How to create a free chatbot?

Creating a Chatbot: The Best Online Platforms for Making Messenger Chatbots in Minutes

Chatbots are the marketing tools of the future (actually already in the present). Already in 2020, about 80% of companies plan to offer their consumers an interaction service with chatbots.

According to a recent report from Oracle, creating a chatbot is a top priority for most business activities. Why? To promote direct interaction with the customer and to provide each consumer with a “self-user” experience. In the current mobile and digital market, users no longer rely on ads and advertising. In fact, to make purchases, all modern consumers prefer a direct approach with brands. Chats are the real 4.0 communication tools: just think of the success of WhatsApp, WeChat or Messenger. The chatbots are the ideal solution: smart virtual assistants who answer each customer’s questions in a personalized way.

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The function of a chatbot in the business environment is simple: the assistant guides the user through the process of interaction with the brand. In other words, the chatbot leads the consumer to perform all the online actions planned by the company. A chatbot can serve as service and customer service, can optimize the online sales funnel or inform the consumer by guiding him in the knowledge of the brand.

The real innovative feature of chatbots is the continuous ability to improve. Machine learning allows bots to optimize themselves based on previous user interactions. They are real smart robots at the service of the company.

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The global chatbot market — according to a Grand View Research report — is expected to reach $1.25 billion by 2025.

But how to create a chatbot quickly and easily? There are numerous DIY solutions online that do not require the intervention of computer scientists or programmers. Thanks to these tools it is possible to create bots autonomously and quickly, but above all in a free way and without any knowledge of programming languages.

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Create an online chatbot: 10 free tools to create messenger bots in minutes

Let’s find out which are the 10 most used online programs to create chatbots quickly and easily:

  1. ChatFuel

ChatFuel is one of the first platforms created online to create chatbots messenger. It is currently used by major brands such as Adidas and Uber. It’s an almost completely free service that allows you to create bots without knowing any programming language. Only a few advanced customization options are offered for a fee. The amount of the subscription plan depends on the number of users who turn to the chatbot daily: the more they will be, the more they spend. ChatFuel allows you to create messenger chatbots for Facebook or Telegram, but it can also be integrated with Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn business pages. The operation of this program is simple: bots are created using text cards that allow all the necessary answers to be included in the conversation. To build a chatbot with this platform, it will be enough to use the drag and drop interface by customizing the models already on the site. In any case, ChatFuel provides its users with an excellent support service. Chatbots created with ChatFuel can answer users’ questions using two modes different:

  • Buttons : Following the question asked by the user, the chatbot has a number of predefined answers. Later, the user must select one of the answer options to continue the conversation. The selection made by the user allows, in fact, the chatbot to continue presenting other increasingly in-depth response solutions.
  • Messages: The messages function is much more in-depth than the previous one. Following the question asked by the user, the chatbot will be able to provide only one relevant answer. How is this possible? Simple, thanks to artificial intelligence . To create such a chatbot it is necessary to analyze the hypothetical frequently asked questions of its users and, based on them, define certain groups of sentences. A response must be associated with each sentence. The chatbot will be able to recognize the similarity between a hypothetical question asked by the user and the default phrases. In this way, it can also provide the appropriate response quickly and quickly. The winning feature of ChatFuel bots is the presence of NLP (Natural Language Processing) technology. This functionality allows chatbots to constantly improve themselves by providing increasingly in-depth answers smartly and automatically.
  1. ManyChat

ManyChat is another very popular chatbot creation tool. This platform allows you to create messenger bots for Facebook in a simple and free way. The basic version of ManyChat does not require subscriptions, the paid ones start from 10 Euro per month to reach 145 Euro per month based on the number of interactions. ManyChat has a particularly simple operation thanks to the drag and drop interface. Like ChatFuel, ManyChat also allows you to program bots that respond with messages or buttons. The messages of This tool is not ‘smart’ as there is no NLP technology. So how does it work? Some keywords are set up based on the user’s frequently asked questions. When the user types in a question, the chatbot recognizes the keywords. Each keyword corresponds to answers, which are also predefined during the creation of the bot. The bot will then be able to provide adequate answers following the recognition of specific keywords within the question asked by the user. ManyChat is a service used exclusively for the creation of bots for Facebook. As a result, to create chatbots with this platform you will need to have a Facebook business page. Finally, ManyChat provides an analytics dashboard to monitor all data regarding interactions.

  1. Botsify

Another platform capable of creating a chatbot without the need programming languages is Botify. This tool is free in its basic version, but also includes paid services (from 10 Euro to 50 Euro per month based on the number of unique users). Botify, just like ManyChat and ChatFuel, has a drag and drop interface that is very easy to use. The user can create his own bot starting from predefined templates: it will be possible to change the settings by managing templates and media files with quick and intuitive changes. Botsify Chatbots are smart with the implementation of machine learning and artificial intelligence. Each bot is constantly improving its performance by collecting information about users and optimizing potential responses. The unique feature of this tool is the ability to create chatbots for both Facebook and your website.

  1. Sequel

Creating a chatbot has never been as easy as with Sequel! This online platform is free of charge in its basic version, for special implementations it is necessary to contact the sales team. The distinctive feature of Sequel is the wide range of supported platforms. With this tool you can create chatbots for Facebook, Telegram and Kik. Just like other platforms, Sequel is also very easy to use. The user has several types of preset templates that can be edited simply with a drag and drop interface. The bots created with Sequel feature NLP technology that makes them smart and constantly improvable. Sequel provides users with 5 templates that are perfectly adaptable to the needs of different industries:

  • ChatterBot : undoubtedly the best solution for service. A perfect bot for imitating human behaviors and creating natural conversations;
  • PublisherBot : a template created for pages that conveying contents. It allows you to send notifications to visitors regarding all published content;
  • PersonalBot : a bot that informs the user and advertises the brand, perfect for any personal branding strategy;
  • GameBot : a perfect bot to intrigue users and engage them in interactive processes with quizzes, games and surveys created by the chatbot;
  • StoryBot : a useful template for telling stories to users and engage them within the company mindset. It’s the best solution for integrating images, GIFs or videos into conversations.
  1. ChattyPeople

ChattyPeople is the platform for creating Facebook chatbots perfect for those who have an e-commerce . Free in its basic version, this tool is able to integrate messenger bots on Facebook with ecommerce platforms. In other words, thanks to ChattyPeople, customers can place orders online directly from Facebook chats. ChattyPeople integrates seamlessly with platforms such as Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento and OpenCart. A ChattyPeople bot is also able to support the most popular online payment systems such as PayPal or Strike.

  1. — Dialogflow is another great and professional solution for creating a chatbot. This platform also includes payment plans for the most advanced features and a free version for the basic ones. The highlight of is the ability to design cross-platform chatbots. The bots are compatible with Facebook, Google, Telegram, Kik, Alexa, Twitter, Cortana, Slack, Skype, Twilio, Tropo, LINE and Spark. Creating these bots is simple: all you need to do is set up key phrases based on users’ frequently asked questions. Later on,, thanks to the use of machine learning, will optimize constantly making bots increasingly smarter. This is certainly one of the most professional solutions for creating a business bot.

  1. GupShup

GupShup is a free platform that allows you to create chatbots both using the programming language and using a simple graphic editor. The development and coding area has in-depth analysis and testing tools to test its bots. For users who do not know the computer language, GupShup provides a graphic editor called Flow Bot Builder. The interface is quickly used thanks to preset templates and drag and drop functionality. To create conversations, you must set up a message list with predefined responses because there is no artificial intelligence system. Quick response messages can be welcome, informational, text, or multimedia.

  1. Flow XO

Flow XO is a platform for creating online chatbots for Telegram, Facebook Messenger and Slack. Like all platforms presented so far, this also has a basic free plan and some paid features (based on users who interact with the bot). This tool also uses an intuitive interface with predefined templates. Flow XO chatbots can share information, conduct surveys and quizzes, or simply chat with you. This platform integrates seamlessly with third parties such as Mailchimp, Google Drive, and Salesforce.

  1. Motion.AI

Motion.AI is a free tool to create online chatbot messenger. Recently, the software has been linked to the night HubSpot marketing platform. Motion.AI is also characterized by a particularly simple to use interface. The operation is similar to that of the other platforms: to create the bot, you need to create multiple modules connected to each other. Each module is a hypothetical response that the chatbot could provide to the user. This tool does not support NLP functionality. Motion.AI chatbots are born as’ chatter ‘, they are therefore prepared for dialogue, but not for the presentation of content or for ecommerce integration. The chatbots created with this program are easily integrated with Facebook Messenger, with the company website, with email, with Slack and with the SMS service.

  1. Nobot

Noibot is a completely innovative Italian product, different from all the platforms presented so far. This is, in fact, a program capable of generating chatbots for WhatsApp. This tool provides a free plan with basic functionality and multiple consumption plans based on the additional functions implemented. This system allows you to manage it in a way automatic and simple all business conversations on WhatsApp by intelligently sending text messages, images, links and media files. The Noibot software is easily integrated with other platforms such as WordPress or Zapier.

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