Mycosis tongue: effective treatment

Did you notice any white traces on your tongue? Perhaps this is a mycosis of the mouth, also called a white tongue. Various reasons may be the cause of oral fungus. You are provided with leads for an effective treatment of this somewhat troublesome concern on a daily basis.

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  • mouth: between fragile balance and risk of mycosis
  • Candidiasis or oral mycosis: danger?
  • Effective treatment for oral mycosis?
    • Causes of oral candidiasis Treating oral
    • fungus

The mouth: between fragile balance and risk of mycosis

Oral fungus, much less known than fungus of the genitals, is equally troublesome. It can develop from a fungus or bacteria. Candida albicans fungus, for example, is the cause of Oral candidiasis , which is the most common oral mycosis.

The mouth contains a fragile flora, made up of good bacteria. If they are attacked for any reason (poor diet, acid reflux, antibiotic treatment, alcohol, stress, etc.), it will degrade and leave room for the proliferation of other worse bacteria . The most common fungi found in the oral area develop as a result of a net imbalance observed on the oral flora by sampling.

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Oral fungus settles and with it some symptoms do not deceive : white tongue, whitish plaques, modification of breath, sometimes with pain and/ or discomfort when swallowing.

Candidiasis or oral mycosis: danger?

Rest assured, oral candidiasis is more common than it seems and some Mycoses sometimes leave as quickly as they arrived. Oral mycosis remains a benign oral infection , but should be monitored. It can affect both adults and babies, especially with the appearance of thrush.

If the mother, during her pregnancy, faced persistent vaginal fungus and infestation with candida albicans fungus, it may be that during low delivery the baby is contaminated. Nothing serious, thrush simply disappears. Consultation with a doctor is necessary for infants facing thrush.

Effective treatment for oral mycosis?

In adults, oral mycosis can be treated with a few strict instructions, but also with grandmother’s remedies. This is of course valid in the event that oral fungus is not in massive proliferation and remains benign, without pain.

If you have any doubt about the nature of your oral fungus, in any case it is necessary to consult a doctor in order to have an accurate diagnosis of candidiasis (oral sampling), as well as the treatment to take.

Causes of oral candidiasis

The causes of oral fungus are varied:

  • Poor oral hygiene;
  • Too acidic diet;
  • Immunosuppressive treatment;
  • Taking antibiotics;
  • Wearing a dental apparatus;
  • Pregnancy (hormonal disorder);
  • Anticancer treatment (radiation therapy, chemotherapy);
  • Taking neuroleptics or corticosteroids, etc.

Based on this finding, it is important to treat the cause of oral fungus and not its symptoms .

Treat oral mycosis

Oral mycosis can be treated, as appropriate, with an antifungal agent, baking soda mouthwash, or local cleaning solutions that will be prescribed or advised by your doctor. Treat oral mycosis blindly is not advisable, due to the fragility of the oral flora .

Taking harm from its source, simple gestures can allow you to get rid of oral fungus and avoid recurrence:

  • Observe impeccable oral hygiene;
  • Use oral brushes (dental floss);
  • Use fluorinated toothpaste and soft toothbrushes;
  • Brushing teeth 2 times a day minimum;
  • Use mouthwash regularly;
  • Clean the tongue from time to time (not too often);
  • Do not eat too sweet or acidic foods;
  • Prefer foods with a low yeast content (bread, alcohol, dried fruits, fermented cheeses, peanuts;
  • Consume garlic, which has good propertiesanti-candida.