How to lay a worktop?

Are you in full kitchen renovation or are you building an equipped kitchen? For your new worktop, do you need installation and installation tips? You are handed and explained how to simply lay a worktop.

Article plan

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  • The work plan, between aesthetics and usefulness
  • What tools for laying my worktop?
  • Laying your worktop: steps
  • Measuring and cutting the worktop
    • Internal cutouts of the worktop
  • Setting up and fixing the worktop in your kitchen

The worktop, between aesthetics and usefulness

A worktop is both functional and aesthetic. It is a central element of the kitchen as it accommodates the majority of tasks related to the kitchen. Its aesthetic highlights your kitchen. Its usefulness, meanwhile, will also be emphasized by the choice of material (various prices of countertops according to the materials chosen).

Practical : the installation of a kitchen countertop is often done by two. The weight of the worktop requires good coordination, for the safety and quality of the worktop installation. Setting up the work plan, meanwhile, is simple. In two hours it is quite possible to lay a worktop effectively.

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Once the material of your worktop has been chosen, here it is ready to be laid. If your worktop is made of wood (laminated, for example), once purchased, it is advisable to let the worktop stand for at least 48 hours in the kitchen, so that the material gets used to thehumidity of the room .

What tools for laying my worktop?

Here is a non-exhaustive list of tools you will need to lay your kitchen countertop:

  • The worktop, regardless of the material;
  • Fittings for assembly;
  • Water repellent glue;
  • Silicone in cartridge gun;
  • One meter for measurements;
  • Pencil, ruler…
  • A bubble level;
  • A drill/screwdriver with suitable drill bits and bits;
  • A jigsaw;
  • A small mallet;
  • A screwdriver kit (flat, Phillips);
  • Trestles;
  • A spatula, rags (silicone, glue).

Laying your worktop: the steps

Here are the steps for installing your raw worktop in your kitchen:

  • Prepare tools and environment;
  • Take measurements (location sink, hob, etc.)
  • ; Check measurements, and then cut out the worktop;
  • Establish the workplan;
  • Fix the worktop;
  • Make the finishes.

Whether you are doing a renovation or a kitchen construction, the principle will be the same. At some point, you will need to intervene directly on the water network when connecting your sink. You will also have to intervene on theelectrical installation to connect your hob. Cut off water and electricity arrivals before any maneuvers.

Measurement and cutting of the worktop

Before proceeding with the cutting, the taking of measurements must be absolutely checked, and better twice as one. This will allow a complete match with furniture and other kitchen elements. If the worktop already has specific dimensions , lay it on the furniture and check cutouts. If everything is good, proceed to the interior cutouts.

If the worktop requires recutting (non-standard) in length, width, angles or offsets, you will have to make cuts, preferably with a guide rail, a ruler and clamps with cardboard wedges. Your worktop is on stable trestles: track the measurements taken, then cut with a jigsaw. Lay the worktop on the planned kitchen furniture.

Interior cutouts of the worktop

The location of the sink and plate should be cut out on the spot. Draw the perimeter (contour) of the elements by placing them turned over on the worktop and provide an angle bar for stability. Make a hole in each angle with the drill (drill bit 12 mm). Leave with the jigsaw from these holes and follow the path in pencil. Provide for a stool underneath, for falling and to prevent the worktop from breaking.

Setting up and fixing the worktop in your kitchen

The work plan only needs to be put in place (if it is two parts) and fixed. For gluing, clean the grooves and lay the glue suitable for the material of your worktop. Fittings : Tighten before fixing the worktop to kitchen furniture.

Clean the sink, hob and any parts intended to be glued to the gun. The silicone glue will seal the sink to the worktop as well as the hob. Clean the excess glue with a spatula and moistened cloth. Assembly tabs can be added.

Fixing : Each piece of furniture that supports the worktop of your kitchen must be attached to it. alignment, and screw the worktop onto your furniture using fixing brackets and screws adapted to the material.

Finally, make a gasket between the worktop and the wall, at the bottom of the splash if necessary, or tile. For this, sanitary silicone is advisable. Good worktop laying!