How to open a mailbox ?

Mailboxes: a great postal innovation! They are very practical when it comes to receiving all your official mail, parcels, letters, subscriptions, invoices, postcard and other messages between neighbors… A mailbox is usually secured by a lock and a key. But how do we do if we lost the key and we can’t open the mailbox anymore? Follow the guide!

Lost Mailbox Key: Open by Breakthrough

You don’t have access to your mailbox since you lost the key? On a private mailbox, the postman will not be able to not help you. If you are in a collective building, some mailboxes may have a pass.

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So you have the solution towait for the postman to pass or leave him a message or a letter, in the worst case. That said, this solution will only be temporary. You are told how to open a mailbox without a key.

Unable to access your mail, everything stacks up and your mailbox will soon crack! You can thenmake a breakthrough on your mailbox to retrieve your mail. The operation will consist of drilling on the lock of your mailbox.

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Get an electric drill. The size of the drill bit must be adapted to the size of the lock. Launch the machine and make a straight move back and forth until the lock yields.

Replace Mailbox Lock

Drill his lock Mailbox implies the change of the lock , since the original lock is out of order. Practical: You do not have to use a locksmith for the drilling operation, nor to replace the lock. In commerce and on the internet, it is possible to find the appropriate sizes of locks for standard mailboxes.

If, however, you are not a handyman and are afraid to damage the mailbox (including a shared mailbox) and its door, ask for advice or call directly to a professional locksmith company .

Remove the old lock and proceed to the lock replacement. Setting up is very simple and is done in the blink of an eye. Dismantling the old locking system will be more complicated: be careful not to damage the mailbox door , especially if you are renting in a collective building. Sometimes, some mailboxes are in shared use. Before doing anything, ask other users if they have a key solution, and what they think about it.

Open a mailbox with a PTT pass

A mailbox located in a collective building can be opened by a La Poste pass. Is it legal to get a PTT pass? There is a way to get to the end of this postal disagreement! No need to go to a post office. On the internet, you will find lots of PTT pass key on sale, a tool used by any postman in La Poste during his postal tour.

To the question whetherit is legal to own one , the answer is: yes! The cost will be lower and you will not have to change your lock or try to remake your keys if they no longer work. You will not have to leave messages either panicked to your locksmith for an opening it is impossible simpler.

Several versions of these keys exist. Packs are offered with a T10 key and an F10 key, the most commonly used by a post factor.

Crochet His Mailbox Lock

Pick picking is also a useful idea for opening your mailbox, but be aware that you may damage the lock. As much do not waste time and pierce, if no passes work. Try the paper clip or hairpin and bend the end. We have no advice but to know how to be skillful…

Calling a Locksmith

Obviously, the most effective reflex is going to be to call a locksmith company if everything you tried did not work. These professionals have years of experience and will help you. No problem if you no longer have a mailbox key, the locksmith is there to do you a favor. He is the specialist in the key and opening of mailboxes, doors and doors of all kinds!

Finally, a happy ending for your mailbox : you will be able to open your box without any hassle after the postman’s postal tour, with a key. Remember: don’t lose the key again. You can put a double key somewhere so as not to get trapped. Understand the message: store your keys and regularly raise your mail!