How to unlock a SIM card?

You blocked your phone by mistake and you don’t know how to get out of this impasse? Several manipulations lead to the blocking of a SIM card. We explain how to unlock a SIM card but also how to avoid blocking it.

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  • Why is my SIM card blocked?
  • PIN or PUK code?
  • Unlock your SIM card with a PUK code
  • Unlock my SIM card with my operator
    • Unlock a SIM card with Orange
    • Unlock a SIM card with Free
    • Unlock a SIM card with Bouygues Telecom
    • Unlock a SIM card with SFR
  • Protect your phone upstream

Why is my SIM card blocked?

A SIM card can be blocked for several reasons. The main reason is to dial 3 times (or 5 times, depending on the brands) an incorrect PIN code . It is may also be that you misdialed your PIN code, or have forgotten it. If your phone is blocked and you haven’t touched it, you may also

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If you are a mobile phone user, then you know that to use a smartphone or any mobile phone, a SIM card is required . If you have a phone and want to protect yourself from theft or prying eyes, you can choose a PIN code. This code often consists of 4 digits.

When you buy a new mobile phone or smartphone, the default PIN can be either 0000 or 1234. The mobile user is prompted to choose their new PIN code in order to protect their mobile . In case of loss or theft, you are assured that your data (address book, documents, email access, photos, media, etc.) are protected, at least before that the phone is not unlocked.

When the mobile is switched on, your PIN code is required. Knowledge of this code determines access to personal data. If you dial a wrong code many times, then your mobile rejects access and blocks your SIM card. To unlock your SIM card, there are no many possibilities. You need your PUK code, which is requested when your phone is blocked.

You should know that entering your SIM card into another mobile does not solve the situation: it is indeed the SIM card that is blocked and not the phone.

PIN or PUK code?

The PIN is not the PUK code and these two codes should not be confused. The PIN can be changed by the mobile user himself while the PUK code is a Unique code that is assigned at the time of sale of the phone.

The PIN code often contains 4 digits, but the Apple brand has developed 6-digit PIN codes on its iPhone.

The PUK code, in turn, is an 8-digit suite that is asked of you with the message “SIM card blocked”.

Unlock your SIM card with a PUK code

When your SIM card is blocked, you can unlock it with your PUK code. This one is provided to you when purchasing your mobile. The PUK code is a special unlock code and is used essentially in case of SIM card locking.

The PUK code is usually found on the back of the support card that surrounds your SIM card when you receive it. The PUK code can also appear on the paper document that accompanies your SIM card, along with your customer file.

In case you have got rid of these elements, do not panic, there are other ways to unlock your SIM card. It is possible to find your PUK code by visiting your customer area, on the official website of your mobile operator.

Alternatively, you can contact customer service directly attached to your mobile operator if you really don’t know how to retrieve your PUK code. Once you have recovered your PUK code, you just have to enter it when it is requested. You will then be asked for a new PIN to replace the old PIN code.

Unlock my SIM card with my operator

Depending on whether you are at Orange, Bouygues, Free or SFR, your operator offers solutions to unlock your SIM card.

Unlock a SIM card with Orange

At Orange, if you have The Orange & Me app, you can access the section SIM card blocked. Select the option “get your PUK code”. As said before, on the back side of your Orange SIM card is your PUK code. If you keep it, this can prevent you from making representations with the operator.

Unlock a SIM card with Free

If you are at Free, your PUK code will also be on the back of the SIM card holder . You receive it when you purchase a new mobile device. Be sure to keep this information for a possible accidental phone lock.

Unlock a SIM card with Bouygues Telecom

You are at Bouygues Telecom and locked your SIM card without doing so on purpose? that can happen. Be aware that at Bouygues you can unlock and unlock your SIM card with your PUK code. This one is located on your customer area, in the “My Mobile” section. Select “Manage my SIM card” and “Get my PUK code ”.

If you have the Bouygues mobile app, select Support, Mobile Support, and finally “Unlock my SIM”.

Unlock a SIM card with SFR

You are at SFR and your phone is inaccessible due to a blocked SIM card? You have the option to unlock it by referring to the plastic holder of your SIM card. This one is provided to you at the time of your purchase. If you do not have it, you can unlock your SIM card using the SFR & Moi app. Go to the interface and in the Mobile Support section/FAQ/ Unlock your SIM card . The application then gives you your PUK code.

The SFR customer area also offers support: simply log in to your online SFR client area with your username and password. Select “Offer and mobile/Mobile/Emergency & Troubleshooting/ Recover your PUK code ”.

Protect your mobile upstream

It is very penalizing to find your phone locked and not having access to his data. We recommend that you retain your PIN code well and keep PUK code data or simply your subscription with your operator.

By retaining this data, you avoid lengthy steps and you can easily access your phone. Be sure to keep your data safe and secure.

Protect your mobile phone if possible with a simple PIN code to remember but complex enough not to be guessed. In the event of theft or loss, you can be sure that your data will be protected and that no malicious intrusion will be possible on your martphone.