How to Create a Chabot?

He’s one of Laila’s dads. Gianfranco Fedele is a long course programmer. Head of the research and development department of Insem SpA, he is also a speaker and trainer. In this post he tells us what are the things to do and not to do if you want to build an effective chabot.

TO DO LIST of a chatbot

The to-do list for an effective chabot is long. Fortunately, Gianfranco helps us with his synthesis dowry, focusing on three decisive aspects.

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  1. Functional communication for the purpose

Gianfranco tells us how each chatbot should be functional for the purpose for which it was conceived :

“A chatbot must respond to specific needs for information, ticket activation, booking. These activities must be favored, so we must avoid any hitch in communicating with the user.”

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  1. Stimulate the user

How do I invite the user to interact with the chatbot? For Gianfranco the secret is all in the quality of the question that the conversational agent formulates. The more complete it is, the more stimulated the user will be to respond:

“Every question the chatbot asks the user must contain the description of the purpose of the question: “Do you tell me the tracking code so that I can verify that it was shipped?” ”.

  1. Sympathy and Empathy

Another challenge for the chatbot maker is to find tools that help users sympathize with the bot:

“The chatbot must not aim to look like a robot, it must take on the appearance of a human being, as far as possible.”

For this reason, Laila has created a system that also uses emoji: her solution inaugurates the third way in artificial intelligence.

NOT TO DO of a chabot

More important often than things to do, are things NOT to do. Gianfranco warns about the dangers that anyone who develops a chatbot must avoid. Again, it helps us to identify three.

  1. Never force a user to give an answer

Users may give the chabot inrelevant answers. Therefore, we must prepare the chabot for this possibility, as in the example that Gianfranco tells:

“For example, the user might answer a question with another question. In this case, an effective chabot remains on hold and replicates when the user is ready, not forcing him to give them an answer at all costs.”

  1. Never complicate communication

Another mistake a developer may run into is to complicate communication too much , with unclear phrases and statements. In this case, a reaction is created to chain that takes credibility away from the chabot:

“It is necessary to avoid that there are ambiguities or misunderstandings between chatbot and operator as much as possible. It’s hard for a chatbot to get away in a situation when communication takes a bad turn. Therefore, it is better to prevent this from happening.”

  1. Never close the communication

How does the worst chabot behave? It closes the communication with the user abruptly, after having responded to his needs:

“Some chatbots stop responding, like a telephone operator who attacks your phone in your face: the sense of frustration is the same.”

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