How to upgrade a land?

Whether for a new construction to come, for a beautiful garden or for the setting up of a swimming pool, it is essential to smooth the floor to be able to do the work. It should be known that the work to be done for this is quite important, especially for large enough surfaces. Also, the use of a professional and machinery may be necessary. Do you need to upgrade your land ? Here is a short overview of everything you need to do to get there properly.

The tools you may need to level your terrain

In order to upgrade a ground, you will for sure, need some tools. Wooden pegs, rope or ribbon, hammer, bubble level will be essential to delineate the terrain. A simple crack, a fork, a pick to then loosen the earth if it is a small space, a tiller or a motor hoe will be essential for you for larger surfaces. To level the earth, a shovel, a rake to level the soil well afterwards and finally a roller to smooth everything. After, depending on what you want to do with your land, you may also need sand or fertilizer!

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Preparing the ground for the work

To upgrade a land in accordance with the rules of art, it is first necessary to delineate the space to work. This is all the more essential because the benchmarks placed will help to develop the work plan to be adopted to smooth the ground. To delimit, make use of wooden pegs and rope, this will allow you to have a quick overview of the work you will have to do. Once the space is well defined, you will have to set the height of the leveling. Starting from the highest point, place a rope between the pegs, remaining horizontally from one end to the other. Make sure with the help of a bubble level that everything is horizontal unless you want to put a small slope . Once it’s done, you have a clearer view, how much land to move and the work to be done, to make it more plan.

How to upgrade the terrain

Once everything is well defined, you need to start by loosening the soil. Indeed, you will only be able to move the earth and tamp it if it is loose and therefore modular. Make use of a suitable tool according to the surface to be worked . Once looved, you can remove the stones and roots from your land to continue the task. If you want to make your land a garden, you can feed the land with compost. If you want to install a swimming pool there, you will need to add sand to limit the regrowth of plants. Once all this is fact, you will be able to level the floor. Move the earth from the highest level to the lowest, then smooth. Using a roller, it is then necessary to tamp the soil so that it takes its shape well. Then let stand for at least two days. Meanwhile, if it does not rain, you need to water everything at least 4 times. This period passed, it is necessary to iron with a roller, and the work is completed.

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Earth-moving and ripping

As we told you in the introduction, it happens that depending on the situation, you are downright forced to level a terrain with a rock, because it is too steep. Of course, not all the ropes are equal, and therefore the tariff will not be the same either.

For sloping terrain, it is important to choose a rip that is resistant to compression and weather. Rest assured, a professional will fully advise you. But this is not the only interest of go through a professional, to upgrade your terrain. In particular, it may determine:

  • the earthmoving area
  • the height of earthworks
  • the necessary tools for leveling
  • the type of ripping to be preferred, to prevent it getting too mug over time

You may also need a rock to make it a retaining wall, if the terrain is really steep.

You better understand why prices per m2 may differ depending on your situation. On average, this varies between 80 and 230 euros per m2. Anyway, always ask for several quotes to compare prices, but also the service