How to make decorative concrete?

Decorative concrete is a great way to showcase your home, garden, floors or terrace with materials that can be easily customised. Decorative concrete is easily available in marbled concrete, waxed concrete, smoothed concrete, printed or forged concrete… We tell you how to make your decorative concrete yourself and let your creative ideas go free.

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  • Steps for making decorative concrete
    • Prepare your base concrete
    • Add the color hardeners to decorative concrete
    • The release agent: the delicate step
    • Decorative concrete: make its printed concrete
    • Make its waxed concrete

Steps to make decorative concrete

First of all, put yourself with the right material for pouring concrete . You’re gonna need a concrete mixer (or spinner, depending on the required volume). Concrete can be poured by a professional, but you can also do it yourself if the area to be managed is not too large.

Prepare its base concrete

Concrete is to be prepared as for a classic slab. The formwork must be strong, the mesh must be welded, and no additives or hardeners should be present in your concrete. If you have never prepared concrete in your life, call a professional. You can also choose to do a test alone. In this case, comply with the DTU standard for the correct dosing of concrete. Get a steel straightener, convenient to open the porosity of the stand and smooth the slab.

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Add color hardeners to decorative concrete

Concrete begins to take and surface water almost completely disappeared? It’s a good time to put hardeners colored on fresh concrete. Stand relatively close to the ground during this step so as not to lose the colored hardeners in the air.

In general, one starts from the middle of the slab to go to the edges . The product is spread evenly and you avoid thick layers at the edge.

The first layer of hardeners must have been absorbed. At this time, you can smooth the surface to the steel straightener. Perform a second hardeners pass 10 minutes later and do the same gestures as for the first layer. This gives you perfect coverage.

The demoulding agent: the delicate step

The colourful demoulding is the creative part of your decorative concrete. This is where you can play on contrasts and final rendering. Then choose whether you want to make waxed or printed concrete . Waxed concrete is a little more complex to do. Printed concrete, on it, is more accessible to do-it-yourself.

The coloured release agent is a powder that you will apply to the upholsterer brush . Sprinkle and type the brush about 80 cm from the floor, evenly (or depending on the desired effect).

Decorative concrete: make its printed concrete

The right time to print is recognized when you gently push your thumb into the material: the concrete must resist but still be slightly soft. It is better to print too late than too early on concrete.

Then print your desired fingerprints with your tools and body weight. The finish will be essential : apply a finishing varnish from the outside aggressions such as rain, stains, sun or vehicle passage if you redo your decorative concrete in a courtyard or garage, by example.

Making his waxed concrete

Waxed concrete simply admits a thick layer of pure wax or varnish, just after the stage of the release agent . Decorate your floors, walls, furniture, kitchen tops or toilets… The finishes of waxed concrete are very beautiful and give an unparalleled depth to your objects, your floors, your creations. Waxed concrete kits exist if you make a small area and small decorative items.

Good activity of decorative concrete while creatively: the prices of decorative concrete kits are very affordable!