Learn foreign languages with software

With globalization, the need to learn languages one or more foreign languages has become almost evident. For lovers of languages, English, French but also many other foreign languages, it is now possible to learn languages online. Software, app… How to manage language learning, and with which software or site?

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  • Learn languages online: e-learning
    • Language learning and method
  • Site, software, application for languages
    • Rosetta Stone
    • 7Speaking
    • Babbel
    • Lingvist
    • Duolingo and Busuu

Learn languages online: e-learning

Online language learning has been in fashion for a few years now. Many sites offer teaching the language of your choice. English, French, and of course the most popular foreign languages such as Spanish or German, Italian, Turkish, Chinese…

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Learning through software is no less interesting than learning a live language with a converging person. On the contrary, thanks to exercises and methods developed with the participation of linguists, online learning of a language is more simple.

Language Learning and Method

Because learning a language is a real brain gymnastics based on repetition, some sites, software and applications have based their method on these techniques. Learners have access to different methods depending on the software used. The whole thing is to find the software that suits you best and that will wipe your brain on the best language learning method.

Site, software, application for languages

Here we list the best methods found on the net to learn a language simply via software integrated into the site or application.

Rosetta Stone

This site offers to download software directly, or take online courses as well as advanced courses . By following the software from your computer, you work at your own pace without pressure and total autonomy. This system is particularly suitable for learners who do not necessarily need specific pedagogical support.

Plus : You can obtain certifications for your language learning (up to level C1). A level test is offered: do the free demo on the site to see if this method would be the one that suits you, depending on the level expectation you have.

With Rosetta Stone, about 20 languages are available for online learning on software: to test.


With 7Speaking, we are on English for the company exclusively. This service consists of distance learning of English. You have access to the mobile app if you are officially registered via the 7Speaking site. To test if you have a particular need in English, in business.


We no longer present Babbel, leader in his field and present on the Web for many years now. Aimed at individuals as well as companies, Babbel offers an online test and fifteen languages to choose from .

The tools offered by Babbel are interactive and compatible on PC, tablet, smartphone. This makes your language learning easier. The site is paid but ultra powerful and intuitive to progress , regardless of your level (beginner or advanced).


Lignvist was born in 2013 and provides all its courses in a free way, focusing on English and French. An app is available and the basic platform offers 3 modules based on memory . A great innovation for learning a language.

Duolingo and Busuu

Finally, Duolingo is a free site with very well thought out software. Duolingo is participatory and very playful. To discover absolutely.

Busuu is a real online platform with targeted and well-calibrated lessons for learners. Get European CECR certifications very simply, up to Level B2.