How to wear a white skirt in winter?

Considered a bit cheesy and reserved only for certain professions, the long skirt comes from afar and makes a marked comeback to the front of the fashion scene this summer. It highlights all silhouettes by drawing attention to the waist and adapts perfectly to current trends. In short, this is the new must-have piece of the season. Not too convinced yet? We take the bet that after going through our article of the day, your opinion will have changed. Because in fact, it is enough to understand how to wear the long skirt to be able to adopt it in style.

No more the reign of the mini! Here’s how to wear a long skirt by finding your own style!

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No more the reign of the mini skirt! It is his older sister who now has the wind on the stern! And like the majority of your clothes, she has is at the expense of time and trends that are constantly growing. The result? It can be found in several chic versions: bohemian long skirt, floral long skirt, leopard long skirt, faux leather long skirt, etc. A nice program of models to follow for highly stylish looks at the key throughout the year. However, there are two stylistic principles to consider when adopting the new, unmissable fashion piece: cut and length. Because at the bottom the knee length is not made for everyone. So, please always prefer a long skirt that fits your morhpo. Pleated long skirt, flowing long skirt, long wallet skirt, high waist version long skirt… you are spoilt for choice.

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How to wear a pleated long skirt?

Whether it’s a model monochrome or colourful, patterned or metallic effect, maxi or midi, the pleated skirt offers many versatile combinations that blend with all morphos and styles. In addition, it can be worn both in the day and in the evening. The pleated skirt is also perfect to accentuate your new pair of shoes. If you have wider hips, there is no need to deprive yourself of them. Go for a straight or XXL version and wear it with confidence. Last but not least, this piece of clothing must always be in the foreground. That is, you need to stay fairly sober at the top of your outfit by avoiding printed pieces. Instead, bet on discreet shades that will bring out the color/print of your long skirt.

Bohemian Long Skirt

A summer piece par excellence, the Bohemian long skirt never misses the opportunity to invite themselves in the summer dressing room. A romantic universe with a glamorous retro spirit, it brings undeniable charm to every style and silhouette. Perfect to wear at the beach, this boho chic piece also goes very well with our urban looks. So we can combine it with all kinds of daily pieces: sleeveless vest, printed t-shirt, blazer jacket, white shirt, sneakers, pumps, etc. Boho style followers can rejoice because the long bohemian skirt comes in many patterns, colors and cuts.

Long flowered skirt: how to wear it this summer?

Why will flowers always be trendy? Well, just because they give a fresh shot to every dressing room, no matter the season! On tops, trousers, dresses, even on the shoes… the floral print is displayed everywhere! However, we love it on a long summer skirt! Straight, pleated, flowing or ruffled, the floral maxi skirt is perfect to accommodate the good weather. The only rule to observe to wear it well? Stay sober at the top: navy blue blazer, white shirt, logo t-shirt, short leather jacket, etc. Put the flower piece forward!

Long denim skirt

An absolutely timeless fashion indispensable, the denim skirt is worn all year round, summer and winter. And although we are used to prefer its mini or midi version, we begin to change your mind. Now the denim skirt is worn long or even very long. It remains to be seen how to pair it with our favorite pieces. Classical, rock and street, she literally blends with all outfits. Our favorite look? A maxi and split skirt in frayed denim, a white shirt and heeled sandals. For sportswear fans, pair your denim skirt with a plain crop top and wear it with your most beautiful pair of sneakers.

Long Wrap Skirt

Halfway between a pencil skirt and a flowing skirt, we find the wallet skirt. In the new season, it eradicates its competitors thanks to its elegant length and trendy patterns. She brilliantly peels off the label of a rigid skirt and now adapts to all our daily looks. Maxi and split on the front, it is a much less wise piece than it seems. With animal motifs, striped, floral, plain, with buttons or a side buckle, the long split skirt will sublimate all the gambettes this summer!

How to wear a long faux leather skirt?

With fashion trends autumn-winter 2020-2021, we officially signed the return of leather. This year’s star material, in ready-to-wear as in accessories, the imitation leather is expanded with new pieces of clothing such as the long dress. Split, straight, pencil, wallet, pleated or flowing, the leather maxi skirt is worn day and evening, summer and winter. Combined with the several pieces of your dressing room, it goes easily with a t-shirt, a sweater and a shirt. Wool, mesh, cashmere or tulle, it does not neglect any material and can easily be combined with other leather parts. We let Olivia Culpo prove it to you! The star opted for a long pleated skirt that she boldly complemented with a short belted jacket and heeled sandals. A total pointed leather look and perfect for mid-season as every self-respecting modeuse can spark in the office!

Long satin skirt

If the hazelnut dress has managed to establish itself as a trendy piece, her little sister, the satin skirt, is the one who gets the stake. Why invite him to your dressing room? With its shiny reflections and silky touch, it brings softness to all your looks and wants to be very easy to marry. It can be worn 365 days a year. However, it is particularly attractive during the summer months. This is where it turns out to be truly splendid with its assortment of colors and all the possibilities for stylish outfits it offers. The hazelnut skirt is therefore surprising and versatile. It can be available in several prints and colours depending on your desires: animal print, floral, polka dots, stripes, pastel, neon or dark shades.

How to wear a long tulle skirt?

How to wear a long skirt made of tulle without fault of taste? Reminiscent of our little girl dreams, the tulle dress and skirt add a touch of fantasy to the women’s dressing room. Long reserved for dance shows, it soon became the favorite play of it-girls. Glamorous, elegant and rock, the long tulle skirt can make you the most look, provided you are well worn. To break the somewhat “cucu” character of the tutu, play the contrasts by marrying it with a pair of Converse and a white top. For a cool look and fit, the maxi tulle skirt combines beautifully with a rock t-shirt and leopard print ballet flats. You find it hard to imagine being sexy with such a bulky stockings, yet! Adopted with a bright colored bodysuit, a pair of pumps and a beautiful worked makeup, the skirt tutu becomes the glam asset of your evening outfit.

Long pleated skirt in black

Total purple look: long leather skirt and oversized sweater

Black Long Skirt

Long fringed skirt

How to wear a white long skirt without resembling a bride?

Yellow crop top and long split skirt with sequins — a fall off evening outfit

Sequined maxi skirt and suede sneakers for a cool and in-fit look

Long tulle petticoat — a piece as desirable as it is risky

Leather mini skirt worn under a black tulle petticoat — a rock and chic look that tears

Leopard Satin Midi Skirt

Flowing and slightly asymmetrical long skirt with pockets

Flowing high waist leather long skirt

When the tutu skirt becomes the glam asset of your outfit

Zebra Print Satin Midi Skirt

Black leather pleated mid-length skirt

Bohemian and ultra elegant long summer skirt

Long skirt in chic hippie style or babacool