Netflix Free: How to have Netflix on your Freebox?

You have subscribed to a subscription offer at Free and would like to have Netflix? It’s easy to watch movies with your Netflix account. We explain in our article how to access your Netflix account from a Freebox.

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  • Your Netflix movies and shows with Free Netflix
  • and Freebox One, Delta, Mini 4K or Revolution?
  • Netflix with Freebox Mini 4K and Freebox Revolution
    • Subscribe to Netflix Free optional
  • Netflix with Freebox Delta or Freebox One
  • Netflix Free: and my Internet speed?

Your Netflix Movies and TV Shows with Free

Netflix is a streaming service through which you can watch movies and series on your screen. Today, mobile and Internet operators offer Netflix with your box subscription , which greatly facilitates the task!

You are therefore no longer obliged to subscribe to separate subscriptions, since you benefit from both in one service. By having Netflix directly with your Freebox, you can plan all your evenings with Netflix in unlimited. Free has been offering to include your Netflix access in your Free subscription for some time, including Freebox One and Freebox Delta .

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As a bonus, since 2019, Free also offers Netflix with Freebox Mini 4K and Freebox Revolution . However, these accesses are offered at the regular rate and not at a preferential rate.

Netflix and Freebox One, Delta, Mini 4K or Revolution?

You can subscribe directly to Netflix with Free, without going through two separate subscriptions. This simplifies the procedures. Free’s boss, Xavier Niel, announced a few years ago the partnership with Netflix after a few negotiations.

Today, thanks to this logical partnership , Free subscribers have access to Netflix from several subscriptions. Subscribers to Freebox Delta, Freebox Revolution, Freebox One and Freebox Mini 4K.

That said, if you opt for Freebox Mini 4K and Freebox Revolution, Netflix will be acessible but at the normal rate, as an option. On the other hand, with a Freebox Delta subscription and a Freebox One subscription, Netflix access is included .

Any Free user can subscribe to Netflix via Free, with any Internet offer except the Freebox Crystal. Indeed, the Free Box Crystal is the only one that does not have a decoder embedded on its system. Finally watch Netflix from your TV with Free and your internet subscription.

Netflix with Freebox Mini 4K and Freebox Revolution

Netflix remains an option with Freebox Mini 4K and Freebox Revolution. Free offers the Netflix option at the normal rate with these two Freeboxes. With the Freebox Mini 4K, you pay your subscription €14.99 for 1 year and then €34.99 per month beyond. With the Freebox Revolution, you pay €19.99 for a year, and 44.99 e beyond.

If you want, you can access Netflix and the entire SVOD streaming platform if you subscribe to this option.

Subscribe to Netflix Free as an option

If you want to subscribe to the Netflix option, there’s nothing easier with Free. Go to your Freebox subscriber space , TV section. You will find the section Netflix which offers you to “enjoy Netflix”. All you have to do is click on this button and let yourself be guided.

It is also possible to subscribe via your TV . Go to the Video menu on your Freebox, then on Netflix. You may need to update your Player before you enjoy Netflix. You then have access to a brand new interface: welcome to the Netflix world!

As a Free user, you can choose between several Netflix plans :

  • Netflix Essential, 1 screen in low definition
  • Netflix Standard, 2 simultaneous screens, high definition
  • Netflix Premium, 4 screens simultaneously, image up to 4K ultra high definition.

Be sure to make your choice and check it because the interface automatically directs you to the most expensive subscription. However, it is possible to change the package.

Netflix with Freebox Delta or Freebox One

This subscription offer is quite popular because it includes the most popular features of users. In reality, Free is the ONLY operator to offer Netflix with its box at no extra cost . Your access to Netflix is therefore completely free.

If you are a Freebox One customer, then you pay €29.99 in the first year and €39.99 above. If you are a Freebox Delta customer , you pay €49.99 per month 480 euros for the purchase of the Freebox Delta. With Delta, you don’t have to settle for Netflix Essentiel: you can change your offer for 4 euros more (Standard) or 8 euros more (Premium).

It’s easyto watch Netflix from your Freebox :

  • You zap directly on Channel 130 of the Freebox decoder
  • You choose your favorite movies and series from the Videos section of Netflix.

In the event of a wish to cancel, nothing is simpler: go to your Subscriber area, on Rurique Television/ Netflix/Terminate my Netlfix option.

Netflix Free: and my Internet speed?

The question of throughput is recurring: what happens if the internet speed is not up to the option you have chosen, and the image definition you requested? Throughput has made considerable progress since the launch of the Netflix Free offering.

Depending on your country and operator, you can check the ISP speed index, which gives you the quality of Netflix streams . The higher this index, the better the quality of the connection will be. Of course, it will depend on the speed of connection to the Internet on your box.

To access Netflix in HD (High Definition), simply purchase a Netflix Premium offer, which will only require a stable speed of at least 25 Mbps. HD and your streaming quality must be set to Auto or elevated.