How to decorate an adult room?

Do you have deco cravings for your bedroom? Not sure exactly where to start deco side and arrangement? Between the bed, colors and furniture… The bedroom is an essential part of the house. Follow our few ideas and redecorate your room very simply.

Plan of the article

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  • Why redo the decor of the bedroom?
  • Making style choices for your bedroom
  • Choosing bedroom furniture
  • Deco: rethinking storage in your room
  • Bed linen: a full-fledged style
  • The floor, walls and windows of your room
  • Thinking about the balance between patterns and colors
  • Change the atmosphere of the room

Why remake the decor of the bedroom?

Sometimes you get tired a little when it comes to decoration and layout. We all need to redo the decoration from time to time, without ruining and leaving in great works.

But, between the choice of colors, the arrangement, the layout of the bed, the bedroom furniture and the walls… It’s hard to know what to start! What criteria to take into account when remaking the decoration of an adult bedroom? We’re trying to get you a little bit here.

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The bed is the central element of the room. The bedroom must therefore have a decor that takes into account the style of the bed, its colors, its design and its style. If you really want to change your style, and the bed also changes, then the question does not arise.

Making style choices for your bedroom

First of all, you will have to ask yourself the question of what style you want to give to your room. What design , what colors, what tone, what atmosphere, what atmosphere do you want to change or bring?

The bedroom is a room that can be seen little finally: in the morning and in the evening, quickly. However, it is not for this that the decoration of a bedroom should be neglected, quite the contrary. Thinking well the decoration of your room is essential to everyday well-being .

You can opt for a Scandinavian decor, rather industrial, feng shui, zen, japanese, cozy, chalet, classic or thematic. Get inspired by the trends of the moment: the style you will give to your room should look like you and make you feel comfortable first and foremost.

Choosing bedroom furniture

To redecorate your bedroom, a minimum budget will be reserved for furniture. It is essential for example to choose for your comfort a good bed, including the frame, the bed base and the mattress.

In order to be sure of yourself, it is always advisableto try a bed for a good fifteen minutes before deciding. If you radically change the style of your bedroom, it is among other things the style of the bed that will set the tone of the atmosphere of the room.

Rethinking your decoration, take the opportunity to purify and get rid of everything that seems superfluous to you. It’s time to clear the spaces and make the room breathe. A bedroom must be able to bring you softness, calm, tranquility, serenity and comfort .

So, with a simple chest of drawers or bedside table, dressing table, single headboard, shelf and bedside lamp, you have the essential decoration of your bedroom.

If you have a dressing room next to your room, take advantage of it to clear the main space around the bed. You only keep the essentials. The details will be hidden and tidy, in order to clean up the space and create this visual tranquility .

Deco: rethink storage in your bedroom

Beyond the bed, it will be necessary to provide storage in your bedroom, especially if you do not have a built-in dressing room. A simple and coherent style cabinet can play the desired role. We advise you to chine the furniture and flea flea flea to find the perfect storage furniture. Yes, imposing storage furniture is also part of the decor and must be able to go unnoticed (or the opposite) while being effective.

The imposing furniture can quickly create a feeling of suffocation. Consider choosing proportional storage furniture. It is always better to choose furniture more small but allows the room to breathe , rather than the other way around.

Storage under the bed is very convenient: boxes, crates, plastic or cardboard boxes, etc.

Bed linen: a full-fledged style

If the bed is at the heart of your room and its stylish decor, it is important to think about bed linen. It should also be consistent with the style you want to give to the bedroom .

If you decided to exhaust furniture, spaces and fabrics around the bed, you can easily afford to crack for bed linen that comes out of the lot. In any case, it will be either one or the other. If you have chosen patterns on curtains, carpet, or even on furniture, keep bed linen plain and without patterns.

The colours of your bed linen should follow the style you want to give to your room. However, do not forget that duvet covers have a relatively limited service life . It is for this reason that it is better to invest in furniture. The duvet covers will follow the style you have defined.

The floor, walls and windows of your room

On the ground, if you want to have a clean space, focus on a classy and plain carpet. The walls can receive a painting or a wall hanging , which you will change depending on the new style adopted.

The windows can accommodate curtains. You can even remake the decoration of the house according to the style you choose in the bedroom. Nothing prevents you from being guided by the storage and reviewing the decoration of all windows. Curtains in consistency bring a touch of originality . If you have opted for ecru and white bed covers broken, feel free to make a color reminder with the curtains.

Finally, the walls can also play an important role in the new decoration of your bedroom or even your home. From time to time, radically changing the decoration and paintings or drapes allows us to restore a second breath of life to a place.

Finally, did you know that a darker color paint on a pan creates a false illusion of larger space? Laying curtains wider than the window also creates the illusion of space.

Thinking about the balance between patterns and colors

Rule number 1 when you redo the decoration, regardless of the room of the house: visual balance. It is essential for your bedroom to adhere to this rule that applies to any room.

The color associations must be thought out, coherent, complementary and, if possible, not too blunt. The colors and tones to give preference in a bedroom will always be soft and cold tones . Warm tones have the gift of annoyed during eye contact. To sleep well, it is generally advisable to rely on pastels or at least on beautiful blues that stimulate the imagination while remaining calming.

If you want to repaint your bedroom, give preference to a wall if the color is bright. The harmony created will be done with furniture, bedding, elements on the floor and windows.

The chandelier in the bedroom is also an element not to be neglected. The light will also set the tone of the room. In terms of symmetry, balance tones, objects, full and more purified spaces… Everything is not obliged to be absolutely symmetrical in a bedroom, at the risk of being a little tired in the long run.

Change the atmosphere of the room

So you have several ways to radically change the atmosphere of a room, including a bedroom:

  • change the color of the walls or tapestry;
  • change the bedding of your bed;
  • Redecorating the walls (paintings, hangings, etc.)
  • ; Change curtains and their style (colors, textures);
  • Install mirrors: not very Feng Shui, the mirror, but however, this element is convenient enough to enlarge the room and make it brighter.
  • Change the style of furniture: more modern and contemporary;
  • Better tidy up your belongings and clean up with good storage;
  • Besting on asymmetry;
  • Opt for a typical Scandinavian decor and white and light wood;
  • Arrange the luminaires and lightings;

Nothing beats a new decoration of the bedroom: good decor and good night!