How to use Chatfuel?

Do you need to automate messages between your customers and your Facebook page? Do you need a mechanical system to use to increase your earnings by satisfying users’ curiosities? Then it might be useful for you to know Chatfuel How It Works .

Chatfuel is a platform that allows you to create a bot, that is, an extension of the messaging functionality of your Facebook page, which will engage with the public. Do you want to know more? Let’s start.

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Chatfuel What is it?

Chatfuel is a platform founded in 2015 with the aim of creating bots. Like the competitor Manychat (do you want to know more? Read Manychat How Does It Work? Complete Guide) took its first steps on Telegram.

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Founded by Dmitry Dumik, Chatfuel grew rapidly, reaching millions of users. Since 2016, she has focused particularly on Facebook ChatFuel What is it Messenger. Today it counts among its customers giants such as Forbes, Netflix, Nestlé and Reebok.

Chatfuel’s mission is to make it possible to quickly and easily create bots that strengthen the connection with the public.

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Chatfuel works very simple: it allows you to create in a few simple steps a bot divided into blocks , that is, sections consisting of texts and media files of your choice.

The bot automates messages, builds audiences, and redirects customers, but more — these basic features are constantly updated, giving you the ability to set up messaging flows more advanced.

All actions are carried out by the platform, but thanks to its extensive catalog of models Plug-and-play botChatfuel How It Works , Chatfuel works very flexibly, adapting to any need.

It’s great for e-commerce, retail, media, professional services, technology, real estate, and those who have the most.

With the use of the Json API, on the other hand, Chatfuel integrates properly with Shopify, Salesforce, LivePerson, Lithium, Integromat, and Google Docs (do you know what it is? Read Google Docs What is it, How Does It Work? Complete Guide).

To make you understand how Chatfuel works now I’ll tell you how to create a bot and customize it.

Creating a Bot with Chatfuel

To create a bot with Chatfuel you must have a Facebook page (if you haven’t created it by following these instructions: How to Create a Facebook Page (and Manage It Effectively)) and visit the website of platform.

You’ll notice that you don’t need to sign up : Simply ‘Continue with Facebook’ to start the process.

Creating a Bot with Chatfuel Once done, you will be asked for authorization from Facebook. Click on ‘Continue’ and allow Chatfuel to manage your Pages.

At this point you will have access to the Chatfuel dashboard , which will show you all the pages you manage with your Facebook account.

Connect Chatfuel Facebook Page Choose the one you want to automate and then click on the ‘Connect to Page’ button. Once done, you’ll have access to the Chatfuel dashboard.

The dashboard allows you to create your bot from scratch Chatfuel Dashboard , by clicking on the name of the page you’re automating, or choosing a template. Once you have chosen how to proceed, you can start customizing your bot.

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When you log in to Chatfuel you will immediately notice the left column, where the sections of the dashboard are present. What you need specifically is the ‘Setup Ai ‘section and the’ Automate ‘section.

“AI Setup” is the first section that I recommend you to visit: from here you can set the language of your bot. From this section you can ‘explain’ to your bot how to interact with users by means of keywords Chatfuel Dashboard Sections column , using as much ‘human’ answers as possible.

Answer Setup This is a pretty simple process, which you’ll be able to optimize using the blocks I was talking about in the previous paragraphs. To create the latter you will need to use the “Automate” section.

From here you can create all types of blocks you want , even by composing them in an articulated manner and connecting them between of them. The possibilities for customization are practically endless.

Every time you want to create a new block, you just have to click on the ‘ ‘ in the dashboard.

Chatfuel Automate Section: Blocks But let’s go to practice. If you want to understand how blocks work, how they link together and how to create them, there’s only one (very simple) thing to do: start creating your Welcome Message.

Welcome Message Chatfuel

To set up your Welcome Message, you must click on the relevant item in the dashboard. Once done, you will have access to the appropriate screen.

Create Welcome Message Chatfuel Going down below you will notice the ‘Add a Card’ section. This will be used to add blocks to your Welcome Message.

Add a Card Items Chatfuel Specifically, you can add:

  • Button : these are real menus that allow your customer to start specific conversations with the bot;
  • Typing : you can add the ‘is writing’ option to your bot, to give the impression that it is more human in the answers;
  • Quick Reply : you can set up quick and immediate answers;
  • Image : allows you to upload an image;
  • Gallery : combine images, texts and buttons. You can group them together, so users can simply scroll through to find their ideal option.

You will also notice that the Dashboard also contains the items:

  • Go to block : an automatic redirection system that allows your customer/visitor to reach a block that you created from the “Automate” section.
  • Subscribe to sequence : a block designed to enroll the customer/visitor to a sequence, that is to a set of informational messages that you can send on certain days and at certain times.

Once you have set up your Welcome Message, simply click on ‘Test this Chatbot’ above to check its functionality and potential.

Whatever block you go to create has the same possibilities and allows you to make your bot potentially unlimited and well-versed on any type of topic your Facebook page interests.

Chatfuel Pricing

Chatfuel has both a free version and two paid versions. In general, the Free plan is ideal for getting started , because it allows you to know the mechanism well and know all the functions.

Despite this, it has limitations that do not exist in paid versions. But here are specifically the peculiarities of the three tariff plans.

Chatfuel Prices

  • Free : it is reserved for pages that can have up to 1000 fans. It makes you access all the essential tools to automate your Messenger inbox and present the Chatfuel brand on both the landing page and on the chat.
  • Pros : The starting price is $15 per month, but it changes based on the number of fans. It gives you access to the full features of Chatfuel, including upgrades and growth tools. The Chatfuel brand is not visible and allows you to segment your audience by creating personalized ads. Pro subscribers have priority customer support.
  • Premium : starts at $300 a month and in addition to having all bonuses from the Pro subscription, it has a fully dedicated VIP customer support and a ‘white glove’ service for the most urgent requests. Plus, it provides you with an account manager dedicated to you and an expert who helps you create a bot quickly and tailored. It also includes installation and support for Ads on Facebook.

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