How to wear a dress with a vest?

After this summer’s surging, the long dress is still relevant this fall. What a godsend because I love wearing this dress model, it goes easily. But how to choose and wear the long dress to 50 years while remaining stylish? How to recycle this summer’s? The long dress has become an indispensable part of our dressing room. And even if it comes in many models, goes to almost everyone, young and seniors (it falls well!) , better still make the right purchase.

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# How to choose the long dress?

The long dress has a big fashion potential. It is very comfortable, easy to wear and is super stylish. So we go without hesitation! If it goes almost to everyone, it is better to choose it according to its morphology!

  • Side length: 7/8, ankle length or up to the feet, we are spoilt for choice. For my part (I measure 1,70m), I prefer the long dress that comes to the bone of the foot or the mid-calf cut that I wear with heeled boots in winter.
  • Colour and pattern: everything is allowed BUT be careful some prints age poorly over the years and become difficult to wear; you opt for flowers and stripes. A long dress of solid color with pretty accessories can also be a solution.
  • Cut side: adopt a fluid long dress, loose, vaporous (especially not tight), and light and comfortable fabrics.

Trendy fashion, basic dressing room? At 50 years old, I wear the long dress without hesitation!

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# When to wear the long dress at 50 years?

long dressFrankly? All the time! Summer, winter, evening, to go to work! All occasions are good to wear the : the key word is to know the wear, to adapt it to your look, to the situation and especially to know how to play the card of the offbeat when you need it!

# How to wear the long dress?

Personally I am often inspired by the looks spotted on social networks (Instagram, Pinterest) and my personality (and especially my budget) does the rest! As I love blends, I don’t hesitate to wear it with sneakers, a belt, a jacket or a jacket (denim or Perfecto). Wearing the same long dress but with different accessories will not have the same style and that’s exactly what makes it great! For example, worn with stiletto heels for an evening out and your long dress will immediately be more chic.

The combinations are therefore numerous:

  • For a Bohemian style: printed long dress, flat sandals (or sneakers), large tote bag or hat… jacket leather or sweater for the evening or this winter.
  • For a Chic and Clean style: I opt for a solid color and a beautiful material. The cut is important: lace, plunging neckline in the back… those of Karma Koma are beautiful. The choice of accessories also: cuff links, pouch.

Pinterest Photo Credit

Personal Collection — Karma Koma Dress

# And for accessories?

Again, we are lucky because all the shoes are combined with long dresses : flat sandals, wedges, gladiator sandals, leather boots, heeled boots, sneakers,… I continue?

😂 Jackets, leather biker jacket, denim jacket, will be perfect for wearing the long dress when the weather is cooler.

If the long dress is enough for itself, no need for unnecessary accessories; a clutch or jewel can make your very stylish outfit.

Personal Collection — Zara Dress

# How to wear the long dress in winter?

This is a good question and above all a good idea. Why not recycle this summer’s long dress? It’s chic and it doesn’t cost anything so why do you do without it and you know my taste for the “offset side”?

Be careful however, not all summer long dresses lend themselves to this game. Indeed, I am talking here about the long dress🧡 , fluid, flowered not that in linen or cotton fitting and obviously in rather autumn colors.

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And always my key word: overlays make the style !

To warm up your long dress , you can add a long waistcoat, a jacket or why not a sweater (be careful not too tight to make it snug). I do not advise the long coat or the long trench coat.

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So ready to face autumn and wear a long dress at 50?

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