How to Create a Chatbot?

Essential for every company, it serves to maintain constant contact with customers and to ensure an efficient service. You don’t need to be programmers to set one up. So let’s see how to create a chatbot, how to create bots on Facebook, how to create a Telegram bot

Today, almost no company can do without a chatbot to ensure an always active service to its customers. The chatbot allows you to establish a direct interaction, makes the customer feel listened to and that he can actually find the answers he seeks, when he searches for them, 24 hours a day. In addition, thanks to machine learning, chatbots become more and more precise, perfecting themselves over time based on the experience gained and the information stored. Even without being programmers, you can create chatbots thanks to convenient services online. So let’s see how to create a chatbot, and specifically how to create a bot on Facebook and how to create a Telegram bot.

How to Create a Chatbot with the Programming Language

We won’t go much into this topic because the programming language requires specific skills. However, we merely mention that, in the presence of such knowledge, it is possible to create a software that can be integrated directly with the bees (application). programming interface) of the different platforms (Telegram Messenger API, etc.). In this way, the chatbot can be built precisely on the basis of its needs, defining the answers but also the internal mechanism of artificial intelligence and machine learning. In any case, many of the platforms we’re going to list are able to offer these technologies, and however, they allow you to obtain excellent results .

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How to Create a Chatbot: Guidelines

Before we go through the best tools for creating a chatbot, let’s dwell on the features that our assistant should have. It is good to remember that the chatbot, being a direct extension of the company, must retain its character, tone of voice, values. It must then be ‘friendly‘, so always use a welcome and greeting message. Just like a human being would. A good idea, adopted by many brands, is to give it a name to make it more friendly. If you want, you can also insert an image or in any case configure a graphic that makes it pleasant. First, the chatbot should then be clear and show up to the user who accesses, for example, on the website. He must then know how to apologize, ask again and know how to understand different ways of asking the same question.

How to Create a Bot on Facebook: ManyChat

After having reviewed the characteristics that can be considered fundamental for each chatbot, we begin to go into the tools available to create them. One of the most widely used platforms for creating bots on Facebook is ManyChat. The basic version is free, and you can access it through your Facebook business profile. The use is very simple, thanks to a drag and drop interface (i.e. you drag the different elements). The configuration is done by setting, based on the most frequent requests of users, some keywords. Thanks to which, the bot will be in able to formulate relevant answers. Finally, the platform allows you to monitor data related to user interactions.

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How to Create a Telegram Bot: BotFather and TrackBot

There are several tools for creating Telegram bots. BotFather is the main one, it is created directly by the Telegram itself and is activated directly within the application (inline bot). It is accessed with the username @botfather. TrackBot is instead one of the best tools for tracking shipments and receiving automatic updates. Also in this case without moving from the chat you can follow the parcels of Italian and foreign couriers . It is accessed with the username @trackbot.


ChatFuel is a platform that allows us to create chatbots for Facebook and for Telegram. However, you can also integrate into the business accounts of other social media such as Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. It also has a free version and a paid version with more functionality. To set up a chatbot, “text cards” are created, always using drag and drop mode. The platform also offers preset models . With ChatFuel you can create two types of chatbots:

  • Buttons: answer a question with multiple predefined answers, among which the user has to choose to carry on the conversation
  • Messages: I respond to question with one answer, leveraging artificial intelligence and NLP technology (natural language). Of course, these chatbots require more processing. It is necessary to prepare hypothetical questions and some groups of sentences, to each of which to associate a response.


Another free drag and drop platform with paid premium features is Botify. It also uses machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies, and allows you to create chatbots starting from predefined models that can be modified in opera course. In addition to Facebook bots, Botify also allows you to create chatbots for websites . That’s why it’s very useful.


Sequel is a platform that allows you to create chatbots for different social media, including Facebook, Telegram, Kik, and Viber. It is also very easy to use, and comes with natural language technology. It works through preset templates to choose by following a wizard. In addition, it allows you to create multimedia content such as quizzes or interactive stories. Finally, the chat can be customized with different graphic settings and gifs.


With BotSociety you can create bots for Facebook, Slack, GoogleHome and Telegram. It works through the creation of a mockup, i.e. a graphic playback of how the chatbot will appear. We then proceed by inserting images, buttons and other elements. Finally, after viewing the preview, the chatbot can be conveniently exported and applied to the desired platform. It is equipped with NLP technology.


Unlike BotSociety, Botmock works both through mockups and through the creation of flowcharts, i.e. flowcharts. It therefore allows you to create the chatbot through a graphical interface or through the creation, in fact, of a flowchart. It can be integrated with Facebook, Amazon Alexa, and Google Actions. Like others, it’s quite intuitive to use, even if in the free version it does not allow as the only limit to preview.


With GupShup you can choose whether to use the programming language or a simple graphic editor, like the previous ones. It therefore adapts to different needs. The editor works fundamentally similar to the others. However, there is no artificial intelligence system here. We then start by setting up a list of messages with default responses . This makes it very quick to run but less flexible.

How to Create a Chatbot: Conclusions and Future Developments

Given the wide range of platforms for creating chatbots, the advice we can give is to experiment. Especially if this is the first time you’ve approached this world, you can create different test chatbots before you decide. Since these are free tools, in their initial version, it is possible to make several attempts without spending, and without wasting much time, because the steps are pretty quick. This can be a good way to identify the one that best suits your needs or simply the one with which you are most comfortable with.

Finally, consider that chatbot is a booming market. The user experience will be, more and more, the direction in which the contents on the web will evolve. For this reason, solutions that allow us to maintain constant contact with customers and to facilitate the information and purchase process will be increasingly widespread and more and more precise. On the other hand, the technologies that underlie it — artificial intelligence and machine learning — are areas for which there are large room for development. So there will be numerous applications and platforms that will be born in the coming years : it is worth updating frequently and keep an eye on the web to know all the news.