How to get your phone screen fixed?

Do you have a smartphone or iPhone and your screen is broken? Repair of a phone screen is usually possible. This may depend on the extent of damage to the screen of your smartphone. Here we explain how to repair your smartphone screen.

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  • My smartphone screen is broken: what to do?
  • Repair of a phone screen (smartphone or iPhone)
  • Precautions to take before any phone repair Back up your phone
  • data before any repair
  • How much does it cost to repair a phone screen?
  • Can I do a screen repair on my smartphone?
  • Protect your smartphone

My smartphone screen is broken: what to do?

Smartphone windows or screens can easily crack and damage. It Justa fall or false movement is all your smartphone screen is starry. But do you have to throw away your smartphone and buy a new one?

Did you know that it is possible to replace a smartphone screen with a new screen? What tariffs are practiced for repairing a smartphone screen? Where is it possible to request the repair of a phone screen? We give you some useful tips so that you can extend the life of your phone .

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Repair of a phone screen (smartphone or iPhone)

Often it is the drama when a phone falls: the glass screen breaks instantly and sometimes the phone is unrecoverable. If the cracks are minor and the screen is not broken into a thousand pieces, it may be possible to make a screen repair. Stores or outlets and phone repair offer to do this kind of repair for you.

The repair of a phone screen is a service that can be carried out quite simply and quickly. It is indeed possible to send your phone (Samsung, Galaxy, Apple iPhone, Huawei and many other brands are supported) and pay the repair fees directly online .

Precautions to take before any phone repair

Before deciding to send your phone for the repair of a screen, it is advisable to inquire about a few points:

  • How much would it cost to repair your phone?
  • Do not hesitate to ask for a quote for repairing or replacing your phone screen
  • Save its data before any phone repair
  • Keep with you all personal data (SIM, SD, etc.)

Most of the time, when a customer requests the repair of the screen of a smartphone or iPhone, it is for a screen replacement to be performed.

Without replacement, all the digital and touch features of the phone are likely to be affected. It is much more likely, when requesting a screen repair, that you are offered a complete repair . The broken screen or glass is removed and replaced by a new screen and a glass in perfect condition.

Before entrusting your phone for a repair, it is obvious that it is better to keep with yourself everything that contains personal data. The SIM card and SD card of your phone are to be removed from the phone before repair. You’re not going to risk any loss, in fact.

Back up your phone data before any repair

If you have a smartphone for a long time, you know, this one contains a lot of data. Media, photo, video, messages, contacts, downloaded documents…

When sending a phone for repair, it makes sense to do a backup of the data. You have the choice to transfer all your phone data to an SD card. You also have the option to empty all your data from your phone via software adapted to the brand of your phone.

If you have a phone (or smartphone), regardless of the brand — Samsung Galaxy, Apple iPhone, Huawei, etc.), the models are usually compatible with software that can perform backups of data. With an iPhone, you can also transfer all your data to a cloud. Your smartphone data is thus secure.

In the event of the need for a reboot and a complete cleaning of the phone, everything is secure and you are sure to find your preferences and files once the phone repair is done.

How much does it cost to repair a phone screen?

A phone repair can have a variable cost . Depending on the importance of the repair to be performed and the time spent on your smartphone, the repair can be charged differently.

If the entire screen needs to be repaired or replaced and some failures have been noted as a result of a fall, the price of repairing your phone will be higher than for a simple smartphone repair. It is advisable to make several quotes before requesting a phone repair.

A smartphone is a relatively fragile object, which deserves to be handled carefully. If your phone has received a significant shock, it is highly likely that your manufacturer warranty will not take into account the breakage of the screen. It is for this reason that a phone screen repair can cost you between 50 and 300 euros .

Enquire well before you conclude any repair: sometimes it is better, depending on the model of your phone, to buy a new one. If you have taken out an additional warranty that covers phone screen breakage (screen breakage), then your operator/manufacturer/shop specialising in the sale of smartphones will be able to take care of all or part of the necessary repair.

Can I do a screen repair on my smartphone?

Your mobile phone is in poor condition, the glass is broken and you want to try to repair yourself? If you are a handyman, repair kits can be found on the internet, as well as smartphone repair tutorials .

In general, it is still not advisable to attempt a repair or a DIY on a smartphone. Risks are too high on such fragile objects.

That said, be aware that if your mobile phone/smartphone is still under warranty, it will lose it if you decide to do the repair yourself. In case of a glitch, you will not be able to play the warranty. There are also authorized repair centers , where you can request the repair of your mobile phone/smartphone screen, regardless of the brand. Bring your Samsung Galaxy, iPad, Android smartphone or iPhone… The repairman observes the screen and tells you the best steps to follow.

However, if you feel that your mobile phone/smartphone can benefit from a DIY repair (home), you can still try to do it yourself. If your smartphone is no longer under warranty, it can sometimes be worth replacing a screen yourself . Tutorials are available on the Internet to guide you step by step.

Protect your smartphone

How to avoid breaking your mobile phone/smartphone screen? Nothing more annoying than finding your mobile in an unusable state. Taking some precautions, be aware that it is possible to protect your mobile phone effectively.

To anticipate shock or cracks, there are several effective ways


  • Put your mobile phone in a suitable case
  • Put an additional protective glass on your screen
  • Be careful not to store your phone in the back pocket of your pants (may sit on it)

For any other repair, a battery problem, a system slowdown or a technical failure, your repairman or operator can help. Depending on your insurance or the warranty you have purchased, some repairs may be taken.