How to become a real estate agent

The profession of real estate agent is one of the many professions found in the stone trades. The real estate agent is an intermediary in real estate transactions. Unlike the real estate hunter who helps his client buy or rent a property, this professional can offer property for sale and purchase. He is a real connoisseur of heritage and remains a real commercial agent. The article details how you can access this profession.

The qualities necessary to be a good real estate agent

It takes qualities to become a real estate agent whose skill will be a rare gem in the environment. Those who aspire to this profession must know how to carry out projects and never let himself go to stress. A good real estate agent is someone who knows how to do the negotiations well while being convincing. It has more to facilitate to express himself and knows listen well to others. The real estate agent mainly works in a real estate agency. The person concerned can also put himself on his own account and do his own property management. If you find yourself in these few qualities, then you may be predestined for this profession, but training will be needed.

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What training to become a real estate agent?

Before practicing this profession, you can do a course at the level BAC 2, BAC 3 or BAC 5. For a BAC 2 curriculum, you can search for a BTS in Real Estate Professions, a DUT in Legal Careers… The Bachelor of Real Estate, the Pro License Management of Wealth are among others level 3 courses that you can do.

The real estate master and the real estate MBA are Bac 5 level trainings that you can do to become a real estate agent.

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You can also do a Bachelor and Master’s degree in the legal, commercial and even economic sectors to practise this profession. In addition, if you have already gained 10 years of experience in the field as a real estate agency employee and do not have the BAC, you can then practice in the field. If you have a LAC, three years of experience will be enough to access the conction.