How to Make a Messenger Chatbot?

The future is in the furniture, this is a fact. Needless to mention the hundreds of research that propose the smartphone at the center of the habits of those who browse and seek information. The video crosses with this trend and offers one more step: visual reigns in the world of contemporary content marketing.

But not only that, it’s wrong to circle around a single concept of content. Because the social web changes, and it lets new forms of interaction shine through. Which then are never new, but (kings) invent processes that are actually normal as the ones we do every day when we enter the baker or the delicatessen shop. Yes, I’m talking about the chats that allow us to realize the principle of social web.

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The Importance of Conversations

If the market is in conversations, as the Cluetrain Manifesto suggests, it is clear from the beginning of time that social networks can become a weapon to organize and plan this flow. People want to interact, they want to ask questions to people who are about to sell a product or service. They don’t trust the adv, they don’t want Facebook pages bloated with commercial messages. They want information and conversations.

The social media manager organizes a strategy to fuel the fan base, to create a community and develop conversations . To challenge criticism. Perhaps criticism about the product or service: here comes the community manager, the professional figure who engages discussions. But this is not always possible, especially when big numbers are at stake. That’s why you need to talk about bots. In what way? Let’s start with the basis points.

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What is a Facebook bot?

The Facebook Messenger bot is a program that allows you to automate interactions with a subject. Through a refined work of code it is possible interact without human presence, in a completely automatic way. With a chatbot you can answer questions, then make customer care service, and propose content and turn the chat into a modern rss feed.

That’s why the world of content marketing today cannot ignore the importance of these technologies: the great news and information portals have already added the Messenger icon on the home page and allow people to subscribe to the content bot. Depending on your needs, the program sends the link with the latest news.

But this is not the most important step. Or rather, having a chatbot that can answer questions is interesting. The same goes with regard to the dissemination of links. One aspect, however, is decisive: the sale. Yes, with Facebook Messenger bots you can influence conversions. Especially in relation to what is called Zero Moment Of Truth. Of what am I talking exactly?

Why have a Messenger chatbot?

The Zero Moment Of Truth paradigm, introduced by a famous Google ebook, revolutionizes the standard scheme. The stimulus of the product or service is not only powered by the experience in the first person, from the moment I see the item on the shelf: at any time I can pick up the mobile phone , browse reviews, watch a video for more information on the functions. I can read some opinions.

Zero Moment Of Truth in Action. Think about your last vacation. You’re in a place you don’t know, find a restaurant, the menu likes it. Then go to Tripadvisor and read the reviews. All positive, it can go. Mark the address and consider it.

Then a doubt, will they pay attention to the needs of coeliacs ? Send a message on the Facebook page and ask. And here’s the response times become more and more important. But it’s interaction that can make a difference, and if you have a bot available, you can replicate all this endlessly.

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How to Create a Facebook Bot

Facebook provides all the tools to generate a bot , for example, you can take a look at the technical steps to follow in the official guide. The available APIs, the programming interface of an application, allow technicians to respond to the needs of a given service. But this is not always a goal for everyone. That’s why you can use a number of services that make it easier to work. Hard to choose? I selected four of them.


I start the list with a varied dedicated tool, rich in alternatives and functions. With Onsequel, you can create bots for Facebook, without neglecting for Telegram. AND with which functions ? Content publishing, quizzes, user interaction, storytelling. You can give the message a particular feature, to make it yours.


One of the most effective and well-known tools. Do you want to create a Facebook bot? It only takes a few steps to get an interesting result, perfect for those who take their first steps in this sector. ManyChat can create a Messenger chatbot in 2 minutes, without the need to know code. What do you need?

Nothing, this tool gives you a simple visual interface, so you don’t have to worry about technical issues. You just have to give directions . Among the benefits of this tool you have autoposting, message scheduling, and more. To find out all the details you need to go to this address:


Bostify is an application similar to ManyChat to generate a bot with few steps and without knowing the code. This solution allows you to organize messages, take advantage of Facebook APIs for integration with the platform, and enjoy versatile plans. You can start with the free version.


Another reality that can forge a Facebook bot from scratch, and without specific skills in terms of programming. The future is this: if you need a specific service you can customize your experience. Otherwise, you can take advantage of one of the many like Chatfuel that still offer advanced features.

What are these functions? Notifications of events, offers and parking information, publication of a company FAQ, organization of services to choose from in chat, engagement to bring your fans towards a fruitful interaction. I mean, if you need an advanced bot, this is the choice.

But how much does it cost? There are no services that offer great quality to zero cost : customization is paid, but results come. It is impossible to obtain refined technology without investment.

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Have you already started working with chatbots?

Creating a Facebook bot is (relatively) easy thanks to the services I have listed. The complex part is actually about strategy: if you want a customized product you have to pay a person capable of forging a chatbot around your needs, as do big companies with precise needs . You can use a default service, but in any case, you need to have a strategy. Are you already working on this point? In what way? It tells everything in the comments.