How to choose a photocopier ?

Although the trend is towards the dematerialization of documents, the photocopier is an indispensable device in business. Indeed, it makes it possible to reproduce paperwork. Nowadays, a multitude of photocopiers are available on the market. In this article, we will help you make a good choice.

The type of use

Not all companies have the same expectations. While some companies can settle for a multifunction device for scanning and photocopying administrative documents, others have a wider need. In the field of marketing, the production of an excellent visual is essential. Advertising media, flyers, posters… All these media must be captivating and Attractive. Because of this, an inkjet color photocopier is most suitable.

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The performance of the device

Printing speed is one of the criteria that should not be minimized when purchasing a photocopier. Generally speaking, the performance of the device you choose should be consistent with the expected productivity. If you need to make nearly 2,500 copies per month, photocopiers with a speed of 25 CPM are the most suitable. Be aware that the more copies to be made, the greater the speed of the device should be.

The type of photocopier

There are several models of photocopiers on the market. Each device is aimed at a clientele fringe. For reproduction professionals, the high-volume copier is recommended. This equipment is designed to make a draw in large quantities. Digital photocopiers, as for their part, are more sophisticated. They are more suitable for professional use. The versatile colour laser multifunction models allow printing, receiving faxes, scanners and excellent print quality thanks to its high resolution. For home use, be aware that analog photocopiers will do. They are convenient and easy to use.

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The budget

The price of photocopiers depends on its characteristics. The more versatile or multifunctional it is, the more its price increases. Expenses are not limited to the purchase of a photocopier. A large quantity print requires a large number of consumables. So, before you buy a photocopier, make sure that you can support the purchase of cartridges and toners.

Professional printer leasing is a great alternative if you don’t want to spend a large sum while enjoying an excellent machine. Professional rental companies offer a wide selection of branded materials. The conditions are also flexible. You are free to choose the rental period, type of machine, with or without purchase options at the end of the contract, etc.

Paper size

Generally, the A4 format is most often adopted by individuals than among professionals. The majority of photocopier models are intended for this type of format. However, if you have other needs, the ideal is to choose a multifunction device that accommodates all types of formats. Thus, it is necessary to know the format most often used before buying a photocopier.