How to fix a curtain rod?

In an apartment or in a house, it is often necessary to fix curtain rods to alleviate the light or keep your interior from eyes. But for rent, fixing a curtain rod is not necessarily simple. You are given alternative solutions for fixing your curtain rod.

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  • How to fix a curtain rod with drilling
  • How to lay a curtain
    • rod without drilling The
    • curtain rod rest The
    • self-fixing rod rod
  • A practical curtain rod for your home

How to fix a curtain rod with drilling

The most common method of fixing a curtain rod to the wall or ceiling is to equip a drill. You drill and simply attach your rod to the wall with adequate tooling.

If you live at home and are an owner, this will not cause any problems. But if you live in rental, be aware that all the drilling holes you make can be considered damage. This can therefore be deposited on your security deposit.

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When you leave your home, you will need to remove the curtain rods and repair the “damage” on the wall. Remove the dowels from the wall, then with a spilling plaster, fix the wall. A stroke of sanding and painting will undoubtedly allow you to recover your deposit.

How to lay a curtain rod without drilling

Did you know that it is quite possible to lay and fix a curtain rod without drilling? Because any interior deserves its decoration and curtains, there are other ways to fix your curtain rods.

If you absolutely leave your walls intact but you want to install curtains and a nice rod, here are the new systems. There are curtain rods without drilling, an ingenious model that requires no performance or knowledge in DIY .

Curtain rods

Curtain rods can be found in DIY shops and supermarkets. These rods are lightweight and can be attached directly to the window . With self-adhesive rods, you can install a light curtain that will protect you from opposite.

The curtain rod rest

New ingenious systems have emerged in response to the constraints imposed by some housing owners. There is therefore a rod rest or curtain rod holder . This solution is ideal for housing that has blinds and hence shutter chests rolling.

The rod rest is placed directly on the trunk of the roller shutters/blinds. With a mechanical fastening, you can therefore use your rod quite normally, with curtains heavier than simple curtains.

The self-fixing rod bar

The self-fixing rod bar is very convenient because it does not risk damaging the bracket. No need for dowels or drills, your window can be dressed very simply with a rod bar that spans and attaches between two wall panels. This bar is called telescopic and can accommodate heavier and thick curtains .

The telescopic bar or adjustable rod does not slip on the wall and represents a support that holds for a long time. No need for fixing, no trace on the wall: you keep your bail and your apartment or home.

A practical curtain rod for your

interior All these devices allow you to fix curtain rods and choose a beautiful curtain for your interior decor. Whether tonight for a living room (living/dining room), your kitchen or bedroom, you will enjoy your curtains.

At the time of your move, no problems with traces , security deposit retention, or damaged wall. For your windows, there are necessarily brackets and a curtain rod solution!