How to choose your magnetism trainer ?

Do you want to do a training in magnetism? Here are some tips that will allow you to choose your instructor in energy techniques.

Know the course and duration of the training of your trainer

In order for your teacher to accompany you in the reality of practice and not by the ego, it is important that you have a real idea of his or her path. Better, you must first of all engage with the latter, really know his school curriculum. In other words, you will not only have to look at the courses he took, the number of hours that these courses lasted, years, and even the professional experience of your future trainer. This allows you to get a concrete idea of the skills he has acquired during his training to be a magnetizer.

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This is why a telephone interview or visual interview seems much more appropriate before any commitment. If he is, for example, a young trainer, he should normally be supervised for at least one year, as soon as he has completed his training. This supervision will allow him to identify his teaching posture with much more ease. He will be able to continue his training as a trainer in one way or another.

The title of the trainer

The title with which the trainer appears should correspond to the title seen on his diploma or on the certificate issued to him. This is why you will need to make sure that the latter has successfully completed qualified training in his or her field because many are those who improvise themselves as a trainer.

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There is also a federation or union that collects discontent, as well as disputes from students or trainers in magnetism. These institutions must refuse new membership when teachers are indelible or disrespectful of good practice.

Teaching sheets, a way to check the professionalism of your teacher

When a teacher offers you training, it is normal that they also offer you a pedagogical sheet that goes with it. In this sheet, you will find the goals and objectives to be achieved during this training. The prerequisites, the teaching methods, the content of the training, we will have to reveal everything to you before you start.

Flyer, website, your trainer must be clear in what he offers you, as well as the skills that will be developed during this training. Skills from which you are supposed to become a professional in the field with exceptional know-how, know-how and professionalism.

During the training

During the training in magnetism, one does not actually need a secret ritual. A professional in his field does not need to bluff you with exoteric decorations, potions whose composition is ignored… Better, you don’t have to be forced to remove your jewellery or undress during training sessions. Also, you will need to have alternations of practical and theoretical courses, in order to appropriate yourself the necessary knowledge. You should be taught not to make medical diagnoses, not to oppose surgery and to stay only in your area of intervention.