How to import a car from Switzerland?

Are you planning to buy a new car? Did you know that there are many advantages to importing a new car from Switzerland? Although this country is not part of the European Union, it is still possible to bring its car from Switzerland, not without formalities.

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  • New vehicle imported from Switzerland: the formalities
    • Crossing the border Switzerland-France
    • The customs export form

New vehicle imported from Switzerland: the formalities

Cars imported from Switzerland usually arrive with very low mileage and in excellent maintenance condition. However, if this benefit is real and you are dealing with an excellent dealer, formalities have to be completed . Switzerland is not part of the European Union, which implies a difference in treatment in the administrative process related to the vehicle.

The import of cars from Switzerland to France requires a completely different tracking from the European import vehicles. You obviously have the solution to repatriate the vehicle from Switzerland to France yourself, with the costs involved. The other solution is to call on a Swiss representative who will be able to refer you on all the steps to take for the legal import of your Swiss vehicle into France.

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Crossing the Swiss-France border

When crossing the border between Switzerland and France, if you decide to repatriate the vehicle yourself, you will need to ensure that you have proof of purchase of the vehicle. Photo of the ad, invoice , certificate of purchase to a professional… These documents will be essential for customs officers. If you buy your vehicle from an individual resident in Switzerland, you will need to:

  • Signed sales recognition: it justifies the transaction and specifies the amount
  • Swiss grey card (or Swiss registration certificate)

To know absolutely : once the vehicle is sold, its registration is no longer valid. It is therefore impossible to ride with your recently purchased vehicle before you have proceeded to the refit of the vehicle. To move the vehicle, the rental of a tray will therefore be necessary.

Accuracy : the driver of the vehicle must have permission to drive with a tray at the rear.

Another option is to get a temporary license plate in the canton where you purchased the vehicle. By performing this simple steps, be aware that your vehicle is temporarily insured until the end of the current month.

Customs Export Form

Once you arrive at Swiss Customs, you will need to apply for an export form. Then, at the French customs, you will need to request a specific form: Form 846 A . This form specifies the conditions for importing a motor vehicle into France. The purchase invoice will be requested, in order to pay the 20% VAT at customs. Without the invoice, you cannot pay the exact amount of VAT. You will then have to pay a VAT amount based on the official rating of the vehicle.

Once in France, you will have to insure the vehicle and apply for W. plates. The application for a certificate of conformity will also be required, in accordance with the Swiss registration certificate. Finally, apply for a certificate of registration in France (cartegrise).