor with paint tile and floor!

Preparing your floor and tile for painting

In short, to choose your tile paint correctly, it is absolutely necessary to assess the nature of your tile . Preparing a stand is as important as laying the tile paint per se. This is the price to pay for a beautiful bathroom or kitchen renovation.

To accommodate a paint perfectly and sustainably, a floor or tile must be clean. Degrease the tile and floor with a slightly abrasive product (Saint Mark’s laundry type). Rub the joints well : the paint will come to it and must be able to hold over time. Rinse, let it dry.

Laying paint tile and floor

It’s time to lay the tile paint. The floor and joints are dry, skirting boards and sockets are protected, furniture is in another room. Follow the instructions or tutorials to the letter (see paint container). Two layers of paint will be the minimum.

Option : Have the renovation of your bathroom or kitchen done by a craftsman or acompany expert in tile painting : this is a real job and the rendering will only be better. Make a quote paint tile to learn more.

What price for a tile paint?

Depending on the desired adhesion, warranty, type of tile and paint brands, a tile paint pot will not have the same price.

It is strongly advisable to take quality paint rather than cheap paint. For the bathroom or kitchen, it is possible to find paint that will differ, depending on the waterproofing options, etc. So the price will also be felt, in all logic. In any case and at any price, do not try paint for thewalls…