How to decorate a bathroom?

your bathroom require a little makeover? We present you some decoration ideas that will give back peps to this piece that we often forget. Whether you have a shower or a bathtub, it is possible to give style and beautiful decoration Does to a bathroom, regardless of its size.

Plan of the article

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  • Small bathroom: how to decorate this space?
  • What atmosphere for your bathroom?
    • The graphic bathroom
    • The retro bathroom
    • The modern and contemporary bathroom
    • The pastel bathroom
    • The Scandinavian bathroom wood atmosphere
    • The traditional bathroom
    • The natural style bathroom
    • The bathroom style 80s
    • The bathroom all in color
    • The Zen Bathroom

Small bathroom: how to decorate this space ?

Yes, small bathrooms are the most difficult to decorate. Indeed, the space you have to implement your tastes is very small. It is for this reason that it is essential to think carefully about how to decorate a bathroom.

If aesthetics are important, in a narrow bathroom it will be important to think functional and practical above all. A few ultra-practical and brilliantly placed accessories will change the game of storage and layout in your bathroom.

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What atmosphere for your bathroom?

Many styles are possible for your bathroom. If your water room is small, the mood you want to give may be more difficult to implement.

You can choose from several styles and designs for your bathroom:

  • Graphic bathroom
  • ; Retro bathroom;
  • Modern and contemporary bathroom;
  • Pastel bathroom;
  • Bathroom Scandinavian wood atmosphere;
  • Bathroom natural style;
  • Traditional bathroom;
  • Bathroom style 80s;
  • Bathroom all in color;
  • Zen or Japanese bathroom;

We will detail below how to change the decoration of your bathroom and make it a pleasant room to use, in your image.

The graphic bathroom

Feel free to leave on a bathroom that will have a little character, even if the room is small. By choosing a graphic style, you will give a certain charm to your bathroom. Whether you have a shower or a bathtub, anything is possible.

The easiest solution to implement this design is to get started with the floor work of the bathroom. Put In place a decorative cement tile is very trendy and easy to implement. Around, exhaust the space in order to leave all its place for this graphic floor. Some decorative objects can make a graphic reminder: shower curtain or bath curtain, ceramic pot for your accessories, etc.

The retro bathroom

Want a retro atmosphere? If you don’t have the heart to do big work, you can exhaust your entire bathroom and choose to redo only a retro decor .

Accessories (mat, shower or bath curtain, plants, pots, etc.) can be used to recreate this atmosphere. Decoration on the walls will also help: choose retro posters and moisture-resistant posters, reminiscent of the 30s, for example. Not to mention that all your bathroom linen can of course participate in this decoration.

The modern and contemporary bathroom

Let’s clean up everything, let’s breathe the space, especially if the bathroom is small. By choosing a modern and contemporary bathroom, you agree to put neutral colors at the center of attention.

Build on modern storage units that effectively contain your effects. To have a modern look at home, it is essential to store and keep a space that breathes . Avoid patterns and prefer plain and light tones.

Light or on the contrary, very dark coatings, such as slate , can be chosen. If your bathroom is small, however, avoid too dark materials, which give an impression of a smaller area.

The pastel bathroom

Pastel tones had disappeared from the bathrooms, considered too old. However, expertly used at the heart of a Modern home, pastel tones are soft and bring well-being and serenity while remaining modern.

The powdery side is found on many small bathroom furniture. The bath itself can have pastel tones, for the most reckless ones.

The Scandinavian bathroom wood atmosphere

Do you love the Scandinavian atmospheres? Bring this atmosphere back to the bathroom and indulge yourself. Light wood accessories, planks, rot-proof wooden bathtub tower … Everything is permissible. Take care not to go too far in the wood style, at the risk of feeling of being in a tiny cottage a little oppressive.

For bath linen, opt for ecru tones and light beige, or light blue. These tones will look very well with light wood tones. All your accessories can also be very design reminiscent of the Scandinavian style. A ladle or a wooden bucket will be able to remind the steam room or sauna. A wooden grating out of bath or shower will also be very well integrated and very design.

The traditional bathroom

Do you like changes in style depending on the room in the house you are in? A traditional bathroom can be seen as a mix between vintage, retro and Scandinavian style.

Start by changing the furniture in this room, as well as its accessories and linen. Rugs, bath or shower curtain and small items can easily remind the 50s . Add your personal paw with tones reminiscent of this era as well as objects hewn on flea flea flea flea flea.

The bathroom natural style

Natural, the bathroom is very appreciated. Prefers natural materials and everything that will make your bathroom cozy. Avoid flashy colors and Bright but give preference to natural tones:

  • black
  • -grey
  • white
  • ecru
  • stone
  • wood

Finally, the presence of plants changes everything in a bathroom. You recreate a very natural style. Do not hesitate to hang frames reminiscent of nature, with small touches. A hooks made with pebbles , a carpet with plants, pots made of natural stone…

Storage, to highlight the natural and appreciable coast of your bathroom, must be perfectly operational. The space is purified and not overloaded. Make this room a real corner of paradise in the house , in which you will want to spend time pumping yourself.

The bathroom style 80s

Do you feel in the mood 80s? Everything is allowed if you are at home, for a unique and stylish decoration. Go in the 80s and inspire yourself album covers from your favorite artists . Bowie, with big red or yellow flashes?

Your accessories, such as pots, crates, shower curtain or mat and bath towels can complete the painting of the bathroom of a fan of the 80s. The somewhat chaotic but also innovative and unstructured side of the 80s can also be showcased with design objects that you will find here and there.

The bathroom all in color

Here’s an idea to get in a good mood in the morning ! If you are not afraid to have a little pain in your eyes from time to time, go on a colorful bathroom. A bit like this well-known elephant and all gridded with colors, let go on the decor.

The decoration of a bathroom is not irreversible: nothing prevents you from reviewing your tastes later and style of this room of the house if you no longer like them. For a colourful bathroom, you can choose between accessories to redeem, or hard-core decoration .

If you have a nice budget for decoration, bet on colored tiles , in the shower cubicle or around the bathtub, or simply on the floor and walls. Preferably avoid redecorating both: visually, it is important to maintain balance.

Your furniture can easily be repainted with adequate paints. Decorate your mirror yourself with all sorts of unusual colorful objects. DIY in the bathroom , this also exists!

The Zen Bathroom

Very classy and clean, the Zen bathroom, Japanese style, is very popular. In our lives a little loaded and in a hurry, it is useful to have a place quiet, soft room in the house. Bet on bamboo furniture , natural materials, soft colors and reminiscent of nature.

Some decorative accessories can remind you of Zen: a painting, calligraphy, plants special bathroom, etc. Bath linen must be in soft and light tones to perfect your zen decor.

There are no shortage of ideas to remake the decoration of a bathroom. A bathroom decor does not necessarily cost expensive and does not necessarily involve a heavy budget. With a few tricks, you can quite find your happiness and give back peps to this room of the house that deserves all the attention of itsvisitors.