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    How much champagne per person for a wedding?

    When organizing a wedding, many questions arise. Every couple has the desire to do well and do everything possible so that this day runs best for their guests. Among the most common issues are those related to beverages. Which drink to choose for a wine of honor? How much champagne for a wedding? etc… In concrete terms, many people are …

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    Who can marry in France?

    Marriage at the Town Hall: conditions and formalities

    229,000 marriages were registered in France in 2018, according to INSEE . You too want to take the step and formalize your union. The necessary conditions and procedures are taken up.


    Who can get married?

    Two adults and consenting persons may formalize their union :

    without distinction as to

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    What activities for a wedding?

    Date of marriage: fixed. Invitation cards: sent. Reception place: found and booked. Next step to prepare for the continuation of the wedding? Set up the evening: what time to serve each dish? How many hours do we want to dance? When can speeches be made during the evening? The wedding sometimes requires time slots to fill, for example if your …

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    What are the flowers that can be dried?

    Even if you have applied to the letter Grandma’s tricks to preserve her bouquet of vase flowers as long as possible, the time will come when they will inevitably fade. So, instead of letting them die sadly, why not dry them to give them a second life? Dried flowers have the side and they invade our interiors. They are ideal

  • The beautiful adventure for two begins after a marriage application. The latter is a very special event for two people who love each other and want to unite for life. But it is especially an adventure that begins with preparation. Outside the party, he administrative procedures such as the marriage contract must be carried out.

    Why establish a marriage contract?

  • By storing my papers I came across my contract and my birthlist file that we had opened for Stitch now 5 years ago, I remember that day as if it were yesterday I was with my mom, mom and sister (my husband at the time preferred to leave us between daughters). We had been around the store to choose and …

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    Which destination for a honeymoon?

    Where to go on a honeymoon trip? What is the best honeymoon destination? If you are looking for a dream destination, a corner of paradise where to roll in the shade of coconut trees, you will find inspiration through this article of our travel blog OneDayoneTravel.

    On the program, sun and little corners of paradise not always very well known

  • Ah! What could be better than lashing on the hot sand, grilling in a hot sun to the sound of the waves?! These 20 sensational beaches give furious cravings for lazy!

    1. La Dike — Seychelles

    Here is a sublime beach, lined with blocks of pink granite, where you can walk far in the turquoise water. The most beautiful beach …

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    Where to spend a weekend in Paris?

    When you live in Paris, the possibilities of weekends seem endless. With all airports nearby, TGV connections, national and international buses, hard not to find happiness. But where to go when you want to leave in the weekend around Paris , without going too far, while enjoying a pretty city?

    I decided to offer you 21 ideas of destinations near …

  • Valentine’s Day approaching fast, I thought the opportunity was perfect to share with you my good addresses for couples, these romantic hotels that I have been able to test and approve in recent years in the four corners of Belgium, from the Ardennes to Bruges via Brussels, Mechelen or Antwerp.

    Romantic Hotels in Belgium

    Here is a small selection of …

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    How to wish a best friend happy birthday?

    Nice messages to wish your friend or buddy a happy birthday Happy birthday text templates to a boyfriend with a nice friendly wish message. Friendship sms and short friendly poems for original happy party message to a childhood friend or his best friend with beautiful friendly and friendly birthday pictures.

    🎁 Anniversary text template ideas for friends and friendsWishing …

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    How to get married in the Commune?

    Want novelty, originality… to change from the conventional civil marriage celebrated at the town hall? Although French law does not promote marriages outside the defined regulatory frameworks, you can obtain under certain conditions a derogation to choose the place of celebration. So here is what there is to know about obtaining a waiver for a marriage in another setting or …

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    How to thank for a birth?

    That’s it, baby is born! After 9 long months, she finally joined the family. After the excitement of the first days, you are back home and start blowing a little. Your loved ones were very present before, during and after birth? Now is the time to thank them for their support. Texting and phone calls are good already. But you …

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    How to break a PACS town hall?

    There are many possible situations of rupture of PACS. To be well informed, we present to you below, in detail, the specifics of each of them to be able to make the right decisions.

    Breaking a PACS: alone or two?

    The rupture of PACS can be requested by only one of the partners (so-called “unilateral” rupture) or by both partners …

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    How to make a CCM?

    To marry a Moroccan or Moroccan, being of French nationality, the steps to follow are extremely long but quite feasible.

    The first step to follow is to obtain the CCM in other words the certificate of marriage capacity, a mandatory step for any Franco-Moroccan marriage. This requires an appointment at the Consulate of Morocco, at the end of which an …

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    How to print Duplex Canon mg5750?

    Printing a page on both sides can be really convenient. While many people do not know that their printer supports this technology, it has many advantages: saving paper and money, reduced carbon footprint, saving time, the need to link documents, etc. In order to use this method, your laser or inkjet printer must be equipped with this feature. Otherwise, you …

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    How do I send plants by parcel?

    We take all possible care in the manufacture of our parcels. Plants usually take 48 hours to arrive at your home. If ever the factor has a little delay, no worry, the fatty plants are very resistant and can easily withstand staying a week in their carton.


    All plants are shipped in their pot (Unless requested by you for …

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    How to write a Happy New Year card?

    Before you create your pretty personalized greeting cards on, have you thought about the message you are going to send to your entourage? We propose in this article to change traditional “good new year and good health”, to give way to original happy new year wishes ! Surprise your loved ones with these few classic or wacky ideas. You …

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    How do I bring my wife to Belgium?

    If you have a residence permit or if you have obtained Spanish nationality… good news. You can bring your family members to Spain and get them a residence and work permit easily! In this article you will find everything you need to do it. We will examine the main conditions, documents and other legal elements necessary for you to apply …

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    How to make garlands made of crepe paper?

    How to make a giant crepe paper garland? A small party in preparation and you do not have the slightest idea how you will decorate it? Well, maybe I have the solution for you. Indeed, Oh Happy Day once again delivers one of his magical ideas for a 100% DIY party decoration!

    The idea here is to create a giant …

  • The most beautiful cute texts for her girlfriend!

    One of the most beautiful things a man can do for his beloved is to text him with a romantic message that reveals the magnitude of his feelings.

    All women love when their companion speaks about his emotions. And nothing can make them happier than to hear (or read) a word from …

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    How to say a speech?

    Once again, it’s the season for all kinds of celebrations: weddings, baptisms, bachelors and birthdays are coming and maybe you even need to give a speech. But when you think about it, do you sweat or panic to find the right phrases? Here are all the best tips and tricks to speak without much worries!

    Be concise

    Do you remember …

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    How to properly prepare the nursery?

    Even though the WHO (World Health Organization) recommends sleeping with baby until 6 months old, anticipating and preparing the baby room before birth will allow you to return home serene. An indispensable piece when you know that baby will spend most of his time in the beginning.

    How to arrange it? When to prepare it? What furniture should I

  • D-Day is decided and are you looking for an original wedding decoration? We talk about the flying lantern, an idea of poetic and sweet animation, perfect for this symbolic moment! Don’t panic about the wedding decor, we guide you and we give you our opinion on these lanterns.

    Your wedding with flying lanterns: poetry and beauty

    Who has never dreamed …

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    How to open a mailbox ?

    Mailboxes: a great postal innovation! They are very practical when it comes to receiving all your official mail, parcels, letters, subscriptions, invoices, postcard and other messages between neighbors… A mailbox is usually secured by a lock and a key. But how do we do if we lost the key and we can’t open the mailbox anymore? Follow the guide!


  • Looking for ideas to occupy your child or class with DIY craft activities? Folding a paper plane is a full-fledged art. It is a technique barely different from origami (Japanese art of paper folding) that is particularly appreciated in France and everywhere else! Find here tutorials for folding a paper plane, step by step in video.

    Paper plane folding: an

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    Is It Love: special video games girls

    It’s not just gamers in life! Yes, there are the gamers too. At 1492 Studio, they understood the concept of the Otome Game. With Is It Love, 1492 Studio offers a love story adaptable to every player. We make you discover this special video game girls!

    Article Plan

    • What is an Otome Game?
      • Romance, love, girls
    • Otome Game/Is It Love:
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    How to learn the traffic code online

    To learn the traffic code and pass the exam, you know, there is no longer a need to move absolutely to the car school. When you sign up for driving traffic regulations, you are provided with access to the software online. Via the application and tests, you can review the road code anywhere and anytime . You are told everything …

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    What decoration to do with candles?

    Candles are part of those life-changing inventions that bring a lot of well-being. With their soft light and varied scents, they help to embellish the life and decor of the house. We give you here some interior decoration tracks made with candles, to brighten up the table, prepare Christmas or just make a little paradise of decoration.

    Article map

    • Candles
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    How to finance your professional project?

    When you have a professional business start-up project, the issue of financing is essential. Selling, credit/loan, investors, family, friends… Financing a business project is not done lightly. You are told everything you need to know about professional project financing.

    Article plan

    • Preparing your project present your plan
      • What to avoid against investors
    • Financing applications
    • Understanding your investors

    Prepare your project

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    Alternating training: the definition

    We often hear about alternating training. What exactly is it, who is it talking to and what are the modalities of it? Combining qualified and vocational education with concrete experience in companies, the specificity of alternation is now recognized for its effectiveness in terms ofaccess to employment . Update on alternance training.

    Alternating training: what is it

    Alternating training …

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    The profession of jeweler and jeweler

    It is these trades that make dream by their seniority and by their know-how. The jeweler’s profession is part of it! Being a jeweller means exercising a profession of crafts and art and working with precious metal as well as stones. What is the profession of jeweler and how to access it? The answers to your questions are in this …

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    ACRE: Definition and Conditions

    ACRE (support for the start-up or takeover of a business) was previously known as ACCRE: assistance to unemployed entrepreneurs and resumers. The ACRE allows you to start a professional activity as an entrepreneur and tobe financially supported . Discover the specificities of ACRE and how to benefit from it under certain conditions.

    Article plan

    • ACRE: its specificities
      • Detail of
  • Being a postman is a profession of proximity. With constant contact with the population, it has a little more extensive role than the simple distribution of mail. Discover with us the profession of factor as well as the training necessary to access employment.

    Article map The

    • missions of the factor: a service profession
      • Bringing you the mail
      • New technologies at
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    GDR and FRG: German reunification

    The GDR and the FRG were reunited in 1990 shortly after the famous fall of the Berlin Wall. But do you really know the history of this reunification? We take stock of this exciting episode in the history of Germany.

    Article plan

    • GDR and FRG: East and West Germany The
    • creation of the two states of Germany, FRG and GDR
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    Become a locksmith without a diploma

    Do you want to become a locksmith quickly, without going through a diploma? What about the possibilities to gain access to this profession and become a locksmith without a compulsory curriculum or training? We take stock of the job of locksmith in our article as well as the possibilities of settling without a diploma while being accredited.

    Article plan

    • Become
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    The 28 letters of the Arabic alphabet

    Want to learn how to write the Arabic alphabet. Arabic writing is fascinating and can be perceived as very complex, especially for those who are accustomed to the Latin alphabet. Learning a new alphabet allows us to perceive a new form of writing as well as the diversity of language and culture. You are told everything about the Arabic alphabet …

  • In the English language, there are many subtleties that are not obvious to remember. Among them, the difference between tortoise and turtle. Are you a little lost in English and looking for a simple way to make the difference between these 2 words? We guide you! But first of all, let’s make a little topo on turtle and tortoise.

    Article …

  • Are you interested in the horoscope and all the astrological signs? Are you Libra or you know a person with the astrological sign of Libra? Do you want to know more about this enigmatic sign of the zodiac, determined by your date of birth? Woman or man, follow our Guide Astro Balance and discover the specificities of this sign: character, …

  • Are you interested in the horoscope and all the astrological signs? Are you Aries or do you know someone from the astrological sign of Aries? Do you want to know more about this enigmatic sign of the zodiac, determined by your date of birth? Woman or man, follow our Guide Astro Aries and discover the specificities of this sign: character, …

  • Among the trainings in the customer relationship sector, there is the BTS NRDC. Do you need more information about the NDRC BTS to follow this path and train yourself in the negotiation and digitization of customer relations ? Find the answers you expect about this training in our current publication on the BTS NDRC or BTS Customer Relationship Negotiation and …

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    ENT: Definition of the trade

    An ENT is a health professional, specialist in all hearing diseases in humans. ENT means doctor oto/rhino/laryngologist, or otolaryngologist. He takes care of the entire ENT sphere , from the ears to the larynx to the nose. But how to become an ENT specialist and what does this job involve?

    Article map The

    • missions of the ENT doctor Specialist
      • Treating
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    How do I receive free advertising items?

    How do I receive free advertising items? This is an interesting question because it can help us in everyday life. Many companies offer promotional items as gifts, samples or products representative of the company, in order to make themselves known and grow. You are told how to receive free advertising items at home!

    Article map

    • Advertising items: fair to useful
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    Engasier: operation and principle

    Do you have a garden and would like to have a perfectly sown and homogeneous grass on the ground? The engazoner is a machine that allows you to fulfill your challenge of the perfect turf. We explain here the principle and operation of the engazoner, this machine that will save you unnecessary work thanks to its roller and seed drill. …

  • The job of cabinetmaker is one of those few passion trades that make you dream. Being a cabinetmaker represents considerable work, around the wood, just like the carpenter. The cabinetmaker will work furniture and cultivate his art around wood. But how to get to the job of cabinetmaker? Is there employment? What training in cabinetmaking can be taken? The key …

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    The profession of pharmacy prep

    In France, the profession of pharmacy preparer is a promising sector. This profession requires seriousness and many technical and scientific skills. Discover with us the profession of pharmacy preparator and the training necessary to access employment.

    Article plan

    • What is the profession of the pharmacy preparer?
    • Pharmacy Prep Missions
    • What knowledge should the pharmacy preparer have?
      • Dosages and drug interactions
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    Equinox Helpline: Presentation

    Looking for a home help desk? Equinox Helpline is a service that helps any senior, elderly or disabled person to regain a sense of security and autonomy. With a subscription and installation of the device at home, everyone benefits from quality home support services, covering many disciplines.

    Article Plan

    • What is Equinox Helpline for Seniors?
    • The Equinox Helpline Central
      • Active
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    The daily professional agenda

    On a daily basis and to organize, there is nothing like recording all your ideas and appointments in the pages of a professional agenda. Available in pocket size or large for overbooked people, the professional diary is the ally of organized people…

    Plan of the article

    • Organize thanks to the pages of a professional
      • diary Pro pocket size diary: organize,
  • The line-up guide is a profession in its own right. Do you want to become a guide? Discover his missions and what training to do to access the position of guide line.

    Article Plan

    • What is the business of a guidebook business?
    • The missions of a guidebook
      • Alert and inform
      • Steering people to an emergency exit
    • Guide: a human profession
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    Offer an advertising agenda

    What if you decided to offer an advertising agenda? Advertising calendars are great ways to get you talked about. A real asset of communication and marketing, the advertising calendar can be used by many people in your business sphere.

    Article plan

    • Loyalty with a customizable advertising
      • agenda Ad calendar and advertising items: stand out
    • Make fun while having a limited
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