Offer an advertising agenda

What if you decided to offer an advertising agenda? Advertising calendars are great ways to get you talked about. A real asset of communication and marketing, the advertising calendar can be used by many people in your business sphere.

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  • Loyalty with a customizable advertising
    • agenda Ad calendar and advertising items: stand out
  • Make fun while having a limited budget
  • Ad agenda: a popular marketing object
  • Create your pocket ad diary in the details
  • Choose a quality advertising calendar

Loyalty through a customizable advertising agenda

Have you ever received an advertisement at home or as a gift from someone? A gift necessarily pleases, especially when it is useful and personalized down to the smallest detail. It is indeed a guarantee of quality. A company that knows how to see the value and potential of an advertising object will be able to develop, innovate, and learn from its marketing strategy .

For employees as for suppliers or customers, being offered a personalized advertising calendar in the image of your company really does its effect. By creating your range of personalized items — whether it’s a bag, pen, pencil jar, paper, mugs, USB sticks, advertising diaries, a week to view, a calendar, a notepad or all kinds of products, accessories and gifts with your company logo and logo — you have the option to offer them and to build loyalty.

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Advertising agenda and advertising items: stand out

Offering a personalized gift is a way to Very common and inexpensive loyalty . Offering an advertising agenda is, for example, the practice that comes to the top in marketing. The advertising calendar is useful, it can be used at home or in the office and accompanies you everywhere if it is in pocket size.

Creating advertising items with attention to detail is an investment, of course, but that promotes the natural communication of your business. For your employees, customers, suppliers and many others, offering an advertising agenda is a way to welcome and develop your brand image .

You stand out by innovating and offering unusual items and advertising products. The customizable object amazes with its simple existence! By customizing a week to view or a basic calendar and making a real personalized advertising calendar with your logo, you offer your customers a useful element.

Make pleasure while having a limited budget

By opting for batch production of your personalized advertising calendars, you do not have to opt for exorbitant prices. You come out a low marketing and communication budget . Your expenses represent an investment that only expects a fair return. Be aware that offering a personalized diary can bring you more than you think.

Design, colors, info, cover, quality paper… The price of your range of customizable advertising items will depend on the quality chosen. Your goodies, derivatives and accessories are also a reflection of your business . Feel free to innovate, stay on the page and dare: your customers will notice all the more the effort made to create a line of advertising agendas of quality.

Advertising calendar: a popular marketing object

Did you know that the advertising agenda is the most popular advertising item in France? Practical, useful and well personalized in every detail, it offers itself so simply, for obvious advantages. Offering a personalized diary to a customer helps to seal a relationship. By showing that you pay attention to your customers , suppliers and employees, you can only get good feedback.

A customer who receives a gift is much more likely to sustain a relationship than a customer who has received nothing in return for a contract or transaction. In short, not everything is in the pocket, but giving a gift that makes it possible to lay the foundations for a relationship of trust. And it’s a real asset communication for any company, start-up or group.

Create your pocket ad diary in details

Choose the number of pages and ask yourself the right questions. Do you want the diary to have pages with year-round dates (such as calendar or pocket week)? A diary can be used for a multitude of events, office appointments… It is also useful for taking notes during a meeting. Be sure to leave blank pages so that the ad calendar is used wisely. Material, spiral or not, color of the cover… Be inspired!

Pocket diaries are items that often have a price: by offering your personalized advertising calendar, you are sure to please. Quickly create your favorite advertising agenda or advertising item and get the most out of your GIFT: Pocket diaries are precious allies of everyday life!

Choosing a quality advertising agenda

If you have decided to offer a personalized diary on behalf of your company to your most loyal customers, you should choose it quality because it is your image that is at stake. If your customer ends up with a low-end ad agenda, whose coverage comes off after a few weeks, it may return the fact that you don’t really want to invest for your customers. They can ask themselves the question if you apply the same quality to the rest of your products. If you really want to retain your customers and also attract new ones if other people see your personalized diary, it is greatly better to make a quality choice. You can, in particular, turn to Vachon the calendar manufacturer advertisements recognized in this area. You will find diaries:

  • In A4 or A5 format
  • In square format
  • Of pockets
  • Specific to note orders or reservations

If you want to mark the shot and differentiate yourself from other companies that could also offer godies to your customers, take the square agenda. This is clearly an original gift. If you know that your customers have specific needs because they are also entrepreneurs, as well as offer them something useful that they will use on a daily basis, such as the business agenda to mark orders or bookings.

You will also have a choice in the binding. It’s up to you to see what it is best for your customers between the spiral, paperback or embossed binding. Same for the interior. Also think about the finishes that say long on your attention as the metal corners so that it does not get damaged or pencil holder .

The advantage of going through a professional and serious manufacturer like Vachon is that you can also request a quote , in order to send it to your compta service.