Is It Love: special video games girls

It’s not just gamers in life! Yes, there are the gamers too. At 1492 Studio, they understood the concept of the Otome Game. With Is It Love, 1492 Studio offers a love story adaptable to every player. We make you discover this special video game girls!

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  • What is an Otome Game?
    • Romance, love, girls
  • Otome Game/Is It Love: the bet of a love story
  • Is It Love: at the heart of the love story Identify
  • with the heroine: a cocktail that walks
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What is an Otome Game?

The Otome Game is a very special concept. It is a video game that is usually played online but also exists on other media such as DS or Playstation. The Otome Game was born in Japan in 1994 and aims at a female audience .

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Based on a strong narrative frame and player/story interactivity, the Otome Game develops a romantic relationship between the player, who is the heroine, and the characters not playing.

Romance, love, girls

Because romance is sometimes absent from our somewhat raw universes and the harsh reality of life, 1492 Studio modeled the Japanese model to offer girls video games that match them. Otome games are quite special immersive video games that respond above all to a need.

It’s a fact, women’s gender has long been removed from the world of video games: so it was time to offer something else in the online gaming market! Is It Love takes up this challenge super well, you suspect it.

Otome Game /Is It Love: the bet of a love story

Is It Love is one of these interactive video games that immerse you in a world of yours. Aimed at women, Is It Love is a quality Otome Game that seduces with its stories, characters , and the interactivity of each chapter to write yourself.

Are you a woman ? In Is It Love, you are at the controllers and you are an integral part of the characters. You are the heroine of a love story and your own universe. Let yourself be guided by each chapter and immerse yourself in love stories that look like you.

Is It Love: at the heart of the love story

Original, Is It Love puts the player in the center. In a large company, you are immersed in the middle of other characters. Charm, seduction, love… Stories are weaved and as the dialogues between characters are built. Of course, passion is in place! Taking on love passion , the Otome Game Is It Love brings this touch of “Wou-Ha! which sometimes lacks our true love stories…

Apraised by players and on social networks, Is It Love somehow looks like an old-fashioned love TV series. Each episode corresponds to a chapter that you write based on your feelings, your reactions. Blogs and sites quickly relayed the originality of this type of popular interactive video games. A successful bet for 1492 Studio .

Identifying with the heroin: a cocktail that walks

Clearly identifying herself with the heroine, the player is the mistress of the game and her love story. In sum, 1492 Studio offers with Is It Love a video game totally customizable love, online, against a background of fairly realistic universe. A perfect Otome Game and worthy of the best Japanese Romance Otome Games.


So, are you also ready to become the heroine of your own online love story ? Enter the world of the company, meet, react and realize your power of seduction.

In a society where women can sometimes lack confidence in themselves, who knows? The Otome Game Is It Love remains one of those virtual games that have the power to restore confidence in them to a female gender who deserves it!