How to get to the end of bedbugs ?

Bedbugs are small creatures from the family Cimicidae. They are often found in our beds, in places at low temperatures as indicated by the name assigned to them. Also, they can be found in closets, ventilation lines, in the furniture near our beds, in picture frames and many other damp places.

Bedbugs with magnifying glass

Insect-vampires, bedbugs are afraid of light. If bedbugs treatment is not carried out on time, these bedbugs are sheltered in poorly lit, narrow and barely accessible places. At night, when you sleep, they come quietly to suck your blood and quickly return to their hiding places. The presence of these small insects about 5 mm is not due to poor hygiene; this is often natural. Indeed, the human presence expressed by heat and breathing (released carbon monoxide) attracts bed bugs.

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What is the impact of a common life with these creatures?

How can serving as a meal for bedbugs be harmful to you, although they obviously do not cause you any major harm? Well, bedbugs release histamine, which is a substance that causes various allergic reactions. Also, they cause as a result of their sting, itching, redness of pricked surfaces and some other ailments.

How to say “goodbye” to bedbugs?

At bedbugs, at the end of each fertilization, this are hundreds of eggs that are made and hatch later. This is why it is urgent to exterminate the first bedbugs that appear in you; the longer you wait, the longer and more difficult it will be to get rid of them. It is therefore important to choose the method that would effectively participate in their eradication. But how? In fact, two main choices are available to you to carry out the treatment on your own or to resort to professionals. Although the first case is tempting, be aware that it will only be effective in the case of a very recent infestation. Contrary, it will be necessary to perform the right actions several times in order to hope for some success. But repetition, increased cost and prolongation of the duration of treatment, factors not very favourable to achieving the recommended objective.

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Simply trust the professionals

The option of recourse to professionals in the eradication of bedbugs has the advantage of being feasible at any stage of infestation. Whether you have been invaded by these insects for years or just for a few days, the professionals of this decontamination will know how to help you efficiently. Indeed, they have the ability to choose between two methods of treatment. This choice will essentially be based on the context of your home, i.e.:

  • whether it is a new house or a rather old dwelling;
  • the size of your accommodation
  • if children or a pregnant woman live in the dwelling.

Thereafter, we can either opt for chemical treatment based on insecticides or heat treatment such as dry steam. One of the advantages of using professionals is the support they will provide you with. They will watch without the shadow of doubt that all invaders are effectively eradicated, while giving priority to the health protection of the occupants of the house. Composed of staff familiar with similar situations, a society of this kind will effectively help to rid your home of these undesirable creatures through appropriate techniques.