How to get married in the Commune?

Want novelty, originality… to change from the conventional civil marriage celebrated at the town hall? Although French law does not promote marriages outside the defined regulatory frameworks, you can obtain under certain conditions a derogation to choose the place of celebration. So here is what there is to know about obtaining a waiver for a marriage in another setting or in another municipality.

Marriage outside the town hall: what does the law say?

The celebration of a wedding is the major event that marks the beginning of a new life for two. It is therefore quite normal to consider it in a given region, in a framework that is particularly fond of. Perhaps because:

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  • we grew up there
  • we spend a great holiday there
  • it is simply good to live there.

In any event, the law is strict in relation to possibility of marrying in a place different from those defined by her; in articles 165 and 166 of the Civil Code of Union. According to the law, the marriage must be celebrated in the commune where both spouses have an domicile, or has established residence since at least before the publication of the bans.

But apart from that, it should be added that mayors now have permission to assign the celebration in another communal building. In this case, it must be located in the territory of the municipality since November 2016. That is, you can decide to marry wherever you want, provided that the chosen place is located in the municipality where you have woven lasting ties. On the other hand, if you decide to do so outside this municipality, the task will be a little more difficult.

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Marry outside the municipality

If you plan to marry outside the regulatory framework provided for by law, at least you need permission from the mayor of the chosen locality. Here are the options available to you.

Opt for the city of residence of your relatives or friends

If you opt for the city where your parents are domiciled, the law allows you to resort to article 74 of the Civil Code of Union. But for this you have to settle there for a month before the publication of the bans. If you want in a city where friends reside, you must ask them to issue a certificate of accommodation for you. It will also be necessary to comply with the same conditions as for a marriage in the city where your parents are.

Now, before you start the process, you must first get permission from the mayor. In this regard, you need to meet with one of your relatives or friends, as the case may be, in order to explain your project to him. No worries about it, mayors tend to be rather understandable.

Other case

It may happen that you want to marry in a city where you have no physical attachment. In this case, the first thing to do is send a letter to the mayor of the municipality. And this in order to explain to him your wedding project and your wish to celebrate it in his commune. It is strongly advisable to provide some arguments to show for example your attachment, the number of times you have already come… As long as you do not get an answer from the mayor, you can under no circumstances begin further steps.

Occasionally, the mayor or the councillor responsible for this function is prevented. In these situations, it is possible to consider other places such as the notary’s, the registry, etc. Whatever your choice, the Public Prosecutor will ensure that the ceremony remains solemn, public and Republican. For this, you are required to return to sign the civil registry at the town hall of the town of the retained town.