Macif Home Insurance: our opinion in detail

We are discussing with you today the issue of Macif home insurance. Is a Macif home insurance contract better than another? We give you our opinion on Macif home insurance and the guarantees offered in a classic contract.

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  • La Macif: our general opinion
  • Guarantees of a Macif home insurance
    • contract A home insurance contract adapted to the needs of members
  • Several contracts home insurance at Macif
    • Two home insurance forms principal residence
  • Choosing Macif for your home insurance?
  • What if MACIF has terminated your home insurance?

La Macif: our general opinion

La Macif is a mutual insurance that is aimed at all traders and industrialists in France. Executives and employees trade and industry are therefore concerned and can join the Macif if they so wish. You should know that the Macif is an insurance with corporate governance. It advocates mutual values . A general opinion about Macif: the warranties and products offered by Macif are generally interesting.

With services and guarantees oriented towards solidarity, Macif pleases with its commitment and its very concrete proposals. Partnerships, promo codes, solidarity network, connected house… Macif’s special guarantees come out of the crowd. As for general insurance products — car insurance, motorcycle insurance, mutual health insurance, civil liability, etc. Macif systematically offers several formulas adapted to you and your budget. You can choose guarantees economically or more broadly.

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Guarantees of a Macif home insurance contract

In terms of home insurance contract, Macif does not disappoint. The formulas adapted to your needs are again at the rendezvous, a real plus for insurance. Mutual values are intended to establish a bond of trust between Macif insurance and any member, who is not perceived as a client. A real commitment that is also reflected in the guarantees of the classic Macif home insurance contract.

Insurances generally offer various and varied prices for their contracts. Macif seems to stand out in that contract prices are relatively fair, without exaggeration. Beyond advertising on products, Macif is responsive and effective on the home insurance contract . For all sinister, and this is the opinion that often comes back, the Macif does not let you manage alone.

A home insurance contract adapted to the needs of the members

When you adhere to values and take out a home insurance contract, we expect reactivity on the part of insurance. La Macif offers this guarantee in the face of any disaster: a constant that lasts over the years. For your Macif home insurance contract, it is natural to demand the best guarantee.

La Macif offers home insurance among its flagship products. This home insurance was launched in 1970: at the time it was called Multigarantie Vie Privée (MVP). Yes, Macif home insurance was already extended to privacy when it was launched.

Our opinion: this commitment continues, which helps to strengthen the link between users and insurance.

Several home insurance contracts at the Macif

Today, Macif offers several kinds of home insurance contracts. These contracts apply to a principal residence, a second home, but also to unoccupied housing (NOP, non-occupying owner) and student home insurance.

Good to know : the Macif also offers, within the home and daily life insurance offer, school insurance, civil liability and borrower.

Two forms home insurance principal residence

Macif offers home insurance schemes that seem to be adapted both to the needs but also to the budget of the members.

  • Economic home insurance formula with classic guarantees: fire, water damage, ice breakage, civil liability and home assistance in case emergency. Formula available for tenants.
  • Protective home insurance formula with 15 options: the contract is personalized and can cover musical instruments, electronic devices (phone, PC, etc.), deductible buyback, legal aid and many other options.

Choosing Macif for your home insurance?

When you want to take out a new home insurance contract, we usually make requests for quotes from several insurance companies, after sorting. A classic insurance is right for you? Do you prefer the mutual values and the corporate commitment side? Do you want to engage in a relationship of trust and be perceived as a member rather than a customer?

If this is the case, then the Macif can match you. With offers, contracts and warranties 100% personalized, this insurance stands out. With regard to the offer of home insurance contracts, Macif is not left behind and seems to be quite adaptable. Our opinion: a fairly appreciable openness when you need confidence assurance.

It is essential to choose your home insurance properly. Even if it is possible to terminate your contract at any time after one year of commitment, your home insurance must be fully adapted to your needs and possibilities in terms of price. The Macif remains an affordable and accessible insurance service on a human level, values that sometimes lack a little when dealing with an insurer with expensive rates, unresponsive and little oriented towards mutual values.

What to do if MACIF has terminated your home insurance ?

Every year in France, thousands of households are unfortunately affected: sometimes their insurance (such as MACIF or another insurer) simply decides to terminate their contract and no longer insure them. In this case, if this happened to you, it is probably that you have a malus that is too big for the insurer and that the insurer does not want to take any more “risks” by making sure that it is too big and that it would lose money by keeping you among these clients.

You may also see your contract terminated in the event that you haven’t paid for home insurance for several months, perhaps voluntarily or simply because of a lack of financial means. This can be explained by the fact that some insurance sometimes impose methods of settlement which can be very complicated for the most modest. In these cases, if this happens and you are concerned by the situation, we can only recommend that you opt for home insurance with monthly payment: this will allow you to set aside money for the whole year and avoid spending too much at the beginning of the year for your home insurance.

More and more French people are making this choice in order to continue to pay their home insurance, which is still compulsory in France for housing. While large insurance companies sometimes offer tariffs that are too expensive for the smallest households, it is quite possible to find good deals on the web with insurers who work only online to limit direct costs for users.