How to insure a car temporarily?

Are you a driver looking for temporary auto insurance? Does insuring your vehicle temporarily involve entering into a contract with an insurer? What is temporary auto insurance and what are its terms in terms of guarantees, prices or duration? Update on temporary auto insurance.

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  • What is temporary auto insurance?
    • Terms of temporary auto insurance
  • Why buy temporary auto insurance?
  • How do I purchase temporary auto insurance?
    • Temporary auto insurance coverage
    • The cost of a temporary car insurance
  • Buy temporary insurance online is possible

What is temporary auto insurance?

Temporary auto insurance has the specificity to be short-lived. It is intended for any driver wishing to take out a contract of short duration and not an annual term. Temporary auto insurance can cover a period of time ranging from 1 day to 90 days .

Terms and Conditions of Temporary Auto Insurance

To purchase this type of insurance, you must have two years of proven driving experience following your licence. In addition, you must be at least 21 years of age.

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To insure a vehicle for a short term and go abroad, be aware that from 3 days of a valid term insurance contract , you have the right to travel abroad.

Why buy temporary auto insurance?

Several scenarios may cause you to need Insure your car or vehicle for a short duration:

  • You use your vehicle little or it is in store
  • You have decided to terminate your classic car insurance and expect to take out a more interesting contract with a new car insurer
  • You are going on a trip and your current insurance does not offer coverage abroad or in that particular country
  • Vehicle import: the car is registered for a short term and you are waiting for a definitive certificate

How do I purchase temporary auto insurance?

To purchase term insurance, you must contact your insurance company and explain your specific situation. You can also inquire online or request a quote.

Your advisor will then ask you for a list of documents to provide for insurance Temporary Vehicle:

  • A copy of the grey card concerned. Namely: for insurers, this document is valid even if it is not in the name of the insured and even if it comes from a country other than France.
  • A copy of your driver’s license is required
  • Your background as a driver. This liability, or statement of information from the insured, will be important for your temporary auto insurance file.

Temporary Auto Insurance Guarantees

As you may know, in France, these temporary insurance contracts operate at a third party. This is the general rule for a car but there may be exceptions. Basic warranties will be included:

  • warranty assistance and troubleshooting
  • Bodily Warranty (Driver)
  • warranty damage, etc.

A advice : For drivers wishing to travel abroad, it is strongly advisable to take this type of additional coverage. So you avoid unpleasant surprises.

The cost of temporary auto insurance

To find out the price of temporary auto insurance, be aware that there is no rule. Many criteria come into account. Your driver’s passive (profile, experience, etc.) but also the type of vehicle: car, motorcycle, scooter, etc.

As a rule, a term insurance contract will have a high price compared to a conventional annual auto insurance contract.

Buy temporary insurance online is possible

You want to enjoy all the benefits of temporary insurance without losing yourself in the meanders of companies. It is therefore very relevant to go through the Internet since you will have access to a comparator that you will quickly target the best term insurance. The search is simplified since you query a large database by transmitting your profile, this allows you to sort all the results in a few clicks.

  • Temporary car insurance is perfect for buying a car abroad and protecting it during transfer time.
  • If you ride little, this contract will also be relevant in order to achieve serious savings while still having the best guarantees.
  • This temporary car insurance is relatively affordable, you can take out for a day or even more than three months.
  • It will then take between 43 and 361 euros depending on your profile and your preferences.

You then validate the quote via the Internet, you pay the invoice using your credit card and you receive the contract immediately. You can print your green card to affix it directly on the windshield and your vehicle is protected, this allows you to use it in optimized conditions. It should be noted that you choose the date for the guarantees, this allows you to plan a trip for example without subscribing to the last minute. It should be noted that payments are secure, so you can use a credit card in complete peace and security. This interim insurance can fill all profiles whether you are an individual or a professional and cars are not the only ones involved. If you have any questions, quickly contact an expert, he will have the knowledge to help you quickly find the best offer and you can ride quietly.