Make a Zen Bathroom

Want to change decor or remake a bathroom? The Zen bathroom is at the top of the trend. In our fast and hurried lives, it is urgent to promote a Zen atmosphere in our interior. We explain all the advantages of the Zen bathroom.

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  • Zen: fullness in your interior
  • Caring for yourself with a zen bathroom
    • Choosing wooden furniture
    • Opt for sober and naturalness
    • Go to simple and clean design
    • Bonus decoration: plants, pebbles, candles…

Zen: fullness in your interior

Zen has been fashionable for many years in interior decoration. Beyond the original Zen thought, Zen has been available in all rooms of the house and especially in the bathroom. Synonymous with sweetness, tranquility , cocooning and fullness, zen fits perfectly to a bathroom.

When we say “zen”, it is natural to think of Zen gardens, pebbles with perfect shapes, plants, water, flowers, lotus, fish and pastel and sober colors … Zen comes to us from Japan and has interfered in the West in all our decoration of Indoor and outdoor, smoothly.

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In a very hurry society and stressful trades, all anti-stress methods are to be taken to refocus. The bathroom is one of those places in the house that are privileged. In a bathroom, we have our time. You can take a bath, take care of yourself, your body and therefore, by extension, your mind. And that’s all theinterest of the Zen bathroom .

Take self-care with a zen bathroom

The Zen bathroom, under renovation or construction, will quickly become necessary: once you taste it, you can no longer do without it! Discover with us some ideas for your future zen bathroom…

Choosing wooden furniture

For your atmosphere and your Zen atmosphere, the first of our tips is to install wooden furniture. Your zen decor can’t be perfect without this natural material . Choose wood species suitable for the bathroom, varnished or protected but not painted. Indeed, the paint distorts wood.

Opt for sober and naturalness

The Zen atmosphere also goes through the colors that come closer to nature. It is important to give preference to blue, green, white, gray, ecru… All in very muted pastel tones . Avoid bright colors and prefer the softness of tones that are more similar to colored grays.

Choose tone on tone if needed, for painting, tiling, bathroom linen and even for the shower curtain if your bathroom has one.

Remember: no more than 3 tones in your Zen bathroom, for perfect harmony.

Go to simple and clean design

Your bath and care space must be purified . Do not overload the space of a heavy, present, ostentatious decor.

Make it simple and efficient : create adequate storage to hide all everyday objects. Visualizing a clean space allows us to make room for internal well-being.

Bonus Deco: plants, pebbles, candles…

Your Zen bathroom won’t be complete if you don’t add elements and accessories which denote Zen. Green plants, stone pebblesand candles participate in your zen decor. Nothing prevents you from creating a privileged space for yourself in your zen bathroom.

Choose decor elements reminiscent of Zen, without overloading. Frames, bath mats and other bath curtains can also have motifszen .