How to successfully decorate his pelvis ?

The basin is one of the buildings necessary for the garden. It enhances the garden and helps bring it to life. But to benefit from the benefits of this exceptional ecosystem, it is necessary to decorate it well. Here are the main elements to take into account in order to successfully decorate his basin .

Aquatic animals

The basin provides a suitable living space for aquatic animals, including fish. Before installing a species of fish in your water room, you should inform yourself about their size in adulthood as well as their social behavior and eating habits. This avoids overcrowding and conflicts between fish. By elsewhere, give preference to fish species that are intended for an environment such as that of the outside basin and which can withstand the cold well. These include goldfish, carassius auratus, sturgeon and koi carp that you can find in JCB. Finally, choose the fish according to the depth of the basin . The deeper the facility, the more animals have the ability to survive during the winter.

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Aquatic plants

Aquatic plants play an important role in the basin ecosystem. First, they bring oxygen to the water and reduce the amount of carbon dioxide. They are then a source of nutrients for pond occupants, especially fish, and provide them with a cool temperature. Finally, aquatic plant plants participate in the purification of water by expelling floating particles. To create a life-friendly ecosystem, choose plants such as water lilies, reed, water hyacinth, buttercup … You can combine them with grasses that are ideal for the border of the water room.

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The water fountain

In addition to complementing the beauty of the pond, the water fountain helps animate the outside of the house . Its dynamism helps oxygenate the water and thus contributes to the survival of aquatic plants and animals in the basin. There are many forms of fountain cut from various materials. You have the choice between the bamboo fountain, the aluminium fountain, the resin fountain… There is something for everyone.

Decorative statues and animals

Decorative garden statues and animals are essential for a harmonious decoration of the outdoor pool. The most prized are those of Buddha . You can lay them on the ground or integrate them directly into the ecosystem. They have a soothing effect and soften the mood. Garden animals are decorative accessories that accentuate the rustic side of the pond. You can for herons, ducks, or even frogs made of PVC or steel.


Lighting is essential to illuminate and secure the pool at night. In addition, it enhances the water room as well as such decorative elements as the statue of Buddha. Opt for decorative light objects in the image of solar lamps, light garlands.

The development of the basin makes it possible to transform it into a pleasant ecosystem to live. The essentials for decorating an outdoor pool are aquatic plants and animals, fountain, decorative statues and Illuminous lighting.