Is the HP PC a good brand?

Are you planning to buy a new PC in 2021 and want to know what is the best laptop brand? Through this article we will list the good brands of laptops of 2021 highlighting the strengths and disadvantages of each of the manufacturers. We’ll see what are the most reliable laptop brands in 2021, their origin and the PCs they offer.

To establish a ranking of the best laptop brands in 2021 we rated the top 10 laptop manufacturers. This allows us to determine which brand offers the best combination of product quality, innovation, support (the famous service) and design.

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TOP 10 Best Laptop Brands of 2021:

Many are the good brands of laptops present on the market in 2021 . Some brands are recent while others have existed for decades. Finally, excellent computer brands, which are known for the quality of their manufacture, have ceased activity and no longer produce laptops.

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But one thing is for sure, these laptop brands are good enough to fit into our top 10 best laptop brands of the year 2021 .

1. ASUS, a brand known for its many models

Asus Tek Computer, Inc. abbreviated Asus, is a company of Taiwanese origin. This brand created in 1989 produces many components and peripherals: motherboards (a third of world production), smartphones, CPU, laptops, touch-tablets. Part of its activity is assembling laptops for its own account but also for other manufacturers. For example, Dell, HP, Apple, Sony and Samsung outsource some of their productions.

Why classify the ASUS brand as one of the best laptop manufacturers of 2021? Because this PC brand is highly valued by consumers for the good quality of the components and offers excellent value for money. In addition, troubleshooting ASUS laptops is easy because spare parts are readily available. ASUS is thus the best brand if you want to acquire a quality laptop at an affordable price.

Named ZenBook, VivoBook or X Series, very good ASUS brand PCs are available in different price ranges ranging from 300 euros to 3000 euros. Note that ASUS also offers gaming computers under the name of “Republic of Gamers” (“ROG “).

Choose the model that best suits you based on your usage and budget. However, we do not recommend entry-level ASUS models at the risk of having a low-performing laptop.

2. APPLE, a very good brand of laptops for Mac OS fans

Apple is considered in 2021 as the best brand of laptop by many users! The first Macintosh was launched on January 24, 1984. It is the first commercial success for a computer using a mouse and a graphical interface. Since Apple has constantly developed its products to become an excellent laptop brand .

The Apple brand offers very good laptops to buy in 2021, the famous “MacBook “. Unlike other manufacturers, Apple equips its machines with its own operating system “Mac OS . This is an important factor to take into account when you want to buy an Apple computer. The operation of Mac OS is indeed quite different from that of Windows. You need to learn how to work and deal with Apple-specific software.

Excellent models of Apple, MacBook Pro 13 and 15-inch computers At the moment the Apple brand offers several good models of laptops:

  • Classic MacBook: This computer combines the most innovative components in an ultra-thin case. Ideal for mobile activities, it has a 10-hour battery life thanks to a stepped battery, and the absence of a fan makes it perfectly quiet.
  • MacBook Air: its main asset is Ultra-portability, the Macbook Air offers great comfort for both desktop and
  • Macbook Pro Internet browsing: a true power concentrate, this high-end computer meets all the needs of performance-seeking consumers with the latest generation components.

Choosing a quality Apple brand computer in 2021 remains a big step for many users. However, most people using a Mac are not ready to return to a Windows-powered PC. Once mastered, Mac OS is an excellent operating system that combines inventiveness and reliability.

Only one downside, the price! Indeed, MacBooks are known for their high price , which does not place Apple computers within the reach of every purse.

3. HP, an excellent brand suitable for all

This is probably the best-known brand on the planet! Hewlett-Packard Company, officially shortened to HP, is an American company founded in 1939consumers . The company originally produced electronic and instrumentation components. The HP brand has rapidly evolved into manufacturing computers, printers and servers.

Why did you rank HP as one of the best notebook brands of 2021? Simply because Hewlett-Packard offers a large range of PCsHP high-end “Spectre” computer that meet the needs of all consumers.

HP brand computer ranges:

  • HP Pavilion and Envy laptops: the most commercialized, ideal for home users who want to use their PCs for desktop, Internet, or classify photos
  • HP Spectre, EliteBook and Probook computers: Suitable for business use, these PCs are equipped with latest generation processors and SSDs with comfortable HP Omen PC capability
  • : Gaming oriented, these laptops are very popular with video game players, its transportable devices are powerful and boosted by a powerful graphics card

The HP brand is therefore a good brand as the manufacturer has been able to meet the requirements of all consumers. HP computers also combine aesthetics and functionality .

It is important to note that the HP brand suffered from a bad reputation a few years ago. Indeed, the request for home troubleshooting of HP computers was very common. Entire series of computers laptops (including “DV6000” series) have experienced motherboard failures and abnormal overheating. Hewlett-Packard has been able to correct the problem and these hardware malfunctions now seem to belong to the past.

Finally, it should be recognized that in the event of a failure HP technical support is exemplary .

4. DELL, the brand recognized for its quality and service

Dell Inc is an American company founded in 1984. Dell is currently the third largest computer manufacturer in the world behind Hewlett-Packard and Lenovo.

The components that equip computers are of very good quality. This allows DELL to rank among the top brands of laptops sold in 2021 . Dell’s after-sales service is excellent.

Mainly sold over the Internet, DELL brand remain a benchmark across the Atlantic. In France, DELL is mainly used by professionals looking for reliable and tailor-made equipment. Indeed, the DELL brand offers many models of customizable laptops. So you can opt for an SSD if you want a fast PC and limit the risk of a mechanical hard drive failure. You can also choose the processor, the amount of RAM or the screen size to get a computer that fits your needs perfectly .

5. LENOVO, the excellent brand that climbs in France

Lenovo is a Chinese company mainly manufacturing computers, phones, workstations, computer servers and connected TVs.

Founded in 1984 by Liu Chuanzhi, Lenovo brand became known worldwide in 2005 when acquired IBM’s personal IT division, becoming the world’s leading PC manufacturer .

The design of Lenovo laptops is often quite austere. Some will see it a lack of fantasy, others will see LENOVO’s willingness to go to the essentials. They lack style but probably offer the best value for money in 2021 . In addition, you can easily troubleshoot a LENOVO computer at home due to spare parts availability.

The laptop brand LENOVO is renowned for the quality of components and hardware. The premium “ThinkPad” models are recognized in the business environment for their reliability and ruggedness.

6. ACER, a brand that has improved over time

Long considered as little reliable, especially because of the sales of the “e-machines” and “Packard Bell” ranges, ACER branded computers are of very good quality today .

Since 1976 Acer or Acer Incorporated is a Taiwanese computer manufacturer specializing in the manufacture and marketing of computers, monitors and other computer peripherals.

The ACER brand has evolved and offers solid computers at an affordable price in 2021. Nevertheless, if ACER is a good brand of laptop, it is worth avoiding entry-level PCs from this manufacturer . Do not buy an ACER machine marketed below €450. You would be disappointed with the quality of the materials used (chassis, hinges and hood made of low strength plastics) and the average performance.

For many Acer users are considered to be the best brand of laptop in 2021 thanks to a range of PCs that includes many models:

  • Acer Aspire: Many PCs for every budget, is suitable for most private and professional users looking for a good laptop to perform everyday tasks
  • Acer Swift: Ultra-thin, stylish and capable of meeting all your mobile needs with their lightweight
  • Acer Switch: laptops with a detachable keyboard that can also be used as an Acer Predator or Nitro tablet
  • : PCs specifically designed for gamers that combine performance and highly gaming oriented design

7. MSI, a brand of PC for gaming

Micro-Star International, Co. Ltd., better known as its MSI brand, is a Taiwan based company founded in 1986. MSI is one of the top three manufacturers of IT hardware in the world.

In 2021 the MSI brand offers very good gaming oriented laptops . It offers powerful machines equipped with graphics cards dedicated to video games. The ventilation of MSI branded PCs is excellent, especially to avoid overheating during prolonged use of a video game.

Unfortunately the MSI brand is also known for the lack of responsiveness of its technical department, so it is advisable not to buy your computer on the Internet and opt for the after-service from a local IT reseller .

8. MICROSOFT, a premium notebook brand

If Microsoft is mainly known for its Windows operating software and its software (Microsoft Office). Nevertheless, the Microsoft brand also offers high-end laptops under the terms of “Surface Book” and “Surface Pro”.

These hybrid computers consist of a Windows-equipped tablet and a detachable keyboard. Particularly compact Microsoft PCs are easily transportable . Thanks to the “tablet” function of Windows 10 they can be used both as a computer and as a tablet.

However, the price of Microsoft computers remains high and the size of the touchscreen is limited. These products are not intended for all audiences.

9. HUAWEI, the brand of computers with a good quality/price ratio

Huawei, the brand that has quickly established itself in mobile telephony in France now markets computers laptops.

The Huawei brand intends to become the best laptop brand by 2021Matebook X, a good computer from the Chinese computer brand Huawei . For this the Chinese manufacturer does not hesitate to “take inspiration” from its competitors.

The design of Huawei’s first PCs has a striking resemblance to Apple’s MacBook Air. By the way, the Chinese manufacturer simply named his computer “MateBook”.

the performance side, Huawei’s computers have nothing to envy the giants of the industry. But Huawei plans to quickly establish itself as one of the first brands of computers by offering aggressive prices On . The quality/price ratio of these PCs will then be excellent and will be addressed to all audiences.

10. XIAOMI, the very good Chinese brand arrives in France

After smartphones, headphones or scooters, the Chinese brand Xiaomi is preparing to launch its laptops in Europe in 2021 .

Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air, a powerful PC soon available in France To acquire a laptop of the Xiaomi brand it was necessary until now to go through Chinese sites specialized in high-tech like Gearbest. This posed several problems: risk of loss of the package, lack of warranty, Qwerty keyboard and AC adapter incompatible with French power outlets.

Xiaomi, aware of the potential for selling laptops in Europe, has therefore decided to adapt to the local market in the near future.

By analyzing the quality of the laptops currently sold in China, let us promise that Xiaomi will quickly establish itself as a very good brand of laptops as early as 2021 . The quality/price ratio may indeed be excellent if are believed to be the first models including the “Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air”.

The good brands of computers that have stopped their production:

If it is no longer possible to find new models from these manufacturers, buying a used laptop in 2021 from these old best brands of laptops can be a very good choice.

Indeed, although they ceased all activity in the construction of laptops, these computer brands have in the past offered excellent models combining quality and performance .

TOSHIBA, a computer brand that has ceased operations

Toshiba was a few years ago a recognized brand of laptops. Unfortunately Toshiba stopped production in 2015 to refocus on energy and the world professional. The downtime of PC manufacturing was not only related to a decline in sales. The Japanese group faced a large-scale accounting scandal.

Although having stopped production several years ago, there are still many used TOSHIBA laptops in 2021. This brand was known for its quality of manufacture and the diversity of these models “Satellite” and “Satellite Pro”.

SAMSUNG, the brand that is no longer one of the best brands of laptops

We no longer present Samsung, the Korean brand renowned for the quality of its products in many areas: TV, smartphones, hi-fi, electronic components… The Samsung brand is a must in the high-tech world!

Nevertheless, in the face of the slowdown of the market on the Old Continent, this excellent Laptop brand decided to stop its PC production in 2014.

The Samsung brand was one of the best laptop brands a few years ago. It produced high quality PCs at a tight price. Thanks to its perfect control in screen production, Samsung offered PCs with excellent viewing comfort .

SONY, the old brand of high-end laptops

The Sony brand was particularly renowned for the quality of its Sony VAIO laptops. But in 2014, considering PC manufacturing unprofitable in view of its other activities, this very good brand of computers stopped production .

The Japanese group thus remains in the memory of the many customers who appreciated the quality of those laptops. The Sony Vaio PCs were considered to be high-end components that were so strong that in 2021 we still find perfectly functional second-hand models.

Tips for choosing the best laptop in 2021:

Our Top 10 has great laptop brands, that should already help you select your next PC.

As we have seen, not all brands are equal in 2021. But the most important thing is to select a computer brand that fits your needs and budget . Indeed, the use you make of your PC will be different whether you are a student, professional, retired or gamer.

Choosing a good computer brand if you are a student

As a student, your computer will follow you probably in all your travels. In 2021, give preference to a computer brand that offers a model that is both solid and lightweight .

Often a student’s budget is limited. Some brands that build reliable PCs have understood this well and sell computers at an attractive price .

According to us the best brands of laptops for a student are ACER, ASUS and HP and soon XIAOMI.

Choosing a Reliable PC Brand for Professionals

Professionals make intensive use of their computers. They need a reliable brand that offers high-performance PCs. It is therefore recommended to opt for a very good PC brand that offers strong performance guarantees and impeccable service.

The quality of the components of a laptop should be examined closely. The processor must be fast, the hard drive provides enough space and the amount of RAM is large.

From our experience the best brands of laptops for professionals are APPLE, DELL, LENOVO and MICROSOFT.

Choosing a Correct Laptop Brand When Retired

Most retirees are equipped with computer equipment. Seniors want to go to the Internet, match by email or classify family photos. For this they need a correct brand of laptop .

Often their machine stays at home, placed on a desk. In 2021 it is advisable to opt for a comfortable PC with a large screen and enough disk space to store many photos and videos.

We advise pensioners to give preference to computer brands Reliable notebooks like ASUS and HP.

Top Laptop Brands for Video Game Players (Gamers)

Video game players have specific needs. They need a laptop brand that offers the best machines in terms of performance combined with a good cooling system. Indeed, PCs equipped with a powerful graphics card (nVidia or AMD) specially adapted to video games give off a lot of heat.

The computer must also have a large amount of RAM and a fast processor . If your budget allows, choose an Intel Core i5 processor or higher if possible.

According to us the best brands of laptops in 2021 for video game enthusiasts are MSI, ACER (Predator and Nitro series), HP (Omen series) and DELL (AlienWare series).