Original wedding decoration: discover the flying lantern

D-Day is decided and are you looking for an original wedding decoration? We talk about the flying lantern, an idea of poetic and sweet animation, perfect for this symbolic moment! Don’t panic about the wedding decor, we guide you and we give you our opinion on these lanterns.

Your wedding with flying lanterns: poetry and beauty

Who has never dreamed of a wedding with flying lanterns? Beyond the table decoration, the dress, the fateful moment of speech, the caterer, the color of the dragees or even the atmosphere of the party, the decoration of your Wedding can have its lot of twists with a simple animation: flying lanterns.

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The flying lantern has a strong symbol at a wedding. It means letting go, heavenly vows, poetry and sweetness. But what exactly are these flying lanterns? The flying lantern comes from Chinese tradition. It is a 100% biodegradable paper lantern: you bring a beautiful moment of conviviality between adults and children to the heart of your wedding, while making a gesture that does not pollute the planet too much.

What’s a flying lantern?

Flying lantern often has a bamboo structure. It is light and lights up from the inside with fire. Lantern after lantern, thehot air ballooning effect makes your wishes fly away to the future and into the sky. Also called skylantern, the flying lantern is very trendy to the heart of a successful marriage. The warmth and participatory side of ignition of flying lanterns creates a moment of conviviality appreciated.

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The flying lantern for your wedding: a symbol

To let go of flying lanterns is to put all your heart in a strong symbol, that of love. When you let go of your lantern, you make a wish for the bride and groom . Whether it’s for a wedding, christening, birthday or any party, the red Chinese lantern or flying lantern provides a beautiful time for all evening guests.

For the organization of your wedding, gather your guests around the drop of flying lanterns. Each guest has his lantern, lights it up and loose it in the sky. Thanks to the heat created by the fire of the candle, the paper of the lantern fills with warm air like a balloon and can therefore fly away. Often available in white paper, the flying lantern can sometimes come in colour. Free to make a drawing or writing on your flying lantern: a big red or pink heart will embellish your wedding flying lantern!

Price of a flying lantern: perfect for all budgets

The price of a flying lantern is very small! It is advisable to buy them in batch and wholesale : flying lanterns do not come back to you cheap. The wholesale price will be quickly cushioned because the flying lantern can be used for any party and party occasion: wedding, birthday, christening, Christmas, Chinese party…

Our opinion on the flying lantern for your wedding: take in lot and not restrict yourself on this moment that is definitely worth it. The wedding flying lantern is a now democratized product that must absolutely appear on your list decoration and wedding animation. For the simple and good reason that a flying lantern brings joy and good mood to your party on your birthday, wedding or even a wedding anniversary, you will have no trouble choosing this evening animation that complements your room decoration.

With the arrival of wedding decorations all more expensive and elaborate than the other, opting for the flying lantern as a friendly show remains a cheap and appreciated solution.