How to choose a laptop for teenager?

Children need a computer earlier and earlier, sometimes now before the 6th to follow video teachers remotely! No need before the 6th to buy a new computer that will only be used to surf or listen to the teacher. An old computer or a family tablet should be widely suitable. For college students, however, you can start looking for a machine that will last over time and will be versatile.

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Some schoolchildren have the chance to be equipped by the regions as early as the 5th but this is far from the case for all. It is sometimes only in seconds that they will be equipped by the region. Unfortunately, most students still arrive at the baccalaureate without receiving a computer.

How to choose a computer for college?

PC, Mac or ChromeBook, which system to choose?

You can choose between three types of computers: Personal Computer), Apple Macs or Chromebooks. Each device has its own interface, called OS for Operating System, even if in the end they will provide the same services! It is this OS that ensures that your device works in harmony, whether at the hardware or software level. Knowing its capabilities will help you choose your computer properly.

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The PC is based on the Windows system, the Mac on Apple’s Mac OS system and the Chromebook on Google’s Chrome browser. Windows, Mac OS, Chrome, each operating system offers a different usability and presentation, as well as compatibility or not with certain software. Prices on the other hand will not be the same at all… Chromebook systems are generally the cheapest and Apple computers are the most expensive.

  • Windows computer

Born in 1985, the Windows system launched by Microsoft is always the most widespread. Now very graphic, the Windows interface is ideal for touchscreens and is compatible with most of the software you will need. It is a very consensual system that offers the widest choice in existing computers. All major computer brands like HP, Lenovo, Acer, Asus, Dell… offer large ranges of Windows PCs, for every need and purse.

  • Computer on Mac OS

Renowned for the graphic, literary or artistic trades, Mac OS is now for everyone, since Steve Jobs conquered the world with its iPhone. Often easier to understand for a beginner, the Apple system is unfortunately the most expensive.

  • Computer in Chrome

A Chromebook is neither a PC computer nor a Mac. Chrome essentially works via the cloud, “the cloud”, and browsing is done with Google’s Chrome browser. So everything is done online and these machines don’t need a lot of power or storage space to work well. They are often very fast and cheaper but need to be connected to the internet to use all their functions. A Google account is required to make everything work. On the software side, you will have access to the Chrome Web Store, which remains quite small but can satisfy a college student if he only works with the web and word processing.

Budget question

You won’t find a new Apple computer for less than €1000, PCs start at €300 and Chromebooks are between €250 and €1000. Everything will depend on your need for power and the screen size you want.

Portable or fixed?

Portable obviously! In the 21st century we move, everyone is mobile and children too! A fixed computer will be useful especially to gamers who need power because the prices are always cheaper in desktops (a good gamer laptop costs more than 1500€). For others, a portable device will always be more convenient and if teachers allow it (which is still very rare) they will be able to take it to class if necessary.

Our selection of laptops for college or high school

Microsoft Surface Go 2 Hybrid PC

PC Hybrid Microsoft Surface Go 2 Microsoft’s surface tablet is hybrid, it serves as both a touch tablet and a computer. It is a modern and ultra-portable model with only 544 grams! It fits easily in a bag in college or high school. This version is not super powerful but largely enough to start.

10.5″ Touchscreen — Intel Pentium Gold Processor — 4GB RAM — 64GB DD Storage

479€ (keyboard and mouse sold separately)

HP 15-dw1023nf Notebook

PC-Laptop-HP-15-DW1023NF A very nice, powerful computer with a comfortable screen to work. However, it can be a bit heavy with 1.78 kg to carry if your child has to walk it, but it will be perfect on a desktop computer.

15.6″ Display Intel Core i5 Processor 8 GB RAM — 512 GB SSD Storage


Lenovo Ideapad 3 17ADA05 Notebook

PC Notebook Lenovo Ideapad 3 17ADA05 This laptop is perfect for working at home with a very large 17.3 inch display and a large hard drive to store as much as needed. Its SSD part will allow it to be fast as well as its 8GB RAM memory. It is not contraindicated at all because of its height and weight (1.85kg) to carry daily. Its modern chassis allows you to open it flat.

17.3″ Screen AMD Ryzen 5 Processor 8 GB RAM — 128 GB SSD Storage 1TB SATA Silver


Thomson Neo 14CWSP Ultra Notebook

PC Ultra Notebook Thomson Neo 14CWSP Excellent value for money for this lightweight (1.35Kg) and versatile PC. It will not run very powerful games but it will be perfect for working and easy to carry to college or on vacation.

14.1″ Display Intel Celeron Processor 4 GB RAM — 64 GB Storage


Chromebook Asus C433TA-AJ0160

Chromebook Asus C433TA-AJ0160 A Chromebook model, so without Windows, powerful and quite light (1.5kg) with a good processor and what it takes as RAM. Its hard drive is not big, but the Chromebooks are made to put everything in the cloud!

14″ Touchscreen — Intel Core m3 Processor — 8 GB RAM — 64 GB Storage


HONOR MagicBook

HONOR MagicBook An excellent high-end laptop for careful high school students! This Honor MagiBook Pro features a powerful AMD Ryzen 5 4600H processor with large RAM and fast SSD hard drive. What to work, make video editing or playing without problems. Despite its beautiful 15.6” screen it does not exceed 1.7 kg. It stays a little heavy, but transportable if needed. It offers as a bonus a practical fingerprint reader every day.

AMD AMD Ryzen 5 4600H Processor – 16GB RAM – 512 GB SSD


Apple MacBook Air

For big budgets, the next generation of Mac Apple offers firepower and design that will appeal to everyone, provided you can do without Windows. This new Macbook Air is equipped with the powerful Apple M1 chip and 8GB of memory. Its SSD hard drive is fast too and Its Retina display is superb to work comfortably. The notebook also includes the Touch ID fingerprint reader. Apple M1 Processor – 8GB Ram – 256 GB SSD

1 129€ — Students benefit from approximately 10% discount on proof.

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