Install a spa or jacuzzi on the terrace

Want to customize your terrace with a spa or jacuzzi? Why not dare? It is a accepted idea to believe that a spa or jacuzzi is only reserved for certain budgets. A terrace lends itself entirely to the installation of a spa: you enjoy the water and all the benefits of the spa, just like at the hotel! I propose you to discover all the advantages of a spa on terrace, at home, quiet and quiet!

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  • Daring the spa on terrace: all the benefits
  • Spa on terrace: what you need to know
  • Choosing your spa
    • for terrace Spa accessories

Dare the spa on terrace: all the advantages

You can see only the benefits of having a spa alone, on its terrace. Terrace and spa do very good cleaning! Summer and winter, you can enjoy the water and your hot tub. Here are some known benefits of the spa and bubble bath at home:

  • You enjoy balneotherapy at home;
  • You have unlimited access to a mini pool for relaxation and wellness;
  • You can reduce stress and improve blood circulation without ruining yourself;
  • You can enjoy the water and your spa with family or friends on any occasion;
  • On your terrace, your spa can be installed under an arbor, for some natural shade;

Spa on terrace: what to know

Before any spa installation project on terrace, it is important to learn about your rights, your duties, but also about the precautions to take . Your project will be all the more thoughtful and you will really enjoy these moments of relaxation in the water.

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  • In condominium: inform the trustee of the projects of work
  • Learn about the soundness of the terrace: can it accommodate the charge of a spa filled with water?
  • An average spa filled with water, with 4 adults, can weigh up to 2 tons;
  • Call a design office if you have any doubts (building or architecture)
  • Inquire, if necessary, about the possibilities of consolidation of the terrace;
  • Do not forget that the coating or material of the terrace will be in contact with moisture;
  • Contact your neighbors if there is a opposite: the least of the politeness;
  • Finally, choose quietly the model of your terrace spa.

Choosing your spa for terrace

What criteria should be based on when you want to enjoy a spa and its installation on the terrace? Several spa models exist. The first differentiation to make will be located at the level of the structure. You can choose between a build-up spa (rigid spa) or an inflatable spa .

You will need to consider the factors of using the spa on your terrace before making your choice:

  • Frequency of use;
  • The number of people to use the spa/bubble bath;
  • The height of the spa;
  • The size of the spa;
  • The main material of the hot tub;
  • Decibels emitted by the spa.

These factors can help you choose your spa and whether it’s best to opt for a rigid spa or an inflatable spa. Then you’ll be spoilt for choice for equipment and accessories for your terrace spa.

Spa accessories

These facilities can significantly enhance the experience of your terrace spa. From Non-slip mat to LED lights through the step or staircase… There are many accessories. You are particularly advised the spa cover , to protect the water from the outside elements: pollen, leaves of trees, insects, dust…

In addition, water test kits will be essential to monitor water quality, such as for a swimming pool. A professional craftsman can advise you on the installation of your spa on the terrace and refer you to the most suitable spa for the configuration of your terrace or your garden.